Kate Tsui: “I Probably Will Not Win Best Actress!”

With Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) acting receiving rave reviews and praise in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, it is finally her time to shine in the spotlight this year. As one of the popular picks to win the title of TVB’s Best Actress, Kate shares her thoughts on this year’s race.

In portraying a drug-addict in Highs and Lows, Kate admitted that it was not easy. “Many viewers don’t like to watch these scenes, so it’s difficult for an actress to be accepted. I know that these roles gives an actress more opportunity to develop the characters, but I will never be the type of actress that is universally accepted. Viewers like the goody-type like Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣).”

“I’ve made a lot less headlines this year, so that probably means I won’t win! Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and I are rumored to be competing against one another. But does that mean I’ll get famous? If so, I don’t mind the rumors,” Kate said.

Kate also complimented her competitor of the TVB Best Actress award, “I loved watching Tavia even before joining TVB! I especially like to watch her in period-dramas because she is such a classic beauty. I actually went to watch her film before and she’s extremely good in crying scenes! As for me…I’m still learning how to control my crying scenes. My goal is to be able to control each teardrop from each eye…haha.”

Addressing the fact that Kate has made less headlines this year, many cannot forget the rumor that she briefly dated Leon Lai ( 黎明), in which he reportedly gifted her with a mini cooper. Kate explained, “I bought that mini cooper myself with the winnings from the Miss Hong Kong pageant!”

When the reporter pressed Kate about her other rumored fling, eye doctor Marvin Tse (謝偉業), she said, “We’re just friends. I still have choices to make, please don’t cut out all my other opportunities!”

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  1. Goodluck Kate! I also don’t think this is your yeaer even tho i don’t like Tavia.

  2. She dated Leon?!?! I’m surprised that wasn’t brought up during the divorce story.

  3. Kate you are still fresh not yet your turn…he…he…don’t worry time will come. Look like Kate has to wait for
    another 5 years perhaps…

  4. Now some who bashed Kate for her reply toward the car se..ah shake incident will face the feeling of biting mouth. Oh well Kate, you say so good about others, but it wont be the good way to you. Ppl will still bash you for nonsense reasons. So next time you should talk about yourself only.

  5. Kate is coming to KL, msia soon.. will see her on stage in person.

  6. Her response to interview is smart, good choice of words and please readers. In this category she wins over Tavia. No wonder Kate has BS degree from UC Davis.

      1. LOL, BSc in Japanse? Good for her since she will have the opportunity to enter the movie industry in Japan.

      2. Haha, not sure if you’re being sarcastic there but having a degree in Japanese is pretty useless. There’s nothing you can do except maybe teach English in Japan. I’m one class away from completing my degree in Japanese, and am already thinking about whether I should minor in something else.

      3. Its a degree of japanese culture and education. Lmao if it is that useless, why many uni open this program? Learning wat is not useless in your opinion?

      4. So is it Japanese Culture and Education or Japanese education and Language? Dont think theres much difference.

        It isn’t that the major is bad or anything but its sorta an easy way out IMO. People usually major in easy courses such as art or language just so that they can say they have a degree lols. In reality, it will be hard finding a job — unless they really wanna become teachers. This makes me think of why Kate joined the pageant. Maybe she couldn’t find a job after graduation? O_o

        What is not useless? Erm… anything related to the medical field? Definitely won’t have a hard time funding a job lols

        Anyway, I find it funny why Kate didn’t go to UCLA instead she since they have a pretty good Japanese program there while Davis is more popular for Biotech and science related majors.

      5. @Momo

        LOL, if it is that useless then why did you choose it in the first place? Let me guess, you love animes, mangas etc.

        Therefore it sounded nice to learn the language and perhaps be an exchange student to experiece the culture until reality kicks in i.e. JOB, LOL.


        Yeah, like the Universities care abt the usefulness of their programs, all they care abt is to keep the cash flow coming in. Sure anything is useful in their own right in a philosophical sense.

      6. @ Fox

        Just curious. How do you know the full name of the course? I googled for Kate’s info and all sites, be it chinese or english only said she majored in Japanese. No named to full name of the course she majored.

      7. @exoidus

        I was awarded a scholarship… and you are right on~ I was very much into anime and Japanese culture during highschool lols. I don’t mind being a teacher, just don’t think there are any better options. Maybe I should try my luck In the next Miss Hong Kong padgent… jk lol

      8. Oh BTW, didn’t know you could get a BS (bachelor in science) in Japanese. Isn’t it suppose to be BA (bachelor in art)?

      9. Well I suppose being a teacher ain’t that bad, but is it what you want? Im sure there are other positions out there that requires ppl who can speak japanese e.g. trading company.

        Haha, yeah join MHK I will vote for you la or just get married to a wealthy guy = problem solved, LOL

        I just assumed BSc. You are most likely correct on this issue.

      10. Are art and language courses really easier courses? I major in science and took a course in the Art Faculty for my elective course. I got really low marks in this course compared to my science courses.

      11. @Kidd You may just be better than Science than at languages?
        As far as I remember, if you are messing around during undergrad years (not studying), it’s much easier to pass art courses than science.

      12. Yeah, just got my Jap degree too. Afraid to say that it’s fairly useless thus far. I did it as the fun part of uni cos I like anime etc, got commerce as the money making part.

      13. Kate fan leader in HK told me last time. She worked as a secretary for a Japanese trade company before joining MHK.

        Lol, no knowledge is useless but dun use it then it will be useless. Learning medical and work as a car parker then medical knowledge will be useless as well.

        Maybe too many unis need fund from useless courses, hence they open so many.

      14. Good at wat is up to the talent of each person. Some ppl think law is hard to learn but I find its ok to me but Im not good at physical which is an easy thing to many ppl.

      15. I wonder ow well her Japanese is since she has never spoken it in TV before (not that I’ve seen)

        On the other hand, Myolie’s Japanese is really fluent in Rippling Blossom I must say.

      16. She hasnt spoke before on screen. But her Mando is quite ok. Guess that she has talent on language.

        However she did as secretary in a trade comp, i think her Jap is at least good to do the job of a translator

      17. “Yeah, just got my Jap degree too. Afraid to say that it’s fairly useless thus far.”

        Puff it can’t be useless because being fluent in another language means you can join the lucrative business of translation or the wonderful world of fandom by translating articles or traveling to that control without being in constant fear that you just rode on the wrong train.

      18. TVB should give Kate the chance to speak Japanese onscreen. They always gave the Japanese speaking roles to Heidi Chu.

        But, I wonder after so long, Kate is still fluent in Japanese or not. If you have not use a skill for a long time, it will get rusty.

    1. I find Kate to be very well-spoken. Her acting has improved so much over the years.

    2. Yup, she answers way better than some who quit highschool. I think the high education gives her some benefits.

      1. I agreed with you. Her acting has improved, she did very well in Highs and Lows.

      2. oh really? didn’t seem to make her smarter – coz if she was smart, she wouldn’t be in that industry taking up on cheap sl*tty roles and sl*t dances.

      3. Oh well fez, she might be not the smartest woman in the world or Txb, but she knows how to answer with manner better than someone who can’t finish the high school :). On the other hand, Kate may have cheap sl*tty roles and sl*t dances but at least she can do these roles and can dance well. I know there are actresses who wish they can dance like Kate. But too bad, some dance like Pinnochio. I don’t mean the nose, I mean the dance.

    3. @exoidus,

      Thanks for the vote in advance la lmaoz 😛
      Eh, finding a rich and wealthy guy is not a bad idea lols. At least I won’t have to worry about school debt haha. Too bad I’m already taken.


      Come to think of it, Liberal Studies is prolly easiest since you’re basically taking classes similar to general ed…

      1. @momo,

        don’t ever commit yourself to your bf only now lol, you can always consider new guys when r there better opportunities hehe..

      2. Haha Thanks for your suggestion Veejay…

        But I think he is the one 🙂 we’ve been together so long I feel like were practically married haha

      3. @Funn Lim Liberal Studies are people who major/studies in the area of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and the Arts, which is known as Liberal Studies. It’s what they call it in the U.S.A What do you guys call it in Malaysia?

  7. Kate has really grown onto me. I don’t mind if she wins as she was quite good in HAL. 🙂

  8. I’ve grown to like Kate, she’s seems very outgoing and humble.

    does anyone else notice how besides to Myolie whom she’s very good friends with, she doesn’t really connect with the other Fadans as much. Most of her series are pretty much male oriented and she’s the leading actress so therefore I think she connect well with most of her male co stars than her female ones. While the other top fadans collaborated with each other many times.

    I just feels like she stands out more that way compared to the other Fadans. She played a wide broad range of roles rather than repetitive ones.

    1. Kate is very tomboyish — personality-wise. I can’t imagine what fadans she could click with.

      1. The one I see her clicked with the most is Myolie, they seem to be very good friends but no collabs yet I hardly ever see her with the other fadans but rather just her male co stars. I know she’s a bit tomboyish all of her co stars say so lol I just think it’s interesting how she seems kinda left out

      2. Kate and Myolie used to have the same manager, which is why they are good friends. But among the 5, Linda seems to be the most left out? She clicks more with the pageant girls I think.

      3. Maybe it’s her oversea upbringing that make her feel left out? Both myolie and kate were also studied abroad but they just spent little time there and they still live and think pretty much like those chinese in hk unlike Linda who was brought up abroad and think different? btw, is Linda and Eliza alr

      4. Linda seems to be on good terms with Fala and Tavia, I’m just saying a majority of Kate’s series the only lead actress is her among the Fadans and her male co stars is the ones we see her with the most while the other ones are usually collaborating with one another.

      5. “Linda seems to be on good terms with Fala and Tavia”

        All 3 are in Steven Ma’s gang. 😀

      6. Let me think.. was all 3 ever in the same series with Steven? No? At least Fala and Linda were. I wish for a series where all 3 become his wives. That would be interesting as to who I want him to actually love since he is best whenever paired with these 3.

      7. I tot Funn declare not going to comment anymore ? So is it the real Funn who declare or the fake Funn who declare to shut the real Funn up??

        This Funn sounds more humane if compared to the real one. So fake Funn?

      8. “This Funn sounds more humane if compared to the real one. So fake Funn?”

        It is the real me and I have always been “humane”. If you think of me otherwise then perhaps you don’t know me. And after the naming and shaming and still there is any fake Funn using my avatar, I truly give up not because I give up give up but because the fake one is really darn stupid. No medicine can cure.

      9. @Veejay
        You asked if Eliza and Linda are good friends? I just read an article about them, Linda, Eliza, Grace Wong, Leanne Li and Christine Kuo are good friends. In fact, 4 of them, excluding Eliza, have all announced they are virgins. Maybe the next to do so will be Eliza. LOL

      10. If u r the real Funn then u just went back on your words. Talk Abt credibility——not….. Urgh!

      11. Anon, funny how you just love to target me. But never mind. All is fair. I feel no need to justify myself to you and shouldn’t stop what I love doing just because you say so. If I as the real Funn annoys you so much, then just pretend I am the fake Funn. Whatever rocks your boat. I am here to stay. You don’t like, you can either ignore me or leave.

      12. Stupidity is indeed one thing no medicine can cure, haha.

        Anon, what’s your problem are you just stupid? Funn has no obligation to answer to you. Go seek professional help before it’s too late.

      13. I feel that Linda is closer to Myolie and Kate now, seems like she distanced from Tavia and Fala after Moonlight Resonance and more so after Steven left.

      14. @Exoidus @Funn
        Funny how lol and vivien just disappeared after being exposed. LOL, now merged into one Anon?

      15. @Nicole

        Haha, I know but I thought you were giving them the benefit of doubt. To me it’s obvious, no attempt of denying at all. Just suddenly vanished out of thin air or more likely changed names.

        Starting to wonder if it’s one person with multiple personality disorder. Perhaps it’s the same person who always targeting HTS as well for no reason.

      16. @Exoidus
        Well, I’ve given them the benefit of doubt, but they have disappeared for days now.
        Haha, maybe we should get Jayne to check the IP of tony, rony and those others that were disturbing HTS. Maybe they are Anon/lol/vivien/Tony/rony and goodness knows who.

      17. Hi Exoidus, Nicole & Funn,

        So u guys have figured out both Vivien and Lol were actually the same person or they were actually 1 person to begin with lol…and if guys ever notice, we have like 2 or 3 parties here just like cahterine tsang and 620 situation lol..

        very obvious that Funn, me, exoidus and maybe nicole or HTS r from the same party while fox, lol, anon & vivien are 1 party.. and kidd is neutral. its funny really.. but anyways.. we’re all here to speak our right..

      18. Lmao, veejay dear, you said that kcabc is my clone and now im one party with someone to against funn lim. Wats next? Fox rules the world? The only party fox is in is my party. Meh, vivien and lol love MM so I deny to stay with them and in this aspect they are with funn lim. On the other hand they hate Bosco but Id watch Bosco. Do you see the differences now. Stop going around and making a gang yourself. You like such thing, do it but dun drag others in.

      19. Hahaha Veejay, I have never thought abt it. All I can say is that I do share your view on most issues.

        Ofcourse Fox refuse to be in a party with 1 person with MPD who has lost all credibility it’s like suicide, LOL

      20. I’m only in the party staunchly against fanatic cults of any kind.
        I can be the only one for all I care. Hahaha

      21. Veejay, nobody wannabe in the same party with you now :P. Everyone wanna one party.

        Exoidus, I will refuse harder if Veejay put you in the same party with me :P.

      22. Nah, I didn’t say I want to be one-man party. I just said I don’t mind being a one man party, if all of you are fanatic cult members LOL

      23. Sign me up in the party against fanatic cults, LOL.

        Too bad Veejay won’t put me in your party as she don’t want me to stop you from biting yrself in the tail even though you have 9 of them, haha

      24. I will let Linda bite you, happy bite for you, rite?

        Lolz, against fanatic cults? Maybe you forget that you sometimes belong to one :P. But I know you will say what so keep your breath. Hola, be yourself.

      25. I don’t read this site for 2 days and it’s like a whirlwind of developments.

        Anyway, welcome back, Funn! Glad to see you’re back and even more glad to see the troll(s) exposed (Anon, vivien, lol…and who knows who else). Do we know whether they’re the same person?

        Oh and on a more relevant note, I’m also glad to see Kate gaining some kind of fan base and acting recognition. Despite her questionable acting (I haven’t watched HAL yet) I’ve liked her since La Femme Desperado. I don’t know why. I’ve always liked her offscreen persona and she seems more articulate than her ‘wild’ image suggests.

      26. lol It is actually funny to read about those difference “groups” you guys belongs too hahahaha…

    2. Remember when Kate filmed “The Beauty of the Game”, it was rumored that she was kind of bullied by Christine Ng, Sharon Chan and Kingdom Yuen. Wondering if this was true or not.

      1. Yeah I also remembered that bullied story, but there’s nothing wrong of having more closed friends as men, I think Kate’s personality is special that’s why she doesn’t get many female friends. On the other hand, I don’t think other fadans are close to each others, they just behave like that in front of camera. Kate’s getting close to Ella after this series, isn’t she?

      2. I think Tavia also mixed better with guys. There was an episode of The Green Room with Tavia and Kenneth as guests and the host was Carlo Ng. Tavia seemed really close and at ease with them and she even threw her shoe at Carlo. I enjoyed that episode, it’s more like a casual chat between friends than an interview.
        Another one I like was Carlo with Bosco, Kate and Janice (if I’m not wrong) and they talked about Michael Tse.
        The one with Tavia.

      3. Sorry, wrong link. This was another one but also with the 3 of them. The one I watched was for MOL.

      4. I always think Tavia is nice and simple, she could be friend with anybody in the showbiz, but it might be the fame, people can change once entering showbiz. I really like the friendship between Tavia and Ron.

      5. Ron is closer to Kate I can tell you that. Dont be cheated by the common bday party because the manager is the reason. Its like ppl in a group of same manager often go out together but they dun make it like a public stunt much. Last year when Ron changed manager, he held the bday party himself. When he switched back to Garly, this common bday party happens again.

      6. Fox talks like she’s Ron’s BFF. lol

        Well, don’t be cheated by the constant pairing up in series of Ron and Kate. Coz i bet that’s where you’re basing ur assumptions from. Ron and Kate doesn’t have the power to pick which series they film and who to film with so its all in the hands of 620 -> so whether Ron is closer to Kate or Tavia, only he would know. So what you say has no basis either.

      7. You can ask his fan’s leader in HK and she’ll say the same thing with me, haha.

      8. I though Ron and Tavia was closer, since didn’t they say that they can go out and shop while holding hands and that they have similar personality so they are really close? Ohh well I like him been close to Kate too though.

      9. @Linnh: The common hobbies, have any chance for the pink panties? Lolz, dun tell me that during the car shake incident, HimHim wore pink pantisu? LMAO~.

        Ok, kidding.

      10. @Linnh I think Ron and Toby are closer. Besides holding hands, they can also wrestle, kiss and hug hug. LOL

      11. Lol let say it this way, Ron is good friends with everybody that is in the category lady.

    3. I think she should befriend Linda since she is nice, and she is not also in the Fadan group much… Or Tavia, she seems easy-going on her interview.

      I think some Fadans’ are not up to her level either. Having male co-stars is good also 😉

  9. I just watched SSSS today, and although I love Kate’s acting in HAL, I honestly think that Tavia is doing a superb job in SSSS. She actually surprised me with her role.

    1. sure lee,

      just curious on how TY suprised you in her role? I watched the episode 1 & 2 too yesterday and KM suprised me more than TY did lol.. TY showing no expression when the police officers wanna take her back to station, she was like “help me!” in a lifeless emotion.. and one will wonder if she really meant it calling for help lol.

      1. In BTROC some said TY over acted. Here she under acted? She can’t win…
        Is Kate trying to generate publicity or sympathy votes?

      2. “In BTROC some said TY over acted. Here she under acted? She can’t win…”

        I’ve yet to watch SSSS, but she was horrendous in BTROC. What’s wrong with offering critique on her acting? If she wants to win (fairly), then polish up her acting.

        I’m interested to see how she performs in SSSS though.

      3. I think you will enjoy SSSS skinnymocha. TYs acting is pretty natural there esp the emotional scenes. I didn’t think I was gonna enjoy the series, but after watching the first 2 episodes I’m hooked.

      4. I don’t think Tavia was bad, but certainly not impressive either. Nothing BA material yet.

      5. @skinnymocha, you’re right, she should polish her acting if she wants to win. But maybe Lolly is saying Tavia tried to improve and be more natural after BTROC? Like you I’m keen to see how she performs!!!
        @Veejay, Tavia seems pretty natural.

      6. @Puff – she’s good at that scene when she was lecturing Rebecca but pretty medicore when she was asking for help from KM. Her emotion doesn’t shows any single fear at all.. Damien’s acting is good though lol.

      7. @lolly Kate is trying to gain sympathy from wat? By saying good things about othets? Lol this is why next time,she,shouldnt say,good thing about some untouchable.

      8. Veejay, come on! Tavia was ok! She has expression, the desperate sort. Don’t let the powder on her face distract you. Kenneth also got expression.

      9. @funn,

        HAHAHA at the thick powder part.. maybe also because of too much injection on the nose destroyed her other nerve system lol..

    2. I’ve just seen the 2 episodes and so far she’s alright, it’s hard to tell though. It’s nothing new from her but her character seem pretty interesting, Kate is still at the top for me though.

  10. Out of all five fadans, I think I like Linda’s and Kate’s personality best. I remember watching Kate’s interview back in her La Femme Desperado days and she seemed rather nice and well-spoken (which took me by surprise as it was a stark contrast to her acting and some of the roles she’s undertaken).

    1. @skinnymocha,

      You should visit Tvb Chinese collection website, there are bad pics of Kate there, I think the reporter purposely post them to tarnish her Goddess image.

      1. Haha. Reminds me of when they take photos of people blinking and claim that they’re either drunk or high.

        What is the girl to do? Mash the food up and eat through a straw?

  11. I am not one of your fans but your performance was great in High and Low. I believe in quality not beauty..Keep it up…

  12. am i the only one who thinks that kate had a lot of work done to her face?

    1. Nope, however it’s less obvious than some others for sure. Thick make-up also makes a difference.

  13. Kate, you are to nice! Better to think about yourself my lady. If your competitor has faith in winning over you, then you should have faith in beating them:D

  14. She hasn’t been in the industry as long as Tavia or as hungry for the award as Tavia hence her replies are more polite. I’ve always liked Kate more than Tavia….the latter’s performances are too bland and boring for me. Not that I dislike Tavia but I prefer Kate over her.

  15. Sigh. Kate sounds very humble in the interview.. but the goddess’ fans say it’s her way of generating sympathy votes. Previously she gave a neutral response about someone’s scandal, and the goddess’ fans said she’s trying to step on the goddess.
    I wonder if Kate gives an arrogant reply like the goddess, “The audience will like me more!”, what will happen to kate? Probably dead by now.
    Yet when the goddess said something as arrogant as that, they just feel that she did something great. Double standards.

    GOOOOO KATE!!!!!!

    1. Truth is Kate isn’t stupid and prolly knows she don’t stand a chance against the citizens of the planet Saturn hence pretend to be nice to gain sympathy (reverse psychology).

      Fact is TY is better despite her thick makeup which isn’t that bad relative to Kate’s anyway.

      Still find it amusing that ppl can get into their head that TVB have decided to give it to LF & TY whether they derseve it or not doesn’t matter.

    2. Well, they will tell you that it’s the honest character or it dun have relationship with acting.

      So I support Kate to talk about herself only next time.

  16. Ah man, she would be like subjecting to gang rape for nil!

  17. i hope that kate tsui will win this year…and also kenneth ma.

  18. Kate won’t win despite her acting abilities, because he fan base isn’t as large at Tavia’s. yay for letting fan vote?

  19. although i feel that both could still improve, i like kate’s role in HAL more than any of tavia’s roles this year, so i guess i’d go for kate in the tv queen race. the only problem i have is kate tends to strut when she’s walking (i.e. when she was walking away from raymond’s apartment). noticed she walked this way during FH3 but i guess it was okay since she was madam. but now she’s supposed to be this girl who thinks really lowly of herself, and yet she walks like she’s full of confidence haha

    1. I noticed that too, the way she walks is not really girly, it probably has to do with the high heels.

  20. Maybe TVB told Kate she won’t win, so that’s why she said she won’t win? 🙁

  21. that sliver shackles whatever series is so boring. even though the cast has more star power, i just can’t stand the storyline. i’ve seen it all before-family feuds, cheating, b*tchiness, backstabbing. bleh.

  22. As long as I remember Tavia, Linda and Kate always say good things about others, maybe just because Tavia is craving for the award this year so much. But I like Kate more and more especially when I’ve learnt she was a secretary before going to showbiz, she’s really smart compared to others at high school level.

    1. You should read the tabloids more. Not all of them say good things about others.

  23. TVB could write a script about a female secret agent infiltrating the Japanese back in the 1920’s – 1940’s when Japan invaded China. Kate could be the lead and utilize her Japanese linguistic skills.

  24. I am not Kate’s fan…but feel so sorry for her…try so hard on this character…but still can’t get the award…

  25. “I know that these roles gives an actress more opportunity to develop the characters, but I will never be the type of actress that is universally accepted. Viewers like the goody-type like Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣).”

    I feel like this might be a back hand compliment. It’s like saying that Linda is universally accepted not because of her acting skills or talent but because she has a goody girl image. I dunno… just my opinion…

    1. Agree. It is not a good compliment for Linda Chung ….. who is popular because of a good girl image, not because of her good acting skills.

      1. It’s not a good compliment but it’s honest though? I love linda due to her personality, but her acting still needs some work. She improved definitely to pretty good acting mostly, but the best? Nah.
        I think it’s a combination of factors that make the person. Maybe if linda only has goody roles, but bad acting, everyone will hate her, because she plays it in a very fake manner? Or if she only has good personality, but only bad roles that are plotting against all the lead actresses, that will make many people hate her?

      2. Forgot to add:
        Linda has good personality, pretty good acting, and goody characters, that in combination, makes many audience like her.

    2. I don’t think she comment on Linda’s acting skills, I just think it’s a honest thought like people might accept her easier if I have nice roles and so on. I don’t think Kate hints anything by saying such thing about Linda. I don’t think it’s a compliment either. I think Kate, Linda and Fala (do they enter showbiz at the same time???) are on the same level more or less, they could accept the fact that older-sisters Tavia and Myolie can be better than them but they can’t accept each other better than them. So for them, Tavia and Myolie can win but they cannot tolerate each other’s winning.

      1. Implies that Tavia and Myolie can’t tolerate each other winning.

  26. Between Kate in HAL n Tavia in SSSS, Kate’s performance definitely better.

    Tavia’s jealous look is only so so compared to Kate’s.

  27. hm…so before the TV Queen even comes out, Myolie, Linda and Kate already not have much faith, and only Tavia who says she hopes she will win… This shows a lot that something has just been announce among TVB…

    In addition, (I agree with fox) Kate’s education background is proven with the way she talk. In Benjamin Franklin’s words, “Education is very important!”

  28. Supporting Kate all the way~! If she doesn’t win this year, she will have many more opportunities… Hopefully!! Kate is a good girl and strives to do her best in everything. Between Tavia and Kate, I don’t mind who wins because both Tavia and Kate are potential actresses. 🙂

  29. Having watched all the Fa Dan’s series so far, Kate’s role in High’s & Lows is the most outstanding as her character has the most dynamic range to show case her acting skills, so she should win even though i wish Tavia would win…

    1. Her English is not bad at all. It flows pretty smoothly and just a slight accent.

    2. Her Mandarin pinyin was slightly off here and there but overall pretty fluent, and imo, sounds even better than some Taiwan artists’. And her English though accented is spoken smoothly and fluently.

    3. Because not all can speak like China mandarin which is an art by itself.

      Her mandarin is taiwanese in accent sort of way but the pronunciation for some words are way off either because she is nervous or not fluent and English educated normally do speak that sort of way. Because they’re off, I can know her mandarin is speak well but limited vocabulary.

      But her english is fluent even if she tries hard to disguise it as an american accent. I just wish she speaks normal, because grammar is more important and she does speak fluently in that regards.

  30. just saw HAL ep 21…i’m sorry but kate is not ready for tv queen yet, her drug withdrawing scene was almost laughable.this is not the role that will earn her best actress, maybe next time.

  31. Agree with lol that Kate was not impressive in that scene… Objectively speaking she has improved over the years, but off a low base.

  32. On the contrary Kate was Great here. She impressed me here. I was waiting for her drug addict acting and scene and she just rocked it :). I am proud of you kate.

  33. And did I say she was great during her crying scene yesterday 😮 ? Kate acting yesterday episode was answome ! I cried too I felt so bad for her and the brother and I see she gonna kill it again tomorrow episode (I can see some haters growing irritated now :P) Well done girl ! Go Kate

    1. I agree with you about the crying scene, I can feel her pain, but I’m not sure if it’s entirely her crying or if it’s because I’ve become attach to her brother’s character. He did a great job playing her little brother & they had great chemistry.

  34. Kate’s acting was good during the drugs scene. Seems very convincing!

    1. You think? Than you haven’t seen someone going thru withdraw, first of they don’t talk that much & it’s not as dramatic. Kate was too over the top, specially for someone that was supposedly a new user. She did succeed in the dramatic department, but more like she’s trying to convince the audience that this is her interpretation of what a drug addict looks like instead of really going for it, does that make sense?

      1. Maybe she’s afraid if she make it too realistic & not “acting like” then the audience might look at her differently or it might hurt her fadan image. Idk, but to me that’s what sets a great actor apart from a good actor.

      2. hate it whatever you want, she and. I think kate was great ! When she drugged herself for thé fuirst time she said NOTHING ! She looked so high ! And during withdrawal when she was in church, gosh I cried with her and she just dominated the scenes with Sandy. She stole the show ! And I feel you don’t like this fact.

      3. Her chac is injected heavy drug by the gang, caused to immediate addiction, not really the new user.

        And she did it convincingly.

    2. btw, has that old guy Ding Yeh and gang rape Kate yet? Did i miss that episode already?

      1. Nope, you don’t miss. But these rape scenes are not shown. It’ll be in the flash back of Pat only.

      2. OH I SEE, THanks for the info 😛

        I guess maybe these few days, it will show on tv huh?

      3. Tonite there will be some flash backs, but dun put too much hope, there won’t be nothing too details.

  35. I think Kate’s acting has gotten better. However, I’m not sure what to think of her opinion of Tavia as a classic beauty… Personality, maybe. But physically?

    1. She is out of date or her definition of beauty is different to most of ppl

  36. why does kate look and act like a piece of wood in normal scenes where she’s not crying? totally expressionless/dazed state. and that “oh i think im so cute and sexy” pout.. omg…

    1. Frankly where ? What ? When ?
      Must be another frustrated hater ? Those who rooted for Ella and Raymond waaaay before airing 😛 maybe because of their hatred towards Kate ?

    2. there comes that word again HATER.
      so you can say negative things about other actresses, but I can’t now?

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