Joey Yung Buying Award? Miriam Yeung Selling Her Wedding?

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Thirty-six year-old Miriam Yeung Chin Wah will be holding her Hong Kong wedding banquet on December 20th. Since marriage is a big lifetime milestone, of course Miriam wanted to extend her prestige by sweeping the 2010 year-end music awards!

Suppressed by arch-rival, Joey Yung Cho Yi, for many years, Miriam allegedly asked Media Asia’s Chairman, Peter Lam, to negotiate with TVB to give her the Jade Solid Gold “Most Popular Female Singer Award.” The terms include allowing TVB an exclusive half-hour broadcast of the wedding day and Miriam’s agreement to film a long TVB series and two music specials in 2011. It was also made clear that Miriam did not mind her husband, Real Ting Chi Ko, making an onscreen appearance. It’s apparent that Miriam worked so hard in order to win the “Most Popular Female Singer Award.”

Fortunately, Joey Yung also had the backing of EEG’s boss, Albert Yeung. Allegedly, Mr. Yeung doubled its television advertising fees to the price of $40 million (HKD) to pressure TVB [during the awards season]. In addition, Joey has good relations with TVB management. At a recent dinner celebrating the success of her recent concert, Joey dined with TVB executives, Ho Lai Chuen and Virginia Lok Yi Ling.

Two music queens fighting for awards using their specialized tactics, of course the winner should be the one that “sings best!”


Jayne: At the 2008 Jade Solid Gold music awards, when Miriam got the “Most Popular Female Singer Award,” the camera captured Joey Yung’s awkwardness onstage. Joey tried to congratulate Miriam (shake her hand or offer her a hug) on several occasions, but Miriam turned her back on her multiple times and completely ignored Joey! Maybe Miriam’s actions were subconscious, since Miriam naturally turned to her closer friends for hugs first. It was very telling of Miriam and Joey’s rivalry.

As the to results of the 2010 JSG Awards, I do believe it is Miriam’s year. Her wedding has gotten so much press coverage, she’s a hot favorite among advertisers, and filmed “Perfect Wedding” with Raymond Lam. I’m sure TVB will reward her with top awards!

I started listening to old Hong Kong music from the 1990s recently and truly enjoyed the beauty of Jacky Cheung, Sandy Lam, and Cass Pang’s voices. I like Joey’s music well enough, but she is still more of a “performer” than a Cass Pang in my mind.Where did the Hong Kong music talent go in this generation?! Many newbies are like “karaoke singers!”

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  1. Funn Lim says:

    I couldn’t read beyond the name Real Ting.

    Seriously, REAL TING?

    Yes Jayne, quality of singers and songwriters have plummeted since… since forever. Never the likes of Sam Hui who writes the songs or Beyond the band or what’s the english name for Tat Ming Yat Pai (if I remember correctly) or Anita Mui or Jacky Cheung, all who can sing. Notice how bands are non-existent in HK and I am not talking about Grasshoppers. I meant those playing guitars, drums, proper bands. Even the singers don’t play instruments. We are filled with wannabe singers but real singers? So few.

    The other way I was watching Plain Love II (TVB) and the themesong by Jacky Cheung and what’s the lady singer’s name? Priscilla Chan? Anyway what a beautiful song and beautifully sung. Nowadays all those themesongs are just blahhhhhhhhhh

    The music industry in HK is like its Movie industry; terminally ill unless some miracle happens.

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  2. Cary says:

    I’m glad that you mentioned Cass Phang…I think she is an amazing singer. To tell you the truth…I dont think the award really has its value anymore. Cass got it only once…and Miriam got it three times…but when comparing the two…I think Miriam is nowhere near Cass’s level.

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  3. khoobunny says:

    Is there a HK website where I can listen Chinese songs from (like a radio station) ?

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  4. HeTieShou says:

    I really miss the old generation where there were a lot more talented singers as well. There are actually many many people who sing well but just don’t want to become a singer. Sadly, many who do sing that well want to become one hoping that they will get popular if they look decent. I think that seems to be the thread now, decent looking people that have only an average voice but want to make it big since the really talented people don’t want to join the circle…

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  5. dai sinjie says:

    I agree with you Jayne regarding the singers of old like Jacky, Sandy, and Cass.

    The ‘popular’ singers nowadays appeared to be ‘pre-packaged idols’ for certain music genre with no talent whatsoever either in producing or singing songs. They also tend to stick to the same successful formula with only one or two songs in their new releases that are slightly ‘different’ and ‘written’ by them (mostly lyric-wise and to a lesser degree composition-wise) to show that they have the necessary creativity or credential for their popular status.

    I think that of the more talented or powerhouse group of singers (as opposed to the idol group), there are those who are talented in the process of writing and creating songs and then there are those who are natural born singers with powerful voice. Rarely has there been a successful amalgam of both.

    Of the recent crop of new generation powerhouse HK singers, only Eason Chan comes close in my personal opinion of fitting the criteria for both talents. A truly virtuoso entertainer. In the lucrative Mandarin market (especially in Taiwan), the one artist that comes close, again in my personal opinion, to match Eason is Wang Lee Hom. The guy can compose truly creative songs that are not formulaic and he has proven that he can sing too. David Tao is another one, but these days he is more on the semi-retired tract, taking an eternity between one album and another.

    I used to enjoy listening to Jay Chou. His first two albums were really a breath of fresh air in the then static environment of lovey-dovey pop ballads in the Mandarin market. His voice is only so-so (suitable for the R&B genre he has committed himself to) but he has a true talent and creativity in song composition as seen through the songs from these two albums. But after their enormous success, he has also fallen into the ‘tried and tested formula’ safe haven. And in the process the albums he has been churning out has become boring and manufactured.

    Of course there is nothing wrong with sticking to the tried and tested formula. Of the singers of old, one of the best of the lot, the God of Songs himself Jacky Cheung has been churning out the same old formulaic ballads album after album with the occasional dance track to liven things up.

    But here is why I think singers blessed with a powerful voice holds the ace card compared to singers who are more talented in the songwriting department when there is only one talent on the table to choose from. Someone with a masterful voice like Jacky’s can sing the same kind of ballads in a hundred different ways because their powerful vocal allows them to interpret these ballads in different directions infused with different layers of emotions that makes the songs ‘seem’ different to the general audience.

    Singer who are more gifted in songwriting and production must be willing to take more risk and this don’t always translate to strong sales, which is ultimately what the bottom-line amounts to in the music industry these days, what with album sales at an all time low due to the internet among other factors.

    And not all of them can be as lucky as Jay Chou to have two mega-successful early albums to build a solid fan-base platform for the luxury of churning out lazily produced latter days albums that are guaranteed hots sales-wise.

    Several years ago during the Lunar new Year, I was watching a delayed telecast of an award show (not sure which one but it is definitely not the JSG Finals) and Jacky was a surprise guest performer and award presenter. As his performance took place towards the end of the show, I was serenaded with the performances of the early award winners. At that time, I was lamenting about the poor quality of the sound system for such a high profile show. Then it was Jacky’s turn, and lo and behold! I finally realized it was not the fault of the sound system as much as it was that of the singers themselves. Jacky, as a non-contender and guest performer puts the other award winners to shame and stole the show with the amazing clarity and power of his vocal. Although the medley of songs he belted out were old hits they sounded new and refreshing.And most importantly, they were sung with feeling and love for the art.

    I may be wrong about this being proof that a singer with a talented voice always trumps out a singer with a creativity for excellent songwriting. Perhaps it amounts to the vast experience Jacky possessed from all those years performing on stage.

    Then again, perhaps the voice is all that matters.

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  6. HeTieShou says:

    @Dai SinJie,

    Thanks for your long message. I really miss the old days a lot. Don’t tell me that we only have fond memories of the past and no new talent in singing and acting.

    I don’t think it is just the voice only, but that is I think one of the most important factors. It is much more than just having a good voice when you are on stage. Jacky of course has a great voice, but he has many other things as well. He is also experienced too so I don’t think it is fair to compare him to the newcomers of today.

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  7. Masaharu says:

    May I ask, who are considered hit songwriters or composers in HK now? (not singers)

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  8. Kidd says:

    @ Funn

    There are bands in HK. Sadly, they are not mainstream and not promoted by big recording companies.

    Now, everything is packaged. Gone are the days where a group of friends form a band together, work from the bottom up to make it big. Now, it’s the big company that form a group by putting a several artists under their label together.

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  9. Ricky says:

    TVB’s music awards have always been about politics. It will be interesting to see if TVB gives Miriam favorite singer and Joey the Asia Pacific award again like they have been doing the past two years. TVB is just too predictable and I think they rarely award new talent. I believe for the past decade favorite singer either went to Joey or Miriam.

    Without a doubt many of Hong Kong’s singers are nothing special. Every year I am amazed at the amount of newcomers that enter the industry. Now that TVB has created the Voice we are seeing a bigger influx of “karaoke” singers.

    I truly believe that the only talented singers left in Hong Kong are those that can write and/or compose their own songs like Hins, Justin, Eason, Hacken, Ivana, and Khalil and I hope they can all continue to do so.

    To Masahura, I believe the “hit” composers and lyricists these days include Lin Xi, Mark Lui, Wyman Wong, Eric Kwok, Riley Lam and Vincent Chow to name a few.

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  10. Funn Lim says:

    Kidd, that’s what I mean about the bands. Whilst indie bands are a rage elsewhere in HK I just don’t see them.

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  11. Vivien says:

    “Now, everything is packaged. Gone are the days where a group of friends form a band together, work from the bottom up to make it big. Now, it’s the big company that form a group by putting a several artists under their label together”

    You mean Twins and I love U Boyz? Hahaha!

    I heard TVB is making their own group too called Super 4 consisting of 4 guys.

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  12. SDS says:

    Hmmm i think 80s and early 90s Cantopop was pretty decent. As HK passed mid-90s and entered late 90s everything slumped. The only singer which I still enjoy that has gone through those years is Eason Chan and whoever writes his songs etc.

    For me, Jacky Cheung is the best HK male singer, although he has some other contenders. Female singers I’m not sure since there’s a few that are quite good (Sally Yeh; Sandy Lam; Cass Pang; Priscilla Chan) and it comes down more to taste rather than any particular one showing they have an outstanding quality everyone agrees on.

    For some odd reason, I agree Hacken Lee has a good voice but I don’t like any of his songs. Like seriously, none. Its really something I found quite weird over all these years… can anyone explain this mystery to me? Or possibly caught up in the same mystery?

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  13. SDS says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to write the comment I was going to write: I’ve always gotten this feeling Miriam has a particularly arrogant or aloof personality. Someone who remembers and takes grudges seriously; not easily to get along with; or just straight out blunt. Just a feeling. I’ve no basis for it really since I don’t follow her news etc. 😛

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  14. Anon says:

    I was a child in the 90’s. I was raised on 70-80’s music. I thought they were more entertaining than the 90’s music. Then I hit 2k, I began thinking that the 90’s music was better than after 2k. Maybe its just us.

    On the other note, I used to be able to follow the words of the songs and listen to the singer above the music. I don’t feel the same way with these new artists and songs. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with my Cantonese. Its my first language even though I was not born in HK.

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  15. Funn Lim says:

    I grew up on songs by Beyond (Wong Kar Kui time) and I remember the lyrics packed a punch, had meaning, had reasons. Even Alan Tam’s time … now.. like you said Anon, something’s just doesn’t click anymore. Maybe my cantonese is getting worse.

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  16. moonriver says:

    “For some odd reason, I agree Hacken Lee has a good voice but I don’t like any of his songs. Like seriously, none. Its really something I found quite weird over all these years… can anyone explain this mystery to me? Or possibly caught up in the same mystery?”

    I feel the same way too. I think it’s because he sounds like an instrument – pitch is right, but somehow the voice doesn’t relate to the lyrics and not too much emotions? Actually, I do like some of his songs, but they are much nicer when Alan Tam sings them, which he often does.

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  17. moonriver says:

    We talk about missing music and tv from the 80s and 90s while our parents miss the 60s and 70s. I believe that’s going to be the case for any generation – people generally feel nostalgic about the things they grew up with. Actually, what you miss is your childhood, when life was still simple…and those music brings back memories of happy days as a child.

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  18. Loekie says:

    MIRIAM: she is always laughing. Sometimes I wonder why she always smiling? They say, when you constantly smile a sign of insecurity. I think it is. Because I think her laugh is very annoying! Come on, she is over the 30 years old….

    Joey: She want “to be” a singer. But Can not sing. People who really have a talen, like singing and writing and singing or playing a musical instrument. She can only “just singing”

    My music is: Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong, Sandy Lam, Hacken Lee and Alam Tam …..

    Don’t you think??? 🙂

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  19. Jayne says:

    SDS, agree that Jacky Cheung possessed the best talent, voice, and range combined. In terms of memorable love songs and lyrics, I prefer Alan Tam’s music. Alan’s voice is very tender and soothing. My personal favorite is Dave Wang Kit though, but his career was somewhat limited by his personality. I loved his early soulful songs! 🙂 For pure masculine power, I like George Lam.

    Moonriver, I agree with your assessment about Hacken Lee, that he is like a musical instrument. He has a great voice, but is it lack of a definitive style?

    Moonriver, indeed everyone connects emotionally with music. It settles our nerves, energizes us, or reminds us of past memories. Music styles have evolved since the 1980s to the 2000s, but it is more than a yearning of past childhood memories when I lamented that the HK music scene is lacking nowadays. The older Chinese songs had better lyrics and meaning. Better overall production efforts. Now everything is about marketing and turning around quick idols. Although you can say the same is happening to the American music scene, with many teenage singers and the rise of American idol, the overall production and talent is still better. In Hong Kong, the quality has declined severely. It doesn’t help that more actors/ actresses want to release albums in order to make quick cash, compromising the quality of the industry further.

    In the 1990s, the emergence of the 4 Heavenly Kings started the idol craze and music became more about singers’ looks, packaging, and marketing. Jacky Cheung, Alan Tam, etc. were around to balance the vocal strengths though. But with the addition of younger singers such as Daniel Chan, Cecilia Cheung, Twins, and Nicholas Tse on the scene, it was clear that music became increasingly idol focused. As karaoke became a more popular social activity, image and performance became more important over singers’ sound quality. EEG and the increasing prominence of their singers had a big impact on the music scene as well.

    These days, a singer is increasingly a “performer” instead. In the 1990s, due to the Asian financial crisis, companies increasingly looked to promote good looking singers who can also appear in films and ad endorsements as well, rather than someone with a good voice but poor looks.

    With songs easily downloadable online, the big money is through concert ticket sales in Hong Kong and China. Or for EEG, to cross-sell their singers in their own films. So the need for a “performer” is still more financially rewarding than a true “singer.”

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  20. EkinFan says:

    Ekin is a good singer ^_^

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  21. Ricky says:

    I think Hacken is definitely comparable to a well tuned instrument. He always has perfect pitch and his live performances are like listening to a CD. I think that is his style. I usually enjoy his more “grand” songs with a wide variety of instruments than his soft ballads. I think his voice is more suitable for such songs because of that weird “instrument” quality in his voice. One thing I must say is that no one else in Hong Kong has this quality and it certainly makes him distinct. Whether that’s good or bad is up to each individual person to decide.

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  22. Aly says:

    Once in awhile, I would listen to my oldies collection and they would bring back memories. They are classics and even after a long time, I still remember the lyrics to the song because they are classic songs with distinct singers. In the past, when you heard a song, you knew if it was Jacky Cheung, or Teresa Teng, Anita Mui, Jenny Yan, Sam Hui, Leslie Cheung, Roman Tam, etc because they all had distinct voices that you can recognize. They each had their trademarks which made them unique and standout. Nowadays, there are too much singers in the music scene with no distinct voices or style so the quality has gone down. When I listen to the radio now, I can’t tell who the singer is most of the time. I think the only ones that really stand out besides Joey, Miriam, Eason or Hacken, to me, are Justin Lo, Janice, and GEM.

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  23. Kidd says:

    I recognise Hins voice. 🙂

    Hins is an all rounder. He can sing, compose and produce a whole album by himself.

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  24. jayzemine says:

    Agree with you Kidd, Hins can sing.

    Another name I want to add to the list is Shirley Kwan. She was a great singer too.

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  25. pandamao says:

    Hacken Lee.

    Hacken Lee is missing the packaging. He’s got a very definitive style and knows exactly what he wants otherwise he wouldn’t record a song a million times until everything is perfected.

    The problem is – he’s not packaged well. When was the last time you saw his album getting promoted. He’s already the god-son of TVB yet he still cannot generate the revenue. For the longest time, he had this awful taste in clothes and style. Fortunately his wife sculpted him a little differently which slowly marked the beginning of his rise in late 90s early 2000s. Alan Tam always believed in him but I do think those Left Lun Right Lee concerts were a boost for both of them. Unfortunately those concerts did not equate to increase album sales.

    Hacken is just missing on the timing. He came in at the wrong time when he missed out his opportunity to be in 4 Heavenly Kings. Then he missed the timing when Edmond, Andy Hui and William So were rising. After those 3’s reign for 2 – 3 years, Eason came up, which is when I felt Hacken actually started to gain some ground.

    Hacken didn’t capture that opportunity right. He’s known to be a great singer with the 80’s, 90’s style but he needs to realize, he can’t be there. If he remains, he’ll always be compared with Jacky Cheung, Danny Chan, Leslie Cheung and Alan Tam.

    I think Hacken’s a lucky man to survive almost 3 decades. I don’t think there’s much opportunity for him unless he decides to reconcile with TVB again. He can sing those tvb drama songs, like the ones susanna kwan and leo ku sings. He can also try random variety shows to get back in the picture again. otherwise, he’ll have to accept, he’s one of those legends that weren’t exactly credited with the recognition he deserves.

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  26. j00ky says:

    it is not about Hacken reconciling with TVB, it’s all about money. Hence EEG has won all rights with TVB in the music side of things.

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