[JayneStars Exclusive] Does Kenneth Ma Believe In the Existence of Spirits?

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) sits down for a chat with JayneStars during his recent visit to Singapore to promote the launch of TVB Jade and Xing He channels on Singtel TV.

Looking slightly fatigued after a few rounds of interviews, we spotted the popular 45-year-old actor wiping sweat off his forehead at the start of the session. Nevertheless, Kenneth was accommodating and chatted about his upcoming roles in The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的> and Line Walker 3 <使徒行者3>.

Unwittingly “Verified” Sign on Weibo Evokes Interest

We started off by asking Kenneth why the photos on his Weibo feed come with a curious hand-drawn V-sign in a corner (V sign appears next to verified accounts on the social media platform). “I had never had a Weibo account. When I started it, many fans were skeptical and doubted if it is the real Kenneth Ma posting, so I thought of using this method to verify myself. I didn’t expect it to evoke so many discussions as it is just for fun,” he said good-humoredly.

Does He Believe in the Existence of The Spirit World?

Kenneth’s role as a taxi driver who sends spirits off to the nether world in the supernatural-themed The Exorcist’s Meter was very well-received. When asked if he believed in the existence of spirits and ghosts, he said, “Yes, I actually believe that. I’d rather trust that they exist, even though I can’t spot them…so I think that offering prayers to them is apt and appropriate.”

How Would He Change His Appearance for the Next Drama?

Dying his hair silver-gray for the upcoming Line Walker 3, we asked Kenneth to what extent he is willing to change his appearance for dramas in the future. “I have never minded [these changes]; it all depends on the script. As long as the story necessitates it, I would be okay with such a change, though I wouldn’t make a change just for the sake of doing it,” Receiving feedback that his hairstyle is very refreshing and stylish, he felt it suited his role in the drama, adding to the coolness factor.

Which Does He Prefer: Good Character or Badass Antagonist?

“As an actor, I definitely prefer playing the antagonist, as there is much more room to maneuver. It’s actually tough to play good characters, as viewers will doubt if it is realistic if a character is too wholesomely good, and ask for instance, ‘Is there such a dumb person?’ Conversely, an evil character has more to explore in terms of both personality traits and room for improvisation.” He added, “I have requested for antagonistic roles for a long time, and finally I get to play such a stylish antagonist now!”

11 Years in Entertainment, Sustained By Passion

To relax himself from his busy work schedule, Kenneth enjoys exercising and watching a game of soccer. Bringing up his love for acting, he summed up, “because I enjoy acting, I feel happy whenever I am working on my craft; I wouldn’t feel that it is a chore when I head to work every day.”

A Philosophical Question…Gets A Grim Answer

Asking Kenneth on how he would describe life if he were to choose an item as a metaphor from among a box of chocolates and a bicycle, he pondered before answering, “As an actor, I feel we are rather passive. We can get kicked away any moment, and many things are out of your control. The portion which you can master or grasp is really tiny, so you can only do your very best within that small space. As for what you get in return or your rewards, much of it depends on luck. I wouldn’t force things. If you ask me, the most important things in life are good health and to have your whole family here with you.”

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com. Joyce attended the Singtel press conference in Singapore on September 27 and interviewed Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Lai Lok Yi, and Rebecca Zhu. Stay tuned for JayneStars’ exclusive interviews with the TVB stars!

Singapore-based subscribers can catch Kenneth Ma’s upcoming dramas on Singtel’s TVB Jade Channel 511.

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Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Rebecca Zhu and Lai Lok Yi In Singapore for Singtel Event

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