Kate Tsui Visited Moses Chan’s Home at Night?

After filming Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒 3> on Monday night, Kate Tsui Chi San was spotted visiting Moses Chan Ho’sapartment. Although Kate denied that she was at Moses’ home, she smiled sweetly and said that she loved to drink coffee. Since Moses was a coffee aficionado, Kate’s response left room for speculation regarding the pair’s relationship.

Since the paparazzi caught Bernice Liu Bik Yee on a date with Alastair Lam last December, Bernice and Moses’ six-year relationship was officially over. Due to Alastair Lam’s wealthy background, Bernice was branded as a “gold-digger” by many people and her image plummeted. Despite the break-up, Moses spoke highly of Bernice before the press and asked reporters to not write harshly about her. Regaining his single status, 39-year-old Moses was popular among female artists and highly sought after due to his good education and handsome looks.

Allegedly, 31-year-old Kate Tsui was ahead of other women in taking the initiative to go after Moses.  A neighbor that lives near Moses’ apartment building spotted Kate visiting his home at Le Point of Metro Town, in Tseung Kwan O. The witness said, “Last month on the 4th, I saw Kate Tsui leaving the lobby around 10 to 11 PM. Perhaps she was afraid people would recognize her; she was wearing a mask at the time. She had her head bent and walked quickly to the garage. Although she had a mask on, I recognized she was Kate Tsui immediately. She knew her way around the building. Perhaps she realized I was looking at her. She shot away quickly like an arrow, afraid people would recognize her!” The witness’ testimony implied that it was not the first time that Kate had visited Moses’ building since she knew her way around the premises.

Kate Tsui Feigns Ignorance

When reporters asked Kate whether she had visited Moses’ home in Metro Town , she replied, “Where is Metro Town ?”  Aside from going to work at TVB in Tseung Kwan O, Kate lived in the same area in Yu Ming Court while growing up. Anyone familiar with Tseung Kwan O would know where Metro Town was! No one would believe her ignorance!

According to taxi records, Kate took a cab from Building #10 at Metro Town , the site of Moses’ home. When confronted by reporters, Kate said, “What? Where did you hear about it? Were there any photos taken? Ah Mo and I are colleagues.” Did you visit Moses at Metro Town ? “Of course not! Where is Metro Town ?”

When asked whether there was any possibility that Kate and Moses may develop further, she said sweetly, “I never thought about it. But I do like to drink coffee!”  Since Kate shares Moses’ interest in drinking coffee, it may not be a surprise that they are dating after all!

Kate Tsui and Moses Chan collaborated in 2008’s Moonlight Resonance <家好月圓> together. The pair acted as a couple in the series. Surprisingly, three years later, Kate and Moses’ relationship may have a new romantic turn!

Excerpt from Face Magazine # 191

Jayne: Kate’s response about liking to drink coffee is a little cryptic. Since there were no photos taken, it is hard to say whether she did visit Moses’ home. Also, are taxi records that easily traced to indicate that Kate took a cab from Moses’ home?

Anyhow, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there is indeed chemistry between Moses and Kate. They are both westernized and Kate does have an open sexiness in her, a quality that Moses seems to prefer in his women.

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  1. Her response makes it pretty obvious that she is interested in him Even if they are colleagues, I’m sure they are trying to know each other better and it would not be surprising if they do hook up. Kate does not have a figure like Bernice, but I do agree that she does give out a sexy appeal.

      1. To each his own, larry. You might not like her, but she does have her fanbase out there. I’m not a fan of hers, especially when it comes to her acting, but I’ll be objective and admit that she is good looking, even though I don’t like her. She looks sharp and has a nice smile. That’s my opinion.

      2. You dislike her, I can see it that. But your opinion won’t become a fact. Kate has sexy look. I like when she laugh, look bright.

      3. @ Aly, lol. “even though I dont like her”…. that I agree.

        @ Fox… no really? Kate Tsui is really not a sexy girl, ever since Miss HK pageant, she is still not that beautiful. I dont find her attractive at all.

        If TVB market Kate Tsui as “sexy appeal”, everybody will run away and TVB’s image will ruin forever… money goes down the drain.

      4. I see nobody run when Kate do that? Her body is good :). I find her attractive :D.

      5. Mind giving me the one you think looks attractive? Just to know if me and you share the same thinking of attractive or not.

      6. I haven’t watched enough of her acting to comment on it but I don’t find her attractive either.. To me, she is like Angelina Jolie, many people find Jolie beautiful and sexy but for me, she always looks pouty with a slightly menacing look in her eyes sometimes..

      7. @ Fox, good for you. Too me, she looks unattractive in today’s Hong Kong entertainment arena. If you watch her performance on the JSG award show in 2009….. I throw up when I look at her. She was lucky for TVB to work with which her music career went into the ocean. Totally Very Bad!

        You want a lang mo list?

        @CK: IAWTP 100%

      8. Haha i agree she’s not sexy and definitely not beautiful.

  2. I hope they’re not really together… Moses can do better than this…

  3. One comment about coffee drinking amounts to such speculations about dating? That’s weird..but only mild surprising because it’s the Hong Kong media haha. Kate and Moses are in their early 30s and late 30s respectively, if they’re dating…that’s nice?

    1. Iampheng, when Bernice and Moses were still a couple, they admitted that their “friendship” was initially sparked by a mutual strong interest in drinking fine coffee. Moses’ dream is to open a coffee shop this year. He has a habit of brewing coffee at home and bringing it to filming set to treat cast and crew. You have to realize coffee is indeed Moses’ passion!

      For Kate to say that she likes to drink coffee after being hounded whether she visited Moses’ home is a bold statement. Surely she realizes his love for coffee and by saying she shares his interest, she is either teasing the press or hinting her interest.

      I actual like kate’s personality that comes across in interviews. She’s quite blunt.

      And for trivia’s sake, Bosco Wong said he had a crush on Kate (before he started datig Myolie)!

      1. OoOoOoOhhhh haha I see, I was ignorant. Thanks, Jayne!

        Kate Tsui is attractive, in my opinion. She has a “foreign” feel to me. And Bosco’s dating Myolie?? LOL I thought that was a rumor…dang, I’m am so not “with it”. This brings me back to my high school days where I was the only girl left out of the gossip mill. 😛

      2. I agree with Jayne. Her acting might not be the best, but I still like it. But she definitely has a pretty charming personality…

        lol!! What?! I never knew that Bosco said that.. haha. I don’t see why WOULDN’T any guy like kate. I mean despite her acting, or singing skills. She has a blunt personality, like she has a really “song” personality, which guys would like and she’s attractive.

  4. I can’t stand her, don’t know why she is still in the business.

    Brother, you can do way better than that.

  5. The truth will come with time so lets just wait and see. However, from past experiences, IF this is a reoccuring rumour then the chances are higher that it may be true…

  6. I don’t get wat is so wrong when a 30+ woman date a 30+ man? Like I don’t get wat is so wrong when a 40+ man (Kevin) is said to have relationship with a 30+ woman (Charmaine). They are not teenagers after all. The reporters make them like they are just 13-14 girls and guys. Lol, now 13-14 girls and guys also dated.

    1. There is definitely nothing wrong in my opinion, not much people nowadays find a partner the same age as them. and Btw…. Kate and Moses are both in the 30s.. :S

  7. Good god, I hope this is not true. Moses can do SO much better than Kate. I’m sure Kate has a fan base out there…. but I personally can’t stand her. She lacks class and her image is not so much “sexy”… more like tacky/slutty.

  8. She likes drinking coffee, that much we know BUT does Moses like making coffee for her? Since he has always been tight lipped, I don’t think we will know the answer for sure until some pictures emerge.

    Kate Tsui is pretty and sexy and bold and sexually open BUT her acting is still so far limited by the fact she just looks crazy all the time or when out of camera, she looks slightly maladjusted with the lights or something. I don’t think she lacks class since I haven’t seen her that way. To me Ella Koon lacks class and manners, and gives me an impression she is not someone from an educated background. Kate Tsui doesn’t give me that vibe but she does give me the vibe that she is rather worldly.

    1. I actually like both Kate and Ella. They’re attractive to me and the rare HK stars that can pull off the sexy image.

      1. yes agree.. Bernice, Kate, and Ella are the few that has a good figure (and not boney), that also gives a foreign feeling..

    2. I think Ella is an interesting comparison to Kate. Ella is sexy and photogenic, seems like a very friendly girl (not bitchy at all unlike a lot of HK female celebs) but I’d agree that she comes across as a bit goofy, sometimes even crass – definitely doesn’t ‘match’ her look. Like Jayne, I like Kate’s straightforward personality (she was frozen by TVB for it a few years back) and she does look sharp and sexy. In a way she reminds me of Beyonce. Agreed with Funn that Kate’s acting requires a lot of improvement though.

      1. Tailor made role for Kate. Straight up murderous crazy woman. But yes acting requires improvement.

        I think Ella is a good actress but I find her crass as you put it and terribly not classy. Seen the way she hosts eating travel programs, and I find myself thinking class; either you have it or you learn it. Ella has a long way to go but at least she is not pretentious.

    3. Agree with you Funn. I like Kate too. She needs a lot of improvement as a Lead actress. But in my opinion if she takes a supporting actress she is more surpass than Fala Chan.

      I don’t like TVB much because they always play the favor and connection card. They love to over promote some actor/actress who cannot act.

  9. As long as Kate and Moses are compatible off-screen. I however find Kate’s acting to be mediocre at best and most of the time very annoying. She does this weird thing with her voice that’s very very irritating. She however is (I think) one of the prettiest tvb actresses.

    1. @Judy; Wow it takes guts to say that Kate is one of the prettiest tvb actresses, cuz there are so many Kate haters here. But I agree!! Kate has a very unique look. That gives the feeling of sexy, foreign, gorgeous, and tomboy.

  10. i think she do have a sexy appeal but she looks very boyish if she cut her hair very short.

    That’s really a cheeky remark when she added she loved coffee..

  11. OMFG. I hope this is not true. The bitchy-looking, pretentious Kate and the ever so awesome Moses…no! Please, please, please, um, Cupid, no.

    As vain at this all may sound, @larry, I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. I have never seen an image of her where she doesn’t look atrocious.

    Does Kate even have personality?


    1. “Does Kate even have personality?”

      lol.. You obviously don’t know her onscreen well enough to be judging her like that.

  12. Mr.Cupid. Please strike them so that they can become a true couple. 😛

  13. She’s quite strange looking. I remember the first time I saw her on screen I was thinking,”Whoa, this actress is weird.” But she’s good with bitchy roles, like in MR. And I suspect she will excel in comedies.

    1. She will excel in crazy murderous roles as Funn has put it, or in fierce bitchy roles. The look is naturally in her face, she doesn’t even need to act much.

      1. At least she can excel the fierce bitchy roles, better than some actresses who are said to have more experience than her but can’t do this kind of role.

  14. Hey Funn, we share similar views on who’s pretty and who’s not lol.

    I don’t find Kate beautiful but she has a unique look about her and doesn’t look like the typical “pretty” girls you get on the street (ahem Fala).

    I don’t really care much for this article, just wanted to stick up for Kate. Her acting isn’t too bad and you can tell she tries very hard on her roles.

    I actually prefer her to Bernice Liu, Fala and Linda Chung in terms of acting and screen presence

    1. I agree Suki… I really liked her performance for Beauty Of The Game, she had so many looks in that show too. I liked all the actresses in that show, it’s a pity that the ratings weren’t that good.

  15. Come on guys … I hate her too but I sure wouldn’t mind having her looks.

    What, she came out w/ Miss HK and started it off on a rumor with Leon Lai. Leon is picky. You have to be HOT to have a rumor with him!

    She’s obviously blessed with some good looks. Her sideline attempts of dancing and singing should stop. She needs to concentrate on acting esp. since she sucks at that.

    Moses and her, absolutely not compatible. He can do so much better. I can see Moses with someone like Sonija Kwok, another Miss HK hottie =)

    1. “Come on guys … I hate her too but I sure wouldn’t mind having her looks.”

      LoL! You know what, I was thinking something along those very same lines quoted above! I don’t hate her per se and I don’t really follow her career. However, I wouldn’t mind having some of her physical attributes :T

  16. Kate sort of looks like Eva Huang to me for some reason….But I think Eva’s look stands out a bit more…

    1. lol.. I just searched her up, and I found a picture that kind DOES resemble Kate.. But Eva looks more “pure”. I find kate having mroe of a sharp and sexy appeal than her.

    1. “But if Moses likes her then it’s a ok “

      This is the most important point. 😀

      1. If outside pressure can break a relationship, maybe there isn’t a relationship to begin with.

      2. Hard to say. They might in love in the beginning, but the reporters keep their noses on them too much, then they can’t overcome the pressure, argue and break up.

      3. @ Funn ..

        i don’t let love “hollywood-fied” its meaning. when loving gets hard, sometimes people rather not be so in love.

        if u get what i mean.

  17. I find Kate’s image to be quite refreshing, she’s blunt and says things as she see’s em’. If her acting wasn’t so horrid, i might actually like her.

  18. I saw an interview with Moses, looking mighty dashing now that he has a habit of having facial hair on his face, and he is considered a catch in the eyes of the ladies now he is single, and poor ladies/co-stars where one was asked “Does she like to drink coffee?” and we all know that is to mean is she interested in him. I think we will be getting a lot of “Do you like coffee?”, “Is Moses making you coffee?” sort of questions and comments.

    So what is one girl replies “I actually like tea” then how??

    1. Haha. Yeah. Single female co-stars will be asked this often. Even non-costars cannot escape. When Sonija mentioned she hope to seek a boyfriend during the promotion of 7-days, a reporter suggested Moses to her. Lol.

      I guess if the girl said “I actually like tea”, the reporters will start speculating to is the ‘tea’. 😀

      1. Or probably Moses will be asked “Do you think you can boil a mean pot of tea as well?”

        No escape.

        So now the press are playing cupid?

  19. What’s with all this praise about Moses being a good catch?? Frankly I find him a bit ‘gay’ or unmanly.

  20. Good on Moses if he does hook up with Kate. I don’t know about whether she’s fake or not as since Beauty of the Game I’ve come to doubt that anybody in the entertainment industry is that ‘nice’ (Except Chilam maybe.. I love Chilam). I do, however, this she is extremely sexy but she has a slightly androgynous thing about her that I love which is why I find it impossible to even look at Ella Koon without throwing up (too girly for me). I’m a big Kate fan actually, ditto Tavia.

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