Kate Tsui’s Life After Leaving TVB

After being crowned Miss Hong Kong in 2004, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) became a popular actress at TVB. However, filming nonstop for over a decade made Kate eventually lose a sight of who she really was. Eager to pursue things that truly mattered to her, Kate left TVB and experimented with new projects, including directing a commercial and launching her own jewelry collection.

No More Sleepless Nights

Kate realized that hard effort was necessary to establish her early career. She said, “Why did I work so hard in the earlier years? I had one thing to prove: I need to be able to do it. Especially during those days when I had to strive harder to succeed. It’s how most companies work – you can’t help it. Everyone has to work hard or else how would they succeed?”

However, Kate said her 36-year-old body could not handle any more sleepless nights. Recalling her last drama with TVB, Kate revealed she would only have 30 minutes of sleep time before returning to the set of Smooth Talker <以和為貴>. Burnt out and tired, Kate wanted to change her working environment to allow more rest time for herself.

Doesn’t Want Fairy-tale Wedding

When Kate was younger, she went through a phase where marriage meant meeting Prince Charming and having the perfect fairy-tale wedding. However, as she grew older, Kate realized that marriage should not be the last stop for happiness, and women should not be obsessed in finding the right man.

Placing her career as first priority, the 36-year-old actress is not in a hurry to find love. She joked, “Romance is second priority. First, I need to earn more money. If I don’t have money to look pretty, then there wouldn’t be love!”

Leaving TVB did not less Kate’s interest in the entertainment industry. Last year, she enjoyed performing alongside Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) in a stage concert that featured various female artistes. Kate was able to utilize her strengths in dancing for the show.

Kate has also received offers movies, television dramas, web dramas, and even reality shows. She said, “I will need to review the characters and productions first before making a decision.”

Kate also revealed that she was approached by a company to take direct a microfilm commercial. “They also want me to make an appearance in the commercial, but I’d like to look at the script first.” Kate said, “Directing is a challenging task and I want to prepare a bit first. I want to try doing behind the scenes work – it seems like fun!”

Furthermore, she is also in talks to participate in a stage play, as well as film a series in Mainland China.

Kate Tsui Promotes New Jewelry Design

After completing her jewelry design and gem appraisal courses last year, Kate has established her own jewelry line. At a recent promotional event, Kate wore a duck-and-rabbit-shaped pendant that she designed herself. The unique design was also engraved on her phone case.

Revealing her intentions of launching an online website to sell her own jewelry, Kate said, “It’ll be a small business, but I’ll learn slowly.”

With her focus now shifted to her jewelry business, many are curious as to whether Kate intends on retiring from filming.

Sources: On.ccstheadline.com; On.cc

This article is written by Su and Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @janet72 Hmm there’s a lot more beautiful actresses out there that beat Kate. She’s not ugly but I wouldn’t say she’s “sexy” either. For some reason I always thought she looked Japanese.

  1. She’s going to Fala Chen route. Reevaluating what she wants and going for it. I’m happy for her. It’s good that she branched out to theater and directing. There will be more opportunities for her in this industry then.

    If I remember correctly, Kate has never acted in a Mainland China drama before. Myolie, Tavia and Fala have, but, she and Linda haven’t. Many TVB actors who have a stint Mainland China came back improved in acting. Hope this is the case for Kate too. But, I don’t hope for her to station permanently in China. I prefer her to base her career in Hk and film more movies.

  2. For some odd reason, Kate reminds me of an Asian versiom of Angelina Jolie in those pics. I thought she had promises in the beginning when she took more tomboy and strong headed roles. Then she fell flat after trying to be sexy, cool, chok roles. Sad that she couldn’t improve and get success even with that best comer award for movie uears ago. Glad she got rid of those bluntly fake eye lashes.

    Gee, I wonder if she got the rabbit and duck designer from this http://12southtaproom.com/wp-content/uploads/duck-rabbit.jpg What a coincident *rolls eyes (

  3. Kate suits good with Madam roles and just got chemistry with much older actors imo. Her face isn’t really for any historic drama, which is a big minus in her career. However I’m glad that she’s enjoying her life now… as long as she feels happy

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