Kenneth Ma Buys a New Home for $19 Million

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Kenneth Ma Buys a New Home for $19 Million

It has been revealed that Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has purchased a new luxury apartment in Hong Kong Island’s Tai Koo Shing for $19.6 million HKD. The new home is over 1,000 sq ft., and includes a large balcony.

Kenneth, who lives with his mother and older sister, said his reason behind the large purchase was so his family could live more comfortably. He will be renting out his old apartment.

The TVB actor shared, “I already purchased [the new apartment] at a reduced price. It was over $23 million HKD ten months ago.”

Asking if Kenneth’s next step would be to starting his own family, he smiled and said, “Haven’t thought that far yet. I’ll leave it to fate! I’ve been saving this money for many, many years. It was hard! I’ll continue to work hard to earn more!”

Leanne Li Comments on Linda Chung’s Baby News

Wong Cho-lam (王祖藍), who also recently purchased a new property, said he has to pay up to $320,000 HKD mortgage a month. Asking if his next step would be to have a baby with wife Leanne Li (李亞男), he laughed and said, “My mother won’t help us take care of it!”

Leanne’s close friend, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), is rumored to have already given birth. Leanne said she doesn’t have any inside news but will be waiting for Linda to drop the official announcement.

Leanne will be taking a trip to Vancouver soon to visit her. “I also want to see the baby!” (Do you know if it’s girl or a boy?) “Let her announce it!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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7 comments to Kenneth Ma Buys a New Home for $19 Million

  1. happybi says:

    Linda has good friends. Very tight lips.

    Kenneth house is expensive! But then that’s the problem with living in HK these days. Honestly sometime I wonder how low income family survive over there. Everything is so expensive over there now. Even more so then the States.

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    • akinu replied:

      @happybi linda does seem to have some good friends. good of them to not spill everything out about someone else’s personal life.

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      • happybi replied:

        @akinu Personally think that speak a lot for her character. To have such good friends, she must be a good friend herself.

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  2. littlegalpal says:

    Maybe it’s cultural different but I find it’s strange for a single 42yrs old man still live his with mom when he is financially independent. But then again this dude is a well known mamaboy, my gosh grow some b*lls, move out and find a wife.

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    • went replied:

      Perhaps that’s why he couldn’t find a wife? Lol..hahha
      Yes, and prob depends on the individual too. I know Caucasians who still live w/family even after their 30’s.
      Most of my Asian friends including myself live outside whether solo or rooming w/buddies after right college so it really depends.
      It is very true thou, some can’t move out cuz of financial problems but since he can afford a home in the millions why still hang at home? Hum…. On a side note, no idea he has money hahaha lol… Always thought of him as just another actor in TVB. Never outstanding just another actor. haha lol…

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    • went replied:

      Me too, I still have close n distant relatives in HK and they always say how much this n that is.
      Even their electronics seem outrageously expensive for no damn reason.
      If ppl making min wage, how come they survive w/their pay really?
      I guess in US…they have ghetto areas too and everywhere have places like that for u to get by or else how they can ppl survive.
      Just like I often wonder how ppl survive in freaking SWITZERLAND since they said everything is shockingly pricier too.
      What if they work in s****y jobs, how can they survive right? Unbelievable!!!!

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    • happybi replied:

      @littlegalpal its a cultural thing. I’m Chinese and I don’t find it strange. Normally for Chinese the boy in the family is usually the one who live with the parents. As its his responsibility to take care of them. When married, the wife live with his family. I actually think its sweet he is taking care of his family like that. Why the need to move out if Mom is taking care of everything at home?

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