Joey Meng and Johnson Lee Share Dreams of Being Cops

Joey Meng (萬綺雯) and Johnson Lee (李思捷) became good friends after starring as bickering detectives in Officer Geomancer <八卦神探>. Despite denying romantic rumors that arose between them while filming the drama, Joey experienced feelings of first love due to the sweet and gratifying script.

Like Brother and Sister

Joey is four years older than Johnson, but he sees her as a little sister due to her youthful charm and personality. Johnson praised Joey’s genuine kindness, “She has a heart of gold and always puts everyone else’s needs before her own.”

Although Johnson is always perceived to be proud and aloof, Joey argued that Johnson is actually quite humorous. “He’s not cool! He just puts up a front! Maybe he puts on a defensive barrier to protect himself against certain people. He is actually like a silly kid. He’s fun to be around and knows how to take care of the people around him.”

Fulfilling Childhood Dreams

Filming Officer Geomancer allowed them to fulfill their childhood dreams of being cops. Johnson stated, “After acting for so many years, I really wanted to play a police role. I was very excited and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of solving cases.”

Joey said,“When I was a child, I wanted to be a policewoman. In high school, I wanted to be a stewardess. In the end, I joined the entertainment industry instead.”

With a background in Muay Thai boxing, Johnson was quite impressive in his action scenes. However, Joey said she would rather avoid scenes that required intense physical movements. “During filming, I cracked three ribs. So I try not to take part in too many fight scenes.”


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  1. i love this drama … enjoyed watching the love chemistry between Johnson and Joey, felt really touched … surprisingly the drama was nice to watch, although the cases wasn’t interesting but quite entertaining.

  2. Didnt really enjoy JM in CBC drama, partly maybe the drama itself sucks

  3. Haven’t really liked any tvb series until this one besides the scenes with Oscar. He’s so dramatic with his winks and etc. Johnson isn’t a good-looking guy but has charm. Don’t usually like Joey but she was acceptable here.

  4. This series is quite alright but not so much because of the plot or the two lead actor/actress. The plot was predictable with Johnson/Joey interaction boring and draggy. It was the supporting cast that gave the series “life” in particular the plump girl playing as the younger sister of Joey Meng. She was natural and funny without a trace of overacting. The other was the female cop who first fall for Oscar and later the character Roy. She was quite into her role as well. Even the guy playing Roy did a good job.Sorry guys, I don’t really know their names but I think you guys know who I am referring to.

    1. Oscar and Uncle Lam is the lead here, yeah, Roy did a fine job as well. Joey Meng really looks great, other than that, awful slow plot

    2. Yeah, I find the pairing of Joey and Johnson are boring and their acting is one dimensional; same old, same old. On the other hand, Che Gwai Mei (played by Harriet Yeung) and Leung Sing Kau (played by Oscar Leung) are an on-screen compatible pair with great chemistry. It is these kinds of supporting actress and actor who are principal players as well, aside from the lead actor and actress, are often pivotal and vital to the story.

  5. it’s interesting how joey does not process the features asian people consider beautiful – her nose bridge is pretty flat , single eyelids, and round face. however, her charisma and somehow there’s something really attractive about her that make people like her and think she’s pretty. i think she’s very cute and pretty and like her alot.

  6. Very interesting pair. I haven’t watched TVB drama or ages but this one was fun to watch. A very predictable series, but enjoyable to watch and relax.

    Would love to see these two collaborating again. The entire cast was good too. It shows that they really had fun filming it.

    1. yeah, would love to watch Johnson and Joey collaborating again .

  7. I loved this series so much. I have never really shipped the main lead’s love story that much because they’re older and usually have partners out of the series in real life anyway. So I usually follow second leads etc, for e.g. Rebecca Zhu and William Chak, but this time I actually fell in love with Johnson and Joey’s love story. I loved the pairing so much! I don’t even care about Joey’s husband in real life… I ship them so much, argh! I didn’t even pay THAT much attention to the storyline and everything because I spent too much time shipping Joey and Johnson! The plot twist at the end with Candice was at first a ‘wtf’ kind of thing but then as they got into it a bit more, it was kind of predictable, but I liked it too. Overall, loved the series to be honest! A second series would be so awesome…

  8. I find that both Johnson and Joey has very good chemistry with each other.
    The show is entertaining.

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