Kelly Cheung’s Transformation from 147 to 120 Pounds

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Kelly Cheung’s Transformation from 147 to 120 Pounds

A recent episode of TVB drama Big White Duel <白色強人> featured Kelly Cheung’s (張曦雯) character Dr. Lui attending an evening gala in a sexy low-cut gown and saving a civilian in the process. Although she was extremely fit during the filming, Kelly did not cut back on meals to prepare for this scene. Her 23-inch waist is maintained through regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

When Kelly first immigrated with her family to the Unites States, she realized that she was larger in size than most boys her age. She loved eating all types of unhealthy food like hamburgers, fries, and pizza. “My life philosophy was that if I wanted to eat, then I should eat. How can you resist temptation from all these yummy foods?” Consequently when she was 16 or 17, her weight ballooned to 147 pounds. Times have changed and she now weighs 120 pounds and has a 23-inch waist.

In order to lose weight, Kelly has tried dieting, juicing, and cutting out all oily foods. However she realized that all of these methods do not provide long term results. If anything they caused her body weight to fluctuate easily. So she decided to keep a balanced diet and to occasionally partake in intermittent fasting. Kelly loves eating junk food so she has not cut out chips, chocolate, or junk food from her diet. She believes that if she cuts them all out, it will lead to uncontrollable cravings. Instead whenever she eats junk food she will eat a simple meal at night to balance it out. For meals, she will eat both carbs and vegetables and will not specifically only eat one category of food. If that meal includes more meat, then she will eat less carbohydrates. If she is cooking, she will try to use organic ingredients and avoid processed food.

Kelly used to exercise infrequently, but Jazz Lam (林子善) helped her change her mindset. He said, “Due to our irregular sleep schedules, our bodies take the brunt of the stress. We are only able to live long, healthy lives if we prepare for it now.” Now she goes to the gym five times a week and has a personal trainer to help her plan workouts.

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5 comments to Kelly Cheung’s Transformation from 147 to 120 Pounds

  1. yuaida says:

    Actually, she probably looked better with a bit more weight as her body had much more curves before………Not all women look better as a skinny person………In this series, her portrayal of a surgeon was actually quite poor as she didn’t look or act the role……Frankly, TVB must have been really desperate for new faces to give her this role, as she really demonstrated that she is still only a 2nd/3rd tier actress and cannot carry certain roles………..On the other hand, I think Ali did quite a good job portraying a doctor……….Just my opinion.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      Yeh I didn’t think for a sec that it felt like Kelly was a surgeon in the series while Ali and Natalie portrayed their roles well. It’s important to be assertive and confident.

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  2. diana80 says:

    Kelly’s acting is still quite raw…need more experience before she could carry a series by herself (as first female lead).

    Meanwhile, both Ali & Natalie are convincing as doctors. Ali’s acting has been consistent…not so great but not bad either. As for Natalie, I’m glad that her acting is improving, & don’t mind to see her leading more series with the lack of talents in TVB right now.

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  3. terrycrews19 says:

    i don’t find her attractive at all. she also looks a lot older than her real age.

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  4. jjwong says:

    These series has been boring considering all the big tvb 1st liners. You have 2 best actresses, 1 multi-best actor, and 1 hk boy next door; and and ram chan. The plot has been boring. Would love to see the aftermath of the reform since their take is reform is bad. All the doc chars are boring af with no dimension. Would’ve been refreshing if Roger and Kenneth switch role.

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