Kenneth Ma and Jacqueline Wong are Very Sweet Together

Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2·深宮計> is bring flavors of real life romance into the drama. Ex-lovers Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) star as a pair of old lovers, while Kenneth’s love interest in the drama is also his currently rumored girlfriend, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎).

Although Kenneth and Jacqueline continued to say they are still just getting to know each other, their relationship has become an open secret. On their current relationship status, Kenneth teased, “Still the same! Trying to get to know each other more. I know now that she can eat spicy foods, but I cannot.” However, Kenneth declared that he would not refute reports that brand Jacqueline as his “girlfriend”.

Despite being an ex-couple, Kenneth and Nancy continue to maintain a civil relationship. Nancy pointed out that Kenneth and Jacqueline are very sweet when they are together. Kenneth quickly dodged the comment.

When it was pointed out that Nancy previously sent her blessings and hoped that Kenneth would find a nice girl soon, Kenneth responded, “I also wish she can find a nice guy soon, so she won’t have to work so hard in her career.”

Teased as to when he will start a family, Kenneth said, “Not this soon! At least not until we go look at furniture together. If we shop for furniture together, then shopping for a home will be just around the corner!” Since Jacqueline is currently in the process of buying a home, would Kenneth take advantage of this to shop for furniture together? “She is buying the home herself. This is not a mutual project.”


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