Joe Ma Reunites with Wife & Repairs Marriage?

By on December 17, 2006 in Hook-ups & Break-ups, Hot Gossip!, NEWS, Scandals

Joe Ma Tak ChungJoe Ma Tak Chung appeared on a charity show 全明星音雄会 in Hunan yesterday. Accompanying him was a woman wearing dark sunglasses; she is Joe’s wife, Cheung Sau Lan. Recent rumors circulated that Joe’s marriage was in rocky waters and there were earlier published photographs of Joe vacationing in Thailand with his “girlfriend.” However, Joe’s public appearance with his wife in Hunan seems to indicate that his relationship with his wife is still intact.

Inside the make-up studio, Joe was inseparable from his wife. She assisted Joe with various preparatory tasks, including putting on make-up for him. The couple apeared to be in intimate conversation throughout.

When reporters interviewed Joe, his wife sat quietly by the side. Reporters brought up the subject of Joe vacationing in Thailand earlier, but Joe only smiled and refused to comment, while looking lovingly in his wife’s direction. Joe and his wife have broken the rumors speculating their break-up.

After the show wrapped up, Joe and his wife headed back to their private 5 star hotel resort. Stepping out of the car, Joe carefully carried his wife’s luggage.


Jayne: Whether Joe really did take a vacation with his girlfriend earlier or not, it appears that he has worked out his differences with his wife. That’s always a good thing; too many couples give up on their marriage too easily! Wish all the best for Joe!

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