Kate Tsui Denies Having Done Plastic Surgery

In today’s modern society, plastic surgery has been glamorized into something so commonplace, such that it is nothing worth frowning upon in recent days.

With such a mindset in tow, many female celebrities no longer have any qualms about joining the league of plastic surgery converts. Going under the knife with some artificial enhancers, each and every one of those celebrities had, in recent months, grown increasingly flawless like porcelain dolls.

Furthermore, plastic surgery has been gaining favor with starlets for being able to offer them an immediate convenience and solution in reversing the aging clock and almost magically transforming them to look as captivating as possible.

However, Kate Tsui (徐子珊), who has often been rumored to have had gone under the knife, begged to differ. Kate candidly admitted that she wouldn’t be able to withstand the risks of a botched plastic surgery and also joked that if the rumors were true that she had underwent plastic surgery, then this final “product” was indeed a huge failure. It was absolutely out of the norm that Kate had used mockery to reply to those nasty plastic surgery rumors, truly a person with a philosophical view of life!

Kate revealed, “In the past, I would shudder upon hearing those two words, ‘plastic surgery’, as I felt that it was very terrifying and it caused me to think about gruesome bloody scenes which involved the grafting of skin and bones. However, with the advancement of technology and it’s growing acceptance from the public, plastic surgery has become extremely common. To me, plastic surgery can be accepted when one has grown old but still hopes to maintain his or her confidence.”

[Caption: Kate Tsui professed that she might consider undergoing cosmetic surgery when her muscles become flabby and loose in the future.]

Wishes to look like those western beauties

Kate divulged, “Many female celebrities in the entertainment circle were rumored to have done plastic surgery. I am of course not fortunate enough to be spared from the rumors hence it is inevitable to be suspected of being one of them. To be honest, I feel wrongly accused but this allegation is also simply just too hilarious for words. This was because the so-called before and after photos that the tabloids posted of me, looked exactly the same to me. Hence, I was thinking in my heart, how in the world is anyone going to pick a distinctively different before and after photos of me?”

Kate continued, “I profess that a good makeup truly makes a whole lot of difference but shedding off weight from fat to thin plays an integral part too. Everyone can just compare my chubby look when I first entered the industry with my current body shape. Yes, I looked significantly different but the prominent features and contour of my face has not changed at all. If I had really gathered my guts and went for a plastic surgery, then wouldn’t it be a total failure since I’m still stuck with my former look? If I were to undergo plastic surgery, I would have raised the stakes higher and altered my features such that they carried the high bridged nose and big eyes of those western beauties. ”

There’s no ugly women in this world,  just lazy ones; Kate Tsui works hard to maintain her good complexion and applies a facial mask twice a day

[Caption: Kate Tsui back in her 2004 Ms HK days]

[Caption: Kate had cut her hair short back in her early days for TVB drama, On The First Beat《學警出更》]

Kate remarked, “I currently do not have the guts to accept such a challenge yet. Hence I would wait till I’m much older and gauge whether my muscles have grown flabby and loose before making such a decision. To avoid wasting money (on plastic surgery in the future), the only way is to persistently try my best to maintain myself in a tip-top condition.”

Kate added, “Talking about maintenance, I am a terribly diligent person as I would apply a moisture content facial mask and a whitening facial mask everyday, without fail. The facial masks would be put on before I apply my makeup and after I have removed my makeup at the end of the day. During my spare time, I would also do a facial and body massage. Furthermore, I usually exercise adequately and in recent days, I have been actively learning some Argentina Tango and the instructor said that frequent practice would result in slimmer calves and help in elongating one’s legs so I would definitely put in extra effort to attain that effect!”

Source: Oriental Daily, iHKtv

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. whatz there to hide – 90% of actors have a nip and a tuck here and there.

    1. NO WONDER WHY SHE LOOKS SOOOOO DIFFERENT LATELY. Make up does wonder ,but the structure of her face changed way too much.

      1. Correct, her face structure sure looks different as compare to her younger days.

        Especially the chin part where she has a sharper chin compare to last time, but that could be because Kate has gotten slimmer. sometimes, when someone is thinner/slimmer, her face shape tend to look sharper and longer.

        So far, I didnt notice any major change on Kate’s face except her face structure which has gotten sharper.

        I lol’ed at Kate’s remarks on plastic surgery, it got me wonder if she’s dedicating her message her jealous friend’s gf Viann hehe.

    1. i oso tink abt y she lok b4 n after much diffrent its was oni she noe

    1. lol, it’s a volume perm for Kate. She looks ok with that colour and hairdo. I like!

  2. “There’s no ugly women in this world, just lazy ones”

    I love this statement. Do play up your born looks, although the effort does take habit and dedication.

    1. Obviously she has no kids, and doesn’t have to take chemo everyday. S*** happens and not everyone has the time nor the energy to doll up everyday. She should learn to speak for herself and not others. Stop making general judgements.

  3. I actually don’t think she’s had anything done. She lost a lot of weight and grew out her hair and looks a lot more feminine now. Also, she always has false eyelashes on that really can make a big difference.

    1. Yep that’s what I’ve been thinking along. Make-up does wonders for Kate Tsui.

      1. though her chin looks a lot sharper these days…but then again maybe lost weight?

      2. I don’t think she did anything, just weight loss and makeup. Those are the fundamentals to looking ‘different’. Back then she did have baby fat on her cheeks, and now she lost it. Thats why she has a slimmer/sharper face. And then there is also contouring the cheeks. Double eyelids can easily be achieved with eyelid fibres. It doesn’t surprise me how ‘different’ celebrities can look with makeup!

  4. LOL. This is off topic, but my sister used to have single eyelids when she was still a toddler. As she grew, they became double eyelids, and now she has the largest eyes in the family. Just because one’s certain facial feature changes doesn’t mean he or she did plastic surgery. Putting that out there, I don’t think Kate Tsui did plastic surgery. She just looks like she lost some baby fat on her face.

    1. Addy, agree with ya.

      I used to have single eyelid too when i was young but when i grew older, my doublelids just showed up and i’ve got a big eyes too w/o any plstic surgery. The funny thing is all my relatives ask me for the surgeon’s telephone number so they could get one too! but I just lol’ed at them. They just grew on me lol.

  5. Kate has beautiful eyes, IMO. It’s what makes her unique although big round puppy eyes seems to be the standard of beauty these days.

    1. She has slightly slanted eyes, contributing to her “evil” look, but still she is a hot babe!

      Notwithstanding whether she has works done or not, she is more beautiful than Viann, the perfect life size doll. That’s why Kate is a TVB actress and Viann is not…

      Eat your heart out, Ron boy. You shd have gone for the bigger (I don’t mean just boobs) beauty!

      Come on, gals, would you mind if you look like Kate too? TVB might give you a contract too…

      Just don’t use any botox or stuff, Kate’s natural looks is good enough already…

  6. I believe most celebrities have had something done – but I actually don’t think Kate has. She is one of those that transforms completely with make-up (especially in the eyes).

  7. i need to be like her having the dedication to put on 2 facial masks a day. i bet my skin will look flawless then. i need to start doing that. too much acne scars.

  8. I think she did look at her jaw line is perfect compare when to her previous pic

    1. Her eyelids looks more obvious than before but then again, make up can really do wonder!. Whoever had eyelids surgery doesn’t look that, their eyelids’ line will look even more obvious and their eyes would look even bigger after the surgery.

  9. i do noticed that – even in the same tvb drama – she looks a lot prettier when she has more make up, versus scenes where she’s more “causal”
    so i think it really is the make that made her look prettier nowadays.

  10. Her nose is sharper and pointier when compare to the old pic. When a celeb denies PS rumour it’s the same old story. Seriously it’s getting old and annoying. It’s becoming obvious that most Asian celeb has gone under the knife, even ordinary ppl does it now a days so who are you trying to fool. Make-up helps enhance your look but not to make your chin or nose or your entire face to look sharper, tighter and even younger. If make-up call do all that then PS surgeon will be out of business.

  11. I luv the big hair. Done it for many events, you do get lots of compliants!

    1. Me too, but that’s not called big hair though hehe. it’s called volume perm. Yeah such hair would really make someone outstanding especially in a party. Love it too

    2. Uh, that looks like bed hair to me.
      Are u sure u get compliments or complaints?

  12. I believe her when she said she didn’t go under the knife. But, maybe some injection? Collagen or botox?

    1. Maybe some collagens and botoxs. Def didnt go under knife like Viann’s major transformation o_O! I wonder how long Vianna had to stay at the hosptial or home to recover from her major plastic operation.

      1. I watched extreme makeover, a real life documentary about ordinary people undergoing the knife.

        I see them recuperating at home, after only a short stay in hospital. But they will be all wrapped up in bandages.

    2. Me neither for under the knife part, but collagen, botox or vitamin C injections – might be. Makeup and weight loss definitely a big contributor to her change too.


  14. She looks very different from her past. Her breasts for one, but that could be push up bra. Nose? Eyes? lips? Maybe age has something to do with it but yes she looks very different from 2004.

  15. i asked my son to identify both pictures, my 9 years old son told me that she is the same person however she grew older and more matured look in the police cadet uniform… & its her make-up does wonder!

  16. I also think Kate Tsui has been under the knife – don’t know what the fuss is about as hundreds of celebrities have had their face done.

  17. she was heaps ugly back then. like sh*t ass monkey faced ugly. she looked like pork chop pizza face, just like kayi cheung. her face looks heaps slimmed down and angular.

    look at how much makeup she’s wearing these days. you can tell that she’s a vain person.

    1. Totes agree, she has porky lips, alien eyes with a whale nose! Even if she has had plastic surgery it has made her face even worse and more pizza and with added pepperoni’s

  18. I agree with what she said, she did not go for any plastic surgery, but only heavy make up that’s all.

    1. Her look in that pic above look like someone who just got dumped by a bf and strangle her own hair

  19. I find that her eyes to look much bigger in the Before, and smaller in the After. The nose is much flatter in the Before. Seriously, even if she does get it done, why would she admit it, just like Tavia, deny, deny, deny! They are actor/actress, they are acting the part!

  20. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did… always thought she looked different every time I saw her, to the point where I didn’t recognize her.

  21. I think she loose the baby fat on her face. When you get skinner, thinner your face also get thinner, so the shape might change.
    Just like Charmaine Sheh, before in 2000, her face have baby fat. And now look at at face, get thinner, just like Kate.
    I believe both Chairmane and Kate has not done plastic surgery.

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