Joe Ma, Ali Lee’s Plans for the New Year

Winning Best Acting awards at last year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Ali Lee (李佳芯) currently have some free time from filming dramas and have been using this opportunity to accept many events to earn extra income.

According to superstition, the third day of the Lunar New Year is when it is easy to get into arguments with others. Joe indicated that he is usually very cautious on this day, “In the past, I usually just spend it with my family. I will not venture out to pay my respects and even if I play mahjong, I will be careful in my choice of words.” Ali added, “My family does not have many restrictions, but we will not pay our respects on that day. In the past, we just spend family time together at home and cook some delicious food.”

For the New Year, Joe plans on going to Australia to visit his son who is currently studying there. He also hopes to film more movies and maybe film some ancient dramas.

On the other hand, Ali hopes to improve her singing. “Every time I have an event and I need to sing, the audience gets very excited and want to film me. I feel very stressed especially with the high notes! When I listen to my performances afterwards, I always feel that there is room for improvement. I sought help from a teacher before, but it seems that I can’t fully grasp the technique. I am practicing a new song lately, so hopefully I’ll be able to show the audience an improved singing voice!”


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