Kenneth Ma is Dating Tracy Chu?

Since breaking up with Nancy Wu (胡定欣) in 2009, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) is known as one of TVB’s top diamond bachelors. However, recent tabloids suggest that Kenneth may be dating The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call36小時Ⅱ> costar, Tracy Chu (朱千雪). Reportedly, Tracy carpooled with Kenneth to and from all the events they shared together, and she has already introduced her mother to him.

Keeping an Eye on Kenneth

Since meeting on set The Hippocratic Crush 2 earlier this year, both Kenneth and Tracy allegedly developed a liking for each other. Although they did not share any scenes in the drama, Tracy constantly asked Kenneth for advice. She has an easygoing personality, and always took the initiative to make new friends. According to reports, Tracy was chatty with all her costars, except Lawrence Ng (吳啟華). Even though he acted as a great mentor towards her, the age gap was too large.

During meal breaks, Tracy always opted to sit beside Kenneth. An insider revealed, “Kenneth found her different from others, and is very comfortable around her. You know his ex-girlfriends such as Nancy Wu and Margie Tsang (曾華倩) both sort of have the princess syndrome.” Reportedly, Tracy tried her best to keep in contact with Kenneth after completing the drama. In August and September, while Kenneth filmed Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon <寒山潛龍> with Selena Li (李詩韻), Tracy allegedly visited the film set whenever possible to keep an eye on him.

On December 15, the cast of The Hippocratic Crush 2 gathered in a mall to enjoy the finale together with the public. Tracy brought her mother there as well, reportedly wanting her to watch the climatic scenes where Kenneth’s Ma’s character gets saved. When the event ended at 10 p.m., Kenneth drove Tracy and her mother back to their apartment. Tracy even took out her Octopus card to pay for the parking fare. She sat casually in the passenger seat right next to Kenneth. After reaching their residence, Tracy waved a cheerful goodbye. Upon entering the apartment lobby, she quickly sent Kenneth a text to ensure her safety.

At an earlier TVB dinner event, Tracy also lingered around Kenneth. She was originally to be seated with other Miss Hong Kong pageants, but instead moved herself to Kenneth Ma’s table. An insider added that Tracy also followed Kenneth around for recreation. “Kenneth doesn’t do much for leisure besides playing soccer. Once, Tracy went to the soccer field to watch him play. Her mother met Kenneth many times already as well, and is very satisfied!”

Does Not Deny Dating Rumors

In a brief interview, Tracy did not directly respond to whether she is currently dating Kenneth. Instead, she explained carpooling with him because they both live on Hong Kong Island. When asked if Kenneth is pursuing her, Tracy replied, “That time we were together…we working together. Everyone is just throwing it around.” When it was pointed out that Kenneth meets all her requirements as a possible boyfriend for being nice and understanding towards her career, Tracy exclaimed, “Really? Maybe!”

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  1. tracy’s pretty, but her skin’s really bad. wow, ma-ming’s not good either. i guess if they do end up w/ kids, then….

    1. Is her skin that bad? Wouldn’t she usually have layers of make up on?

      1. it was part in certain scenes of HC2 .. mainly her foreheard. the HD did not help her at all ..

      2. Wow, that bad? I thought that usually make up, lighting and all can hide the skin’s imperfections? I guess only to some extent?

  2. Wow the media describe Tracy as a leech watching n keeping an eye on Ma ming wherever he goes lol….

  3. Lol, they even know she texted him from the lobby…like, how??? Haha, hilarious!

    1. “Upon entering the apartment lobby, she quickly sent Kenneth a text to ensure her safety.”

      How do the paparazzi know what she text??? This is the ultimate ‘false’ news reporting laid bare.

      Ma is too old for sweet Tracy. Wait 10 more years and you will see the stark difference.

      I’m rooting for Tracy Chu and Rebecca Zhu.
      Move aside, Eliza sam.

  4. According to reports, Tracy was chatty with all her costars, except Lawrence Ng (吳啟華). Even though he acted as a great mentor towards her, the age gap was too large.

    what about the age gap between her and kenneth? lol

  5. Kenneth has so much rumor girlfriends. First it was Rebbeca, then it was Eliza, and now its Tracy.

    1. OH. and almost forgot, he was also rumored to be ruining the chances for Amigo to get back with Natalie and that he was dating Natalie

    2. According to rumours spread by tabloids, Kenneth Ma seemed to “date” every single new actress co-acting in his drama series, from Rebecca Zhu, to Eliza Sam and now Tracy Chu.

      Either he is desperate in getting a girlfriend or the tabloids are ruining his chances of finding a girlfriend.

    3. It seems like they are “using” Kenneth to push up the status of the newer/younger generation of actresses.

  6. LOL it seems like carpool is the new standard for dating…hahah whenever someone carpools with their costar is automatically dating them

  7. I didn’t know she’s only 25…wtf and they partner her up with Lawrence?? Awkward

  8. Time will tell if they truly are dating. She does not look bad. She sort of looks like Bianca Bai(Taiwanese actress) but except Bianca is prettier.

    1. No wonder I thought she looked familiar at first! xD In this picture she does in a way look like Bianca Bai. I’d say both are pretty in there own way.

  9. They look good together. Have the impression they are both quiet people.

  10. This must be publicity stunt right? Last time was newcomer Rebecca Zhu, and now newcomer Tracy?
    What happened to Rebecca? They must broke up already since he is now dating Tracy,LOL!

  11. If they date !! She will get leading roles exactly what happaned to Aimee chan !

    1. It is not up us to decide who is best for him. It is up to him and his parents since he really cares what his parents think of his future wife.

  12. Why is he always rumored with all the ladies he stars with???arent the paparazzi sick of telling he same story over and over?

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