Kate Tsui’s Frequent Outtakes Incur Wrath

Recent tabloids claim that Kate Tsui Chi San had numerous outtakes while filming Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒Ⅲ>. In one dancing scene, Kate had five or six outtakes. Allegedly, she often stood in the wrong position during filming, resulting in numerous outtakes and delaying the filming progress. Due to Kate’s outtakes, the cast and crew worked late to compensate the loss in time. Allegedly, Kate incurred the wrath of many cast and crew members.

Allegedly, Kate frequently did not study the script until arriving at the shooting location. While filming Beauty of the Game<美麗高解像>, Kate frequently forgot her lines.  Due to Kate’s “memory loss,” this caused the cast and crew to work overtime. An inside source said, “Perhaps Kate is too busy and has no time to memorize the script in advance. When it is time to film the scene, she will skim her lines. The production assistant frequently has to remind her of the lines. Since there is scientific jargon in the script, there is no room for mistakes!”
On February 18th, Kate was filming a dancing scene with Forensic Heroes 3 co-stars, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Sire Ma Choi. Since the scene did not require any dialogue exchange, it should have been an easy scene to film. Unfortunately, Kate stood in the wrong position, resulting in outtakes. Prior to filming the dancing scene, the production crew requested the TVB dance department to train Ron, Kate, and Sire two weeks ahead of time. Allegedly, Kate called in sick each time and could not attend the dance practices. No wonder there were five or six outtakes!

Kate Tsui Defends Her Professionalism

When reporters asked Kate about her frequent outtakes, she exclaimed, “Who told you that? Was it the director? That’s not true! I had a cold earlier, but I am feeling much better now. Everything is alright!” Furthermore, Kate denied that she had frequent outtakes due to lack of memorizing the script.

Kate noted that the strong winds blew her hair messily in an earlier dance scene, resulting in the outtakes. “The news is fabricated; there is no need to pay attention to it! The filming lasted until 6AM and the ocean winds were very strong. It is understandable to make a few mistakes! I was even filming during Lunar New Year’s while I had a fever! I am a very serious artist and put my best efforts into my acting!”

Since Kate portrays a police officer in the series, she often has to carry case file folders in her scenes. As a result, she inserted a copy of the script into the file folders so that she can glance at the dialogue during filming.

Co-Stars Comment on Kate Tsui

Former co-star, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, commented on Kate Tsui’s memory skills, “Her memory is not bad! She will not have any outtakes while filming three or four scenes. That’s not too bad! There are plenty of people who are worse!”

Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung said, “It is not a frequent occurrence for Kate to forget her lines. Even if it happens, it is because her role is the most strenuous one among the cast! Since she is a police officer, she has a lot of action scenes.”

Excerpt: Face Magazine # 196, the Sun

Jayne: Highly promoted artists, such as Kate Tsui, are busy filming and make appearances at promotional events. So with lack of sleep, perhaps there is also lack of adequate memorization of the lines ahead of time.


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  1. This is what happens when TVB overworks their artists. They don’t have enough rest, let alone have time to study and analyze the script to be better prepared. It’s normal for people to NG, especially in a series like this where there is a lot of scientific terms. It would also be a lot harder for those that can’t read Chinese. I’m thinking she wouldn’t have ng’ed more than Aimee Chan!
    I’m sure this news is also fabricated. It happens all the time and is a way to promote the series.

    1. true… im not believing this news 100% and the fact that she’s been a police officer for so many series already, she shouldn’t be too bad at memorizing lines like that.

  2. I’m in my 20s not late 20s and I have a terrible memory. It’s just terrible. I could read something and forgot the next second. I started having bad memory in college. It’s a shame. I heard that females starts loosing their memory at 22.

    1. Oh gosh, please don’t remind me… I am in my early 30s and my memory is really bad… My memory was not that good when I was in my 20s. I guess I am lucky that I am not an actress that has to memorize a lot of lines. I can still do it if I read it over and over again… I wonder if they use cue cards??

    2. Laughingbear & HeTieShou, same here. Since I use my cell phone to call everyone now, I don’t remember anyone’s phone numbers anymore! I am also very bad in remembering song lyrics. I am glad I am not an actress where I have to remember pages of script each day.

      HeTieShou, which actor has 50+ outtakes? Hehe Wong Kar Wai is probably notorious in shooting and reshooting scenes with his stars.

      Since Bernice Liu has trouble with Chinese, does anyone know whether she has more outtakes than most?

      IMO, I think TVB’s directors have low expectations in quality. Some artists slur their lines to such an extent or give such inadequate expressions that more scenes should be outtakes!

  3. Honestly, not a big fan of hers. There is something about her that I can’t stand. From her voice to the way she speaks to her look to her forehead that puts me off. Saw one of her movies, well not really hers but she costarred in it and she just forgettable in it.

    1. Ah me too!! Raeally not a fan of her either. She annoys me in some ways as well..i remembered she cried in a series long time ago and it looked like she forced it out, u know not a natural cry…she has plenty of room for improvement

      1. LOL, me too. I think it’s the way her eyes twinkle and her poutty lips. Like she is always trying to be seductive. She is pretty but just the air or aurora that she is trying to give, can’t stand it. No comment on her voice and her acting. Not trying to offend her fan, just an opinion.

      2. @samantha; well… you shouldn’t base her acting in her past series like years ago. Because I like kate now and I think she improved tremondously, but gotta admit her first couple of series were terrible.

    2. Ya, me too. She was in most of the recent dramas and all her expressions were the same even though different roles!!! TVB really runs out of actress???

  4. I can’t stand her either. She always plays same the role. Tomboy policewoman. I can’t understand how she won miss hk, but hey, everyone makes mistakes. If shes tried her hardest, then i’ll give her that but if shes clearly not, then give someone else the role.. can’t stand her! but looking forward to the film nonetheless! xx

    1. How did you she win miss hk? Lol… I still think she is prettier than most of the other miss hks (maybe not in the past few years, but she’s definitely looking alot better now). I don’t think it’s her fault that she always get the tomboy policewoman roles. But I mean who else can fit those roles besides her? =P

    2. She deserves to win.

      I admit I already have a good opinion of her before I saw that pageant because of the Heart Talk radio show. In the talk show I found her to be frank, honest and real. She was a breath of fresh air from the other Miss HK who always put up a pure innocent virginal image. (Too bad she was frozen after her talk in Heart Talk for being too frank about her sex life, which I felt was very unjust. TVB sent to a talkshow about healthy sexual relationship and they freeze her for talking about the subject? If they want her to maintain a virginal image for her Miss HK role, then, don’t send her to such a talkshow.)

      Later, I got a chance to watch the pageant she participated in. I don’t deny that I got a slight bias, but, I still felt that she carried herself well in the competition. She showed her personality and individuality well.

      1. Hmm interesting. Never heard about that before. Do you remember what she said?

      2. @ Lily

        I don’t remember all of it. The talkshow was one hour long if I remember correctly. 4 guests were invited. They were the director of La Femme Desperado, Micheal Tse, Cindy Au and Kate. They talk about many things. What kind of partner they like, where they like or would like to do do the act and their past sexual experience. They were asked such questions and they just answered accordingly and the only one who got frozen was Kate even though the 3 others also talk about this subject. But, I have to admit that Cindy Au was more shy in answering these questions, so, she’s not as detailed in her answers.

      3. From memory, don’t quote me on this, it was a comment by Kate regarding the duration of an orgasm. Don’t quote me though.

  5. So now we know why certain acting sucks. Any good actor can complete a scene with a take or two. If 5 takes is considered terrible, no wonder the acting sucks. Some actors need 20 takes to get one right scene I tell you! Not everyone is wayne lai.

    1. 20 is actually not that bad. I have heard some people take 50+ plus takes, but luckily it doesn’t happen often… I don’t think Wayne Lai is a good leading actor, but is an experienced one with over 20+ years of experience.

  6. As Kenneth Ma said, some people are way worse, I don’t see why reporters aren’t reporting “them” and picking on Kate. I don’t think reporters like kate that much, she always get negative news………

  7. 5 or 6 outtake is not that bad. I remember reading experiences written by temporary bit part actors. They often said it took many takes to film a very short scene (lasting from a few seconds or a few minutes only). Many things has to have to be taken into account.

  8. I think this is more to generate publicity for FH3. Any publicity, even negative is still promotion for TVB (unless it’s a really big scandal). So I’m not surprised if these so called ‘wrath’ were intentionally leaked to tabloids by the production crew.

    On a sidenote, Kate has been improving gradually. To be honest, still not decent acting but I can see she tries hard, and I find her offscreen personality likeable.

    1. Kate acting has been up and down through her acting career. Most her roles are already bad. I am not surprise!

  9. 5-6 outtakes is not a big deal.

    Kate improved much in her recent series. Not up to “good” but up to “acceptable”.

    This series will prove that Wayne Lai has the ability to lead a series alone or not. Yes, he is famous with RB but always rmb that Sheren provided a huge contribution in the success of this series. If FH3 is successful, Wayne will have a new step in his career, but if not, afraid that his status will be down.

    1. Kate’s acceptable but she’s still far from fadan level acting. Just like others she also can’t carry a series by herself.

      TVB give her chance to star in that Silence series but she failed to nail her deaf role and has no chemistry with Kenneth.

      1. Yes she is not in “big sis” level acting but who is in at the moment? Others are just like her.

        I like Kate in Silence of the dark :P. I find her acting in another series with Kenneth is far annoying. However, I have never think Kate and Kenneth have chemistry.

      2. I really wonder if you are too hard on her because you already dislike her (seeing the number of times you diss her in your comments). She acted pretty well in that series. In fact, I think her performance in Silence was one of her better performances and she has good chemistry with Kenneth.

  10. I don’t get why she would NG so much, she not TVB’s yut jeh, so she doesn’t ahve that many jobs, and she is from Hong Kong, so it’s not a language issue, but in the end it’s all Tvb, not letting their artist sleep…

  11. Except, she should be use to her “policewoman” role right now. She played many of her times.

    BTW, TVB schedule is crap. 5-6 outtakes is not bad. They usually not reported to the media for god shakes.

  12. Kate also has rumours during filming of BOTG. I don’t like her acting in that series and Christine Ng was outstanding instead.

  13. “I really wonder if you are too hard on her because you already dislike her (seeing the number of times you diss her in your comments). She acted pretty well in that series. In fact, I think her performance in Silence was one of her better performances and she has good chemistry with Kenneth.”

    I’m not dissing her every time. I did said that her award winning performance for her first movie is deserving of that award but after that she went downhill.

    I admit however that she’s acceptable in AGWTC. As for her chemistry I never feel anything from her and Kenneth in all their collaborations. Kenneth and Selena Li makes a much better pair.

  14. I felt that she had so much potential when she was competing in TVB’s pageants. She was sharp and sharp tongued, proving she could think on her feet. She was also a little older than the rest of the contestants at the time so I thought she had a little bit more life experiences she could reference. But recently she has really disappointed me with her acting. BOTG was horrendous, especially Kate’s acting and her portrayal of what should have been a beefy character. In addition, TVB has been developing her “singing” career. Her singing is horrible! So much autotune…she should really focus more on acting and learning better acting techniques.

  15. Despite what everyone says, I think Kate Tsui is a more natural actress than say Linda, Bernice, Fala and even Myolie. I’m glad someone brought up her movie role ‘Eye In The Sky’. She clearly has a better grasp of acting, as shown in that movie. The problem is TVB enjoys typecasting and probably provides less than helpful acting direction. Think about it- how often do artists actually say the director helped them with acting their role? Never.

    Also you can’t expect everyone to be acting aces from the get-go. Acting like any other activity is a skill you develop from learning. This would require a comfortable learning environment with an actual learning opportunity though, both things working in TVB does not guarantee.

    As a final note the Forensic Heroes series has a bad habit (in the past) requiring actors to spout a billion lines of expert knowledge, which is abnormal in real world settings anyway, so why is 5-6 outtakes so unreasonable? In my non-experience 5-6 is nothing. Its only until you get to, say 10+ that you start ticking people off.

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