Kingdom Yuen and Her Husband Sleep in Different Rooms

As the host of Hong Kong program Action 77 <開工大吉77>, 56-year-old Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹) wants to put on her best performance. Although the comedian actress takes sleeping pills to avoid being sleepy at work, she stressed she doesn’t have a habit of taking them. “Back then, I’d go to work tired, and just have my eyes wide open when the cameras started rolling. But people recommended me to take these sleeping pills that are made out of natural ingredients,” she explained.

Kingdom also revealed she and her husband, businessman Noel Wong (黃乃掦), sleep separately, so she could be in top-notch condition for work. Since he needs to sleep with the lights and TV on, Kingdom has no choice but to sleep in a different room.

In recent years, the actress has been focusing her career in Mainland, but she admitted her physical endurance is not what it used to be. “Two or three years ago, I filmed a TV show. They were going to shoot another season the following year, so the scriptwriter asked if I would still be able to fight,” Kingdom recalled.

She admitted that when she goes shopping, she’d need to find a place to sit after two hours. “Being a year older makes a big difference,” she said.

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