Karena Ng On Raymond Lam’s Marriage: “I Should Not Be the Focus”

By on January 4, 2020 in NEWS

Karena Ng On Raymond Lam’s Marriage: “I Should Not Be the Focus”

The Lunar New Year film All’s Well, Ends Well 2020 <家有囍事2020> held a commencement banquet today, inviting all major cast members including Karena Ng (吳千語). The 26-year-old famously dated Raymond Lam (林峯) for a number of years before splitting in late 2017.

On New Year’s Eve, Raymond announced that he is now married to mainland Chinese actress Carina Zhang (張馨月), whom he dated for one year.

As his ex-girlfriend for nearly 5 years, Karena was inundated with questions about her thoughts on Raymond’s quick marriage to Carina. Karena did not avoid the question, but did stress that she no longer wants to be associated with such questions again. “I’ve responded to it before, so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to do so again. I have no business to interfere.”

Asking if Karena has had any new developments in her love life, she said, “I’m still young so I don’t want to think about that yet. If I have good news to tell I’ll definitely say it. No need to worry for me. Everyone’s getting married later in life, so I’m not in a hurry. I am not the focus here. Thank you for going easy on me!”

In regard to her career plans going forward, she said, “I want to do more things I’ve never done before. Do more different TV series. I want to create my own fashion line that can be well-received. I’ve always wanted to find a friend who is interested in starting a brand with me.”

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

8 comments to Karena Ng On Raymond Lam’s Marriage: “I Should Not Be the Focus”

  1. m0m0 says:

    Of her, always the exes. I bet the most headache ones git to be her because she’s still single and unmarried. And if she married, they’d make comparison with her husband with lam fun, her and Carina. I think the media really hates her.

    In a few years when she hits 30 and unmarried, they will pull a comparison with her life and carina.

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  2. hazel says:

    I find it funny that they resemble each other.

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  3. potatochip says:

    I know she was legal when they started dating when she was 18, but it still felt too young. She did the right thing by exploring other relationships. The media should leave her alone. Your life should not be defined by one relationship, especially when you were that young.

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @potatochip I think so. She was probably 19 or something when they first dated. She was only around 24 when they broke up. 100% the right choice of course most would disagree since she missed the boat on a big $$$ fish. lol I still find her to be given surprisingly matured responses unlike some 20 yo’s you see.

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    • alluka replied:

      @potatochip When they started dating, she was 19 turning 20. And it isn’t her first date as she has been caught dating before that, when she is 17 or 18 with a heir. The only matter of her in the relationship is the adultery. Hope that when she grows up more, she will know how to value a relationship instead of looking around too much.

      She is right, nobody should ask her about other newly weds. In the end, it is past.

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      • potatochip replied:

        @alluka I don’t know much about their relationship, only what is posted in the news articles here, so I didn’t know she cheated. She is very wrong for that.

        If I recall correctly, the articles said she was 18, 14 years younger than Raymond. Not intentional or wrong on his part, but at that stage in their lives, there is an inherent power differential exacerbated by their age differences which makes any prospect of long-term happiness very difficult and unlikely.

        She should always end one relationship first before entering into another, but I consider her brave for ending one that no longer feels right (wish she did it a better way). Many women don’t, and end up trapped and unhappy.

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      • alluka replied:

        @potatochip nobody revealed who ended the relationship but according to his friends such as Joey or Tang Chi Wai’s hints, he was the person who cut it off when finding she had other affair. She was caught to sit on laps of Brian Shi (her rumoured current boyfriend) when they were still together. Anyway, at least both of them are mature enough to not badmouth each other when the relationship comes to an end, at least publicly.

        Btw, she met him in her 19 but their relationship started when she is 19 turning 20. They were with each other nearly 5 years. So it can be considered as a serious relationship.

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  4. prettysup1 says:

    HK media really asks the stupidiest questions.

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