Kai Ko Apologizes for Drug Use

Last week, Kai Ko (柯震東)  and Jaycee Chan (房祖名) were arrested in Beijing for illegal drug use. Police seized vver 100 grams of marijuana at Jaycee’s house, in which Kai was one of the party guests. Numerous reporters waited outside at Dongcheng Detention Center to await the latest breaking news details.

Under police supervision, Kai released an apology to the public, in which he admitted that he is a terrible influence on young people. Reduced to tears, Kai said, “I’ve set the worst example. I’ve made the biggest mistake. I am especially sorry to my family and friends. They were the ones who have supported me the most and loved me the most. I did the wrong thing and I am worried, but I know my family and friends are even more worried for me. My heart really hurts. I really want to tell them I’m sorry. I’ve disappointed them. To all the youths of society, I want to let them know that I did the wrong thing.”

Kai Ko’s parents and elder brother arrived in Beijing Monday night to visit Kai, who is under administrative detention. However, due to strict procedures, they could not visit Kai for the time being. Kai’s manager Angie Chai (柴智屏) released a second statement, expressing that she will respect the procedures and hopes Kai will reunite with his family soon. She said she felt very emotional after watching Kai’s apology video and hopes that he learns from the mistake and starts anew.

Detained for 14 days, Kai will be released from detention on August 27. Reportedly, Kai’s agency will arrange for the 23-year-old to issue another public apology. As mending his public image will take time, his management is considering having Kai enlist for Taiwan mandatory military service in advance.

Sources: On.cc; Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy and Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. right now, you sound more like a moron. jailed for life because of marijuana? seriously?

  1. On Aug 27, he will be escorted to Beijing Airport, either a China security personnel or a Taiwan police will board the flight to Taipei with Kai Ko.

    In Taiwan he will be brought into custody and send for rehabilitation.

    Military service has to wait.

    1. Kai Ko will be barred from entering mainland China for a good number of years.

      Main concern now to the film producers now are the movies he acted.

  2. Jaycee and Kai Ko are both idiots. They Did this to them self.

  3. All these jokers only “realise” their mistakes when they’re caught. Please spare us the baloney and BS! Hope you enjoy yr free holiday and don’t drop the soap!

    1. No. Their sobbing and wailing is an attempt to get out from this tight situation and to con their fans. It’s human psychology.

    2. Lol don,t drop the soap..who knows those boys might be converted or find other way to “fill” their fix..

  4. “Kai will be released from detention on August 27″…

    meaning what? He’s going to walk free after that?

  5. For someone who had done a campaign for anti drugs,this is really surprising and disappointing to be a drug user himself. He is not following what he preached. Being a user is a victim which need to be send to rehabilitation centre. Do learn from mistake and start anew.

    But being a dealer or seller is a very big deal and serious offence which need severe punishment.

    1. Kai Ko confesses that he is on marijuana since 2012.

      So he has been lying all this while.

      1. He has been using drugs all this time while he did the anti-drug campaign. Such dishonesty! Setting bad example for the young ones. Therefore he deserves no sympathy whatsoever!

      2. Who doesn’t rock the boat once a while but they got caught rocking it. Live and learn. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  6. I feel a bit bad for him but he really did set the wrong example and disappointed a lot people.
    Btw does anyone know why they blurred his eyes? Like we already know who he is…

    1. Good question. I would like to know, too. Their names have been revealed already, so I don’t get why they blur the eyes either.

      1. I don’t get it either. The Asian population know who they are. Geesh, they are celebrities for Pete’s sake. I too don’t see the need for the blurring of the face. The excuse or explanation of it that they are ashamed is asinine as it is only a picture. I can understand them covering their faces if they physically had to face the masses, and could not dare to have people look them in the eyes, but cover a picture??!!. Give me a break. Maybe that is some ancient rule, and we know how Chinese looove to live in the 12th century.

      2. As if they had photographs back then. Please give some examples of chinese living in the 12th century. Some people looove to make absolutely absurd comments.

      3. Some people can’t see hiding the eyes in a photo is absolutely absurd. What does that make them then, hmmm. That was stupid on the medias part to hide the eyes of a well known, well photographed celeb. If Kai Ko or his family requested it, it is backward thinking, if the fans endorse it, backward thinking, which equals stone age mentality.

    2. Maybe they are too ashamed to face the public so requested for their eyes to be blurred out?

      1. But wouldn’t they blur out his entire face? (Like that’s going to make a difference lmao xD )

      2. A lot of the everyday lifestyle thinking of politicians, the general public, the celebs, the business tycoons and the media point to the backward thinking of Asians. even comments in forums are proof of stone age mentality. I am not the only one who mention the stone age mentality here at Jaynestars. I am done, good bye,and by the grace of God goes I.

      3. @Trini
        wondering where you come from.
        in some years, we can all sit and see who will lead the world, China is rising, u don’t be too prejudice.
        i’m not from china btw

    3. no la, they blurred his eyes cos they are hypnotic…. lol !

  7. “…the 23-year-old…, his management is considering having Kai enlist for Taiwan mandatory military service in advance.”

    What?!?!? Kai Ko is 23-yo and still has not completed “mandatory” military service yet? So, is this a way for him to bypass jail (with a “cushy” military post)? Boycott!!!

    1. @MV

      They have until 30 to 33 years of age, or something like that to enlist.

      1. @MV

        If Taiwan if enlisting is mandatory to enlist at !8 in Taiwan, can you please tell tell me why Ming Dao was past 30, and joe Cheng was also a little past 30, and others were in their late 20s?.

      2. @Trini,
        Yes, you are right. Aren’t loopholes great? In that case, Kai Ko still has time to enlist after he is released from jail.

  8. Wonder if they were laughing together at their fans’ naivete while smoking pot…

  9. There are a lot of idlos who do drugs but they just have not been caught. I am talking about Asian idols. A lot of them do marijuana and also other illegal street drugs. They will not be touched if they are caught, especially outside of Mainland china, particularly the cream of the crop idols, and no one will dare the touch the royal ones.

    1. Outside China yes but the current president Xi Jinping really cracking down on corruption, drugs and anything that seem “excessive”

      Jackie Chan is very well connected and well like politically in China. If his son can get arrested, no one is safe.

    2. Outside China yes but the current president Xi Jinping really cracking down on corruption, drugs and anything that seem “excessive”
      Jackie Chan is very well connected and well like politically in China. If his son can get arrested, no one is safe.

  10. I bet they were indeed laughing at the stupidity of the gullible fans as they lit up like Christmas trees and skunked the place up,lol. Kai Ko even was an anti drugs spokesperson, isn’t that a hoot, hahaha. A friend of mine told these Taiwanese girls who work in Vancouver at their parents’ bubble tea house that KK is a toker. He was banned from going into the tea house. Wonder what those gullible women are saying now.

    Funny thing is, fans believe every bit of crap fed to them by the idols they worship, but theee people are 99% of the time feeding them lies to present a pure, positive image, in other words a façade of hypocrisy. I guess they don’t call them idols for nothing, especially when you look up the meaning of the word.

  11. He only feel sorry after he got caught. He will not be if his drug habit hasn’t been exposed. People won’t change, once a drug addict, always will be no matter how many trips to rehab. 1.9 m followers on instagram… Lol… So many ppl worship this drug addict

  12. A lot of ppl seem to underestimate how pressuring it is to be a celebrity. There’s been so many cases of celebrities (in the states at least) doing drugs, going to the hospital, died from overdose etc. They may appear happy on screen and you might think that they have all the money in the world so there’s no point of being depressed but ey, being a celebrity isn’t an easy job.

    Whether they were doing drugs because of pressure or for fun, and whether they only felt sorry ’cause they got caught, what’s done is done. Let’s support them and hope that they know they were wrong and let them come out and live a better life. No need to be overly harsh.

    1. If they knew what they were doing is wrong why do it? And only felt sorry after they were caught? Please! These aren’t high school kids who don’t know better than to do drugs. They went in with eyes opened and only shed crocodile tears asking for forgiveness AFTER they were busted.

  13. If you are doing drugs, don’t accept to be an anti drugs spokesperson, cause you are not being a role model to young people by example. Hypocrite much?.

  14. Will he tearfully apologise if he was not caught? I doubt he will.

    Serve him right.. hopefully he will get fair punishment just like others.

  15. His career is over! The State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China has announced that Kai will be banned from the China media industry.

    Actress Tang Wei was also banned after her role in Lust, Caution. However, many directors, producers and the general public continue to support her outside China because they were sympathetic to her…it’s was risky film roles by both Tony Leung and Tang Wei, and yet only Tang Wei was faulted.

    Kai Ko on the other hand ruin his career by choice. I doubt many feel much sympathy for him. While I still think China rule&regulation for marijuana is a bit extreme; there was recent news about the Chinese authority cracking down on celebrity drugs users…so he should have no better; respect the laws at the country you’re at!

    1. Support China’s crackdown against drugs/marijuana!!! And, I think China should crush out cigarette smoking too now that it is well-known to cause cancer. And, clean up that “polluted” air.

      不見棺材不落淚/not shed a tear until one sees the coffin – refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality

  16. How could they did such a things? This is inappropriate & awkward.

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