Kenny Lin Partners with Leggy Actress Gai Yuexi in “Love and Lost”

Kenny Lin returns as male lead in a new book-to-screen adaptation with newbie Gai Yuexi.

Since wrapping up Princess Agents <楚乔传>, Chinese actor Kenny Lin (林更新) slowed down his footsteps with few new works. In May this year, he finally went on the filming set, with photos released of his upcoming drama.

Love and Lost <最初的相遇,最后的别离> is adapted from the novel by bestselling novelist Shu Yi (舒仪), which narrates a heartwarming love story. Yan Jin (portrayed by Kenny Lin) is a wealthy promiscuous man, who transforms into a wholeheartedly loyal lover after meeting Gai Yuexi‘s (盖玥希) character. As Kenny’s character is rather stubborn, the transformation of his personality is one of the highlights in the story.

In the photos released, Kenny appears handsome and stands out from the crowd with his lanky build. Whether in black casual wear or white formal attire, Kenny’s staggering good looks has won fangirls over. While he maintains a carefree image in daily life, he specially trained at the gym to develop a muscular build for his role.

Gai Yuexi as Kenny’s Love Interest

The casting of newbie actress Gai Yuexi (盖玥希) was a big surprise. In the group photo, she stands out in her denim outfit with her never-ending legs which rivals that of Kenny.

Gai Yuexi previously acted alongside Zheng Shuang (郑爽) in the Zhao Baogang (赵宝刚)-directed drama Youth Fight <青春斗>. Playing the gorgeous Qian Beibei, her realistic performance impressed viewers.

Born in Sichuan, Gai Yuexi’s original name is Gai Tiantian, and the 27-year-old inherited her long legs from from her basketball-player mom. In her university days, Gai Yuexi emerged as champion in the national cover girl modelling contest organized by Rui Li magazine, and made her debut as a model.

Entering the entertainment circle, Gai Yuexi has since acted in The Precipice Game <魔轮>, Crazy in Love <这个世界不看脸> and other film and television productions. Although she did not receive formal training, Gai Yuexi is very precise about her craft. In Big Match <大人物>, she played the subordinate of lead actor Bei’er Bao (包贝尔), who frequently endures workplace violence from the latter. For realism, the actress had her hair pulled and was pushed and shoved, suffering bruises for her art despite preventive measures in place. Collaborating twice with 32-year-old actor Jin Shijia (金世佳), there were rumors between the two and online talk that she was the cause of breakup between Jun Shijia and Li Qin (李沁). However this seemed unlikely as Gai Yuexi was building her career, and she did not officially respond to the gossip.

Although yet to be popularly known, Gai Yuexi ’s role as lead actress in the drama is likely to boost her fame. Though he does not have a high output, every production Kenny takes on has performed relatively well, increasing public attention for Love and Lost.

Viewers can also look forward to the chemistry between Kenny and Du Chun (杜淳), who plays a tough character.

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