Joey Yung and Wilfred Lau’s Disguises Fail; Paparazzi Crashes Date

This year can be considered a special year for Joey Yung (容祖兒). Aside from sweeping the top 4 awards at the 2012 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards last week, she also took her relationship public with Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍), which meant Joey and Wilfred were able to spend their first Christmas together this year. Unfortunately, trying to enjoy a normal night out together comes at a cost for this couple in the limelight because the paparazzi is always there to capture their every move.

Reporters first spotted a cap-wearing Joey and her friend Wyman Wong (黃偉文) shopping at Causeway Bay, followed by a stop at the hotel to hop into Wyman’s close friend Stephen’s car last week during Christmas. It turns out that Wilfred was also seated the back of the vehicle where Joey joined him. The 4 of them drove off and reporters noted that throughout the ride, it was apparent that the couple enjoyed some sweet and tender moments such as snuggling and canoodling inside the car.

Once they arrived at another mall’s parking lot, Joey and Wilfred were walking closely together. However, once the couple entered the mall, they split up immediately as if they were strangers and Joey went off with Wyman to pick up some pre-ordered merchandise. The 4 of them met up again later at the food court to enjoy a quick bite.

Because Joey and Wilfred did not want to be recognized, the kept their masks on while watching Wyman and Stephen eat. Shortly after, they went to the cinema to catch a showing of Les Misérables <孤星淚>.  In the usual fashion of not wanting to be recognized, they snuck out of the movie early. Perhaps the camera shutters caught Joey by surprise, because she immediately said “Wah!” when she saw the cameras and quickly whisked off, dodging all questions from the reporters. Wilfred, who was right behind her, politely said “Merry Christmas” to the reporters and quickly walked off with Wyman and Stephen.

Source: East Week

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  1. Dressing this way in matching green coats and face masks are guaranteed to attract attention. Do normal HK citizens still go out with face masks, since the peak of SARS?

    1. That’s my question too! If I saw people walking around wearing masks like that, I would take an extra look!

    2. that’s why i’m wondering too, is it normaly for ppl in HK walk around with mask. If not, isn’t it attract more attention. Wonder if they want to be notice instead of not.

    3. If people are having a cold or cough, they would wear a mask. Or if the air quality is bad they would wear one as well.

  2. Joey, if she happy dating Wilfred, then she should go ahead n dont care about if others object or not,,,happiness should be Joey alone as long as she follows her happy heart

  3. Don’t you think dressing that way is so much more obvious? What’s wrong with just acting normal and just go on a date like any normal people do? Why draw attention by avoiding attention?

  4. I went to HK about a year ago and people do actually walk around wearing masks. Not a lot but I definitely saw a few. Es

    1. *Especially in the one outdoor market I went to.

      I think it’s still pretty easy for a reporter to recognize them even with masks on. Not easy to hide your whole face from people whose job it is to follow you.

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