Kevin Cheng and Kristal Tin to Show Their Acting Range in “Destination Nowhere”

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Kevin Cheng and Kristal Tin to Show Their Acting Range in “Destination Nowhere”

Upcoming TVB drama, Destination Nowhere <迷>, will be premiering next Monday, February 13. The series, produced by veteran showhelmer Amy Wong (王心慰), follows three different people whose lives become intertwined after they attempt to challenge their own fates. It stars Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), and King Kong Lee (金剛), and is Kevin’s last drama project in his TVB contract.

Both Kevin and Kristal will get to show a different side of their acting in Destination Nowhere. Kevin, known for his manly image and roles, will be playing a more submissive character, an unambitious cop who only works to put food on the table. He’s stingy, fearful, and dislikes spending money, but he bears the burden of being the breadwinner for his family, as he is the sole guardian of his niece, portrayed Winki Lai (賴慰玲).

Kristal, on the other hand, plays an aggressive and ambitious career woman who develops an antisocial personality after the murder of her daughter. She becomes cutthroat, ruthless, and manipulative.

destination nowhere still 1Kristal, who rarely gets the opportunity to play villains, does not consider her role to be evil. She explained, “Fate and circumstance are what pushed her into making wrong decisions. After making that first mistake, she continues to make more as she tries to cover up what she did.”

Though villains are hard to do, Kristal found the process fun and enjoyable. She said, “I’ve been acting since I was a teen. It’s been over twenty years now, yet I’ve never come across a character like this. It’s fun. It’s a breakthrough, and there are many very well-written scenes for my character. I once asked myself if I was capable of doing it. I went to my limits for this role. I was difficult. I had some fears.”

Destination Nowhere is Kristal’s first collaboration with Kevin. She said, “Kevin is definitely a ‘little man’ throughout the show. I’ve never seen him play such gentle roles before. He’s actually very cute and funny, and we’ve found our spark on camera. I’m very happy that I got a chance to work with him. Hopefully we’ll get more opinions and thoughts from our viewers after the show gets released!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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6 comments to Kevin Cheng and Kristal Tin to Show Their Acting Range in “Destination Nowhere”

  1. happybi says:

    I like Kevin as an actor but really his acting is only OK. He doesn’t handle emotional or dramatic scene that well IMO.

    Kristal will be an excellent villain I think!

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  2. oktang says:

    When they say first collaboration, does that mean as a couple?
    I remember they were in Only You together (not playing as couple).

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  3. blest62 says:

    The thing I am happy with TVB most of the time is that they bring in couples whose age-gap is not so questionable like Kevin and Kristal if they are going to be an item in the drama, a more serious genre.

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  4. funnlim says:

    I am going to watch this. Is it ok? Kevin isn’t a great dramatic actor. Kristal is getting over exposed. I don’t care about age gap if there is no love story and they don’t need a love story but there will be one. I just have a feeling I will be seeing Kevin and his arching eyebrows and Kristal and her loud voice.

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    • jjwong replied:

      @funnlim oh my, yes! That’s what I’m expecting from Kevin and Kristal in this series too lol. Doubt neither will give a fresh act. I find Kevin overrated. He was cute when younger but he lost his lush years ago. His acting has never been anywhere close to remarkable. There will NEVER been a tvb series without a love story. Even the plot has nothing to do with rom, it’ll be love centric one way or another. That’s all they know how to do xD

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  5. m0m0 says:

    is it really so astonishing to see both tv king and queen portray different characters than what they normally portray? i never doubted kevin or kristal’s, they are both descent actor/actresses.

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