Joe Chen Denies Being Heartbroken Over Wallace Huo’s Marriage

While many were delighted by Wallace Huo (霍建華) and Ruby Lin‘s (林心如) dreamy wedding, Wallace’s ex-girlfriend Joe Chen (陳喬恩) allegedly got drunk and cried on the wedding night.

Although Wallace and Joe broke up many years ago, many fans of the pair hoped that they would rekindle their love. While there have been previous rumors about Wallace and Joe getting back together after filming Swordman <笑傲江湖> in 2013, none were confirmed.

Having held her tongue when previous rumors of her and Wallace surfaced, Joe was unable to keep quiet this time when headlines claimed that she was heartbroken over Wallace’s marriage to Ruby Lin. Calling reporters unjust and unprofessional on her microblog, Joe warned the media to stop writing false allegations about her life.

Joe wrote, “This is unbelievable and I’m totally helpless. To those who created these false allegations, I’m begging you to stop making up stories that are not true. Please think of your professionalism. Oh, I’m sorry, you guys don’t have any professionalism in you at all. I love myself; I’m passionate about my work; and I enjoy life very much. I’m a fairly straightforward person. I just wish to work peacefully in this dog-eat-dog entertainment world and perhaps make a few true friends along the way. I’m not nosy and gossipy, so thanks to the people who care enough to make up stories for me. Please let me be. Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.”


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  1. Joe look too skinny now. I missed how she look in the FTLY days.

    They broke up already… reporters should stop linking them.

    1. @happybi FTLY was good…until now, daughter still remembers her as Chen Xin Yi. The other memorable drama was the one with Godfrey Gao.

      1. @happybi
        happy- I actually like the Kv and that’s saying a lot for kdramas cuz most of them suck. haha lol… The guy don’t know who he is really is a great actor and the girl was so cute. I also like it b/c it’s not draggy like the Tv. Tv the Ethan guy while he was cute, he wasn’t as likable as the Kv and ending was not nearly as stupid as the Tv. IMO 😀

      2. @kiki Jang Hyuk is a great actor.. same for Jang Nara in the KV. I think it’s because I watched the T version first so I enjoyed it more. I like the storyline more. But I have to say I love the KV side character more as most TVer side character annoys me.

  2. Lord.. they broke up more than a decade ago after dating for few months. People are still wanting to link them together?

    1. @shekilledit
      and she was one of the bridesmaids after an ex married her? wow, that’s something. lol….I mean in real life, it’s not easy going to an ex’s wedding let alone be a bridesmaid? haha lol…Wow!!

      1. @kiki She is not bridesmaid in Wallace and Ruby wedding, but Chen2 wedding. I don’t think Wallace and Ruby want to invite Joe Chen as guest, let alone bridesmaid.

      2. @gray
        hahah lol…. Ok, I was all confused. Good, that sounds more normal. thanks guys for clearing that up. haha

  3. Lol. Funny article. Noting surprising from the papz who love to make it sounds like she can’t move on, Her rls with Wallace was ancient ago that was happened in very short period. After that, she had a long term serious rls with another guy when she was still active in Taiwan back in the 2003-2007. It’s just the reporters who loves to make up stuffs after the Swordsman due to them having a history.

    Just like other celebrities relationships, the reporters are those who can’t move on lol. Or maybe they are having slow day on hot topics.

  4. She looks really angry with the allegation. What a pity girl, just ignore the allegation and relax

  5. Hehe. Somehow i misread it as Joe Cheng. =p must be that other Joe Cheng article playing with my mind.

  6. This is so expecting already! I knew this was going to happen, told y’all!!
    I only mean, this article is going to happen for sure….

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