Karena Ng: “Raymond Lam is Too Old for Me!”

Life imitates art in the upcoming romantic comedy, Love is…Pyjamas <男人如衣服>. One of the film’s romantic arcs involves a young woman (Karena Ng 吴千语) who falls in love with an older man (Ronald Cheng 鄭中基), which is highly frowned upon by her mother (Teresa Mo 毛舜筠). In reality, Raymond Lam (林峯), who also stars in the film, is rumored to be dating the 18-year old newcomer Karena Ng.

When asked if Karena can accept dating an older man, such as 32-year old Raymond, in real life, she said, “Raymond is so much older! I can accept it if he’s only a few years older, but not too much because we may have different interests. Raymond and I are just casual friends who go out to dinner.”

Ronald, who portrays an older man in the film, is not worried about being upstaged by Raymond.  He is also not concerned about his wife getting upset over the romantic scenes. He says, “There are no more rumors about me after I got married. I’m a very settled man now. After work, I just go home and spend time with my wife and child.” Ronald also revealed that he hopes to expand his family soon. “Definitely. We’re working on it!”

Mo admits that playing Karena’s mother in the film comes at ease because her real life daughter is around the same age as Karena. When asked if she felt any fireworks between Karena and Raymond during filming, Teresa asked in return, “Are they really together? Maybe it’s just Raymond who is pursuing Karena!”

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Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. when she smile, she look like manga ‘s cute doll.

      when she acts angry, she look like manga’s disfigured witch

    1. Good move LF, kindly dumb her. E.g case study- leon and gaile

      1. I agree. Interesting that Karena says that even though Ray is too old for her, that they are ‘casual friends who go out to dinner’. Sounds like keeping the – uh – lines of communication open. 🙂

  1. She has nice eyes but the overall face don’t find pretty.
    She sure changed her tune quick !

    1. Not sure about the first pic but that’s her in the second pic.

  2. Maybe they never started in the first place. Raymond is still one hot bachelor in town. =))

    1. I Wonder if it was just PR in the first place? What happened to “age doesn’t matter ” to “he is to old?” Maybe she got dumped by LF? Haha…

      1. Lol probably. LF is already famous enough, he doesn’t need anymore PR but is she famous in HK?

  3. Yes…I have been vindicated. I said in an earlier post regarding the two that the age difference was too great to be a couple as they have different life experiences, interests, goals and maturity level.

  4. karena is just keeping a low matter,she love LF ,they just in the first few stage,you all never see they alway talk with each other and very happily

    1. Lately, LF was accused of accidentally brushing his arm over Ella’s chest in HAL (I don’t know which scene b/c I didn’t notice). Karena defended LF is not that type of person. She was probably thinking- I know b/c he never even tried that on me.

  5. LOL I am about the same age as Raymond and I wouldn’t date an 18 year old!

      1. Exactly. And for girls (this changes for some as they get older), older = better; 15 years is really too much though. If they had met when she was 25 and he was 40, it may have worked out.

  6. AWKWARD. Even Mo thinks raymond is one-sided. Lol. Take that LF, you may be a playboy, but there are some girls who are wise enough to see through you.

    1. Umm, if u read the earlier articles, karena is the one who said age doesn’t matter. She was giving him open invitation but I guess it didn’t work out so now she wants to cover her tracks. Maybe she was waiting for him to make a move when they are filming together but now it’s wrapped and he is going to china soon so she knows the chance is over.

      It’s better this way. She can find a nice boy and he can look for a nice woman.

      1. And the most funny thing is that the pic they used for this news as well as the date of the function in both news were from one day.

    2. Wise enough? Lolz. Before ppl say Karena is just 19, not wise enough. Now ppl say she is wise enough.

      1. If that, too soon because they dun pair in this one but another one released next year.

  7. maybe she threw a tantrum during one of their dates, and he wouldn’t “tum” (coddle) her afterwards.

  8. Raymond Lam is rich boy ,Karen remember never said never to old to him ,if you marry him ,you can retire from acting and enjoy with his money until your last day of life ,he too rich to reject ,Karen ,money first ,love later.

  9. The fact that this story still hasn’t died down yet makes me think that something really is going on… maybe she’s trying to make it less obvious? No smoke without fire, they say.

  10. Sounds like her management finally has put their foot down before watching their “jade girl” investment going down the toilet. LOL!!

    Well, Uncle Ray, you’ve just got the boot so pick up your dirty raincoat and go back to the school yard…

  11. I’m finding it really fishy and strange as to why her words changed 360 degrees. At first she said she didnt mind the gap and that they do share common interest in topics but it’s total opposite in this article. Hmn..

    Could it be like the case with Rose Chan where their managers stopped her and “woke” her up because they think she’s still too young to date or probably convinced that their gap is too big..

  12. It isn’t Raymond too old for Karena but Raymond is too good for her!

  13. Too old? go F la. haha. raymond so richie. His dad is billionaire+xiamen li ka shing = raymond is future billionaire. If raymond really wants her, she should happy until cannot sleep la. Totally cannot be compared between Leon lai and LF because LF is much more famous and successful than Leon!!!LF can anytime find any good hot chicks as wife. hehe

  14. She is really pretty but not her side profile, at least judging on that one pic used above. And she can do better too.

  15. Love is pyjamas i laughed till crazy. wakaka. Lam Fung really handsome till crazy in the movie. But he appears very less in the movie maybe due to her new experience in comedy. But really very nice and handsome look. Karena face is pretty but too no body. Lam Fung deserves hot chick with perfect body and not karena.

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