Kenny Ho Steps Into Business World

Hong Kong actor Kenny Ho (何家勁) is prepared to add “businessman” to his professional repertoire after opening a health food production company in Huizhou.

In the entertainment industry for 30 years, Kenny has been a familiar face since his appearance in ATV dramas in the 1980s. Kenny’s popularity soared after 1993 Taiwanese drama, Justice Bao <包青天>, aired. His popularity was so high at one point that his image was even printed on shopping bags. However, Kenny knew that his fame would not last forever, so he took advantage of his good reputation in mainland China to form relationships that would help him dip his toes in the business world.

Last year, Kenny partnered with a corporation to invest more than 100 million RMB in “Jin Jia Zhuang,” an all-grain health food supplier based in Huizhou. The name, which literally translates to “Jin Family Village,” actually comes from the name of Kenny’s international fan club. Aside from traditional retail distribution, the company also sells healthy snacks and breakfast drinks online.

Since Kenny recently became a member of the Huizhou Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, it is no wonder that his efforts have been concentrated on this city. Last month, he also received approval to convert an 80,000-foot factory building into a Huizhou tourist attraction.

Still a bachelor and decidedly fixed on never having children, Kenny joked that his businesses were now his children. In the future, he plans to focus all of his attention on securing quality inspection for the factory and on becoming an effective tour guide.


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  1. This article is dedicated to all Kenny Ho fans who have been requesting for updates on his current status.

    Kenny seems to have found a good business fit with his healthy lifestyle and food habits. His Weibo is filled with photos on what food he consumes for the day!

    1. Thanks a lot Jayne for the update on Kenny. I see that he still acts in China productions from time to time and hope he still continues to act when he has time. Great that he is venturing into business and hope that he continues to be successful.

  2. Wow, I remember his face but isn’t he like my mom’s age? He looks really cute still up there? haha LOL…nice

  3. He looks very good for his age. If not late 40s should be early 50s??

    1. He’s much older than that. He’s 55 this year.

      Good asian genes. He looks kinda like Jang Dong Gun.

      1. He looks like an older version of mainland actors Yan Kuan and Yuan Hong.

      2. Wow! Anyway before there were them there was Kenny ho. Love him still.

    1. why should he?

      tvb is cheap and quality of tvb is below mainland china…

      1. That is why he acts for China and other companies and not for TVB.

  4. Kenny should do a tvb series. He has a unique voice. He did a ATV series with Ken Cheng as Fat Cat. Love fat cat character.

  5. I have seen his good ATV martial arts series with Veronica Yip Yuk Hing called Chung Wah Ying Hung.

    1. Which series is that? The only ATV series of his that I have seen is Zhong Hua Ying Xiong.

      1. Oh wait, we are talking about the same series. Nevermind since I misread your post at first. Sorry about that.

  6. Hopefully the brand is worldwide distribution. Healthy food, healthy life that’s the way to go. I wonder if it taste good.

  7. Kenny does look great! I just saw the 2011 version of Bao Jing Tian and he was great as Zhan Zhao just like before. Hope he still continues to act. He is still in various China series. I loved him the Bodyguards series as well,

  8. I remembered him from the Bodyguard franchise and Justice Pao. Def a talented actor.

  9. Yes I like him good looking chap I think he was also in Stormriders with Ekin Cheng & Aaron Kwok if not mistaken. He acted as Wah Ying Hung in that movie.

  10. Ooh la la…Jin Da Xia from Bao Qing Tian…looking good indeed. Chap has good PR too.

  11. I love Kenny! He’s still so handsome and very fit! I agreed, he has a very unique voice. I missed him in drama….but I am not a fan of Justice Bao although he played the role so well!!! Maybe something like Bodyguard will be really awesome. He’s just so good at playing role that is smart and full of charisma.

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