Joe Ma Maintains Hot Marriage with Wife After 19 Years

Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Jessica Hsuan’s (宣萱) new TVB drama, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, received an enthusiastic reception in its premiere broadcast on Sunday, June 24th. Despite typically lower ratings results in TVB’s weekend programs, Tiger Cubs averaged 29 points. Celebrating his 44th birthday on June 27th, Joe Ma expressed his delight, but remained noncommittal in using his sex appeal to boost ratings further.

Female audiences were drawn to Tiger Cubs due to the abundance of male muscle. Playing a heroic Special Duties Unit (SDU) officer in the role, Joe Ma served as a veteran anchor in the thrilling action drama. Asked if he will wear swimming briefs along with the rest of the male cast if ratings continued to soar, Joe said, “Let’s see how the ratings continue to perform. I hope that viewers will continue to support Tiger Cubs! There will be many upcoming explosive scenes!” Joe revealed that he will have a celebratory dinner with the cast later.

Marriage Is Still Hot

Joe and his wife, Dr. Karen Cheung(張筱蘭) maintained a passionate relationship, kissing multiple times before reporters yesterday. They have been married for 19 years and met when they were young teenagers.

Karen currently works as a Research Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University. Karen holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences, Masters in Chinese Studies, and a Ph.D. degree. Despite Joe’s earlier infidelity rumors, Joe and Karen’s marriage have survived.

Joe and Karen will vacation in Guam later. The couple will have their wedding photos taken in Guam, to make up for the lack of official photographs when they got married two decades ago. Karen left a loving birthday message on Joe’s Weibo blog, “Thank you for unconditionally loving and taking caring of us all these years. Our son and I send our heartfelt blessings. Happy birthday!”

Joe Ma Still Loyal to TVB

Joe received a birthday cake and hug from Nancy Sit (薛家燕) after appearing in an interview with Metro Radio. Although he was currently in Hong Kong to promote Tiger Cubs, Joe will shortly film a mainland drama. Asked whether he earned $150,000 RMB per television episode, Joe replied, “It’s around that level. I am a free agent right now and will consider the price accordingly. TVB will have a priority!”

Source: Ming Pao, Ming Pao,

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Jayne: I was unaware the Mrs. Ma is an Assistant Professor at HKU. I knew she was well educated, but was uncertain as to her occupation.

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  1. Wow….totally impressed with Joe’s wife and her educational credentials. A bachelors, a masters and a Ph.D? That is one smart woman…..lucky guy! Glad to hear that their marriage is thriving despite some infidelity rumours. It’s definitely hard to maintain the passion and fire after being married for 19 years…good for them!

    1. her master and phd don’t seem to be that impressive….

      master and PHD in Chinese studies?

      1. Well according to the article she has a masters in chinese studies but does not specify what she has a PhD in but nevertheless that is still a pretty commanding lineup. To have a PhD clearly shows the amount of time, money and effort she put into it regardless of what the subject matter is. This shows total commitment and perseverance.

    2. i know, never knew he had such an impressive wife haahaa…LOL…

    3. I have to admit that Joe Ma has an impressive wife. Not only she has impressive credentials but she also still support him after all the infidelity he has done. My view of Joe Ma has somewhat lowered down after his many scandals.

  2. It’s nice to hear news about their relationships going strong 🙂

  3. I think he is sexy…. his acting skills has improved, but he does play similar roles in modern series….

    1. Yes I agree, but I prefer him playing the good guy more than the bad one…. He just need more emotional role…. like him in TiTS

      1. Agree with you. I prefer Joe over the other guy, forget his name. Even though in the 1st TiTS Joe was not a 1st lead but I watch the series because of him. When he died I lost interest and the rest of the series is bland…

      1. Nothing wrong with being Gay @ Che and Larry… but I happen to be a girl! Lucky is a nickname….

  4. people forgot about Benny Chan scandal already? 😀

    1. Larry,
      “people forgot about Benny Chan scandal already?”

      We cannot hold grudge for a new father with cute baby girl. He deserves another chance. If his wife can forgive him, the audience should move on with his private life.

  5. I thought his wife is a model. I remember seeing a picture of them together and she’s tall and reading the news about it.

  6. wow Joe’s wife is very smart. Glad to hear that he n his wife are still stay so strong with each other.

  7. “Asked whether he earned $15,000 RMB per television episode,”

    Shouldn’t it be $150,000? $15,000 would be much lower than his previous TVB salary as lead actor.

      1. I was told somewhat mid class china actors earn about RMB400k per episode. Now I am beginning to think TVB actors are underpaid in China and severely underpaid in HK. RMB15,000 would be a typo.

  8. I used to like him. Now whenever his name or picture comes up it creeps the hell out of me. He is a pervert and will always be a pervert. All this publicity now is him just trying to do damage control.

  9. stll thnk hes hot.. lol.. anyway we wll nvr knw wat really happen…

  10. I know the wife is very educated. I always thought they have divorced or separated with so many news of his infidelity. Well, guess what? PR wheel still spinning eh? Hot marriage? Wow… if you disbelief the rumours of affair this sounds sorta romantic but I believed some of the rumours were true. Which shows to any girl who wants to throw themselves at any married man, remember, the married man almost always go back to his wife, the mother of their child, more so when the wife has remain dignified and quiet all these while.

    Spare me the lovey dovey details. This is to save his image, nothing more. Spin! Spin it Dr!!

    1. hahhahah well said. but i kind of Joe Ma in TVB before. I thought hes one of the handsome ones in TVB b/c the good looking men there are so limited hahaha lol..never knew the wife is so educated thou so that is def impressive. I thought it was broadcast somewhere that the wife was a model? humm…

      1. Maybe she was a former model who then studied. If not I can’t imagine how he could have met her. Models can be smart too.

      2. You mean he can always buy her a degree even if she was a dumb model.

    1. The wife is rather pretty and academically smart as well. Anyway difficult to see heights since she may be wearing a 6inch heel. He looks so thin next to his wife. Son not as handsome as father but he is rather tall. How old is the son? He could grow taller.

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