Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Rebecca Zhu and Lai Lok Yi In Singapore for Singtel Event

On September 27, TVB artistes Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) were in Singapore to celebrate the launch of TVB Jade and Xing He channels on Singtel TV. With the channels available as part of Singtel’s new Canto pack, local viewers can enjoy authentic TVB dramas and programs with the push of a TV remote.

Along with local media, JayneStars attended the press conference at Singtel Comcentre and caught up with the four TVB stars, who excitedly spoke about their recent dramas.

Kenneth: “I have forgotten all the medical jargon used in Big White Duel!”

Big White Duel <白色強人> was so successful that Kenneth was recently invited to attend a seminar for medical professionals. The humble star responded humorously, ”I was also puzzled as to how a ‘fake’ doctor can attend a real seminar attended by ‘real’ medical professional. I shared about how we had engaged the help of doctors and nurses for the scenes, and also thanked them once again for their cooperation.” Pleased to be complemented for his handsome looks as a surgeon in the drama, Kenneth expressed his wishes for a sequel, but admitted that he would have to relearn the professional jargon again.

“I played a neurosurgeon in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, and a cardiothoracic surgeon in Big White Duel. So I had to relearn the terms for each drama…because I’m a specialist of ‘suffering’,” he joked.

Mandy: “Lok Yi and Kenneth are great onscreen partners and good men”

My Life as Loan Shark <街坊財爺> is Mandy and Lai Lok Yi’s first onscreen pairing, and the romance allowed them to dive into character and experience the taste of first love. Mandy said, “Whether as a dating or  married couple onscreen, a sense of trust and security between the cast is most important. Both Kenneth and Lok Yi are great onscreen partners, and good men!” 

Lok Yi grateful to Kent Cheng for helping him grow

Lok Yi expressed his gratitude to the veteran actors whom he collaborated with on the set of My Life as Loan Shark, especially Kent Cheng (鄭則仕). ”I’m grateful to [Kent] for watching over me throughout the duration of filming, and helping me to perform better. If one day I get to win an award, I’d really want to thank him for being a great teacher and teaching me so much,” he said, hoping that viewers will witness his progress.

Rebecca Zhu admires Miriam’s stellar acting

Rebecca also shared her working experience on the set of soon-to-air anniversary drama, Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, in which her character morphed from being a wife who is concerned with superficial beauty to a more mature character. The 31-year-old actress also mentioned how she learned from Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅), who has the impressive ability to get into character within seconds.

Sneaking out for the “King of Fruits” after publicity tour

After a day of media interviews and meet-the-fans activities in Singapore, the four stars did not miss the chance to head out in the evening to try out durians, the tropical king of fruits popularly found in the  region.

While those who dislike the fruit are turned off by its pungent aroma, the stars seemed to relish its unique taste, with the exception of Kenneth, who also tagged along but did not seem to have joined in the feasting. Mandy posted photos of their outing on Instagram.

”The fruit is so pungent…faints!”- Rebecca Zhu

”Kenneth Ma! You don’t eat durians?” – Mandy Wong

This article is written by JoyceK for Joyce attended the Singtel press conference in Singapore on September 27 and interviewed Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Lai Lok Yi, and Rebecca Zhu! Stay tuned for all the interviews!

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