Kingdom Yuen Threatens to Seduce Eliza Sam’s Boyfriend

Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹), and Alice Chan (陳煒) recently attended a Lunar New Year themed event to promote their upcoming comedy series, Triad Boss Under the Line of Fire <火線下的江湖大佬>. Kingdom, who left TVB several years ago to further her career in Mainland, returned to Hong Kong to film the series alongside esteemed actors Kent Cheng (鄭則仕) and Tommy Wong (黃光亮).

Known for her sarcastic humor, Kingdom spilled to the media that she often talks about Eliza’s boyfriend, Joshua. Eliza smiled and admitted that Kingdom often threatens to steal Joshua from her. “She wants me to be obedient. If I am not, she mentions Joshua and will even threaten to seduce him!” When asked whether Kingdom has met Joshua, Eliza said, “Only in pictures and media reports. Actually, it is all just for fun and jokes!”

In regards to plans for Lunar New Year, Eliza shared that she will be busy filming scenes opposite Alice. “I look forward to working and getting red envelopes from them. I’m practicing my New Year greetings!” When asked whether she will get them for her boyfriend too, Eliza said, “Can I even do that? But I shouldn’t be so greedy!”

Although the Lunar New Year holiday is close to Valentine’s Day, Eliza did not neglect preparing a surprise gift for Joshua. However, the couple will be spending the holiday apart, as Eliza will be busy filming in Hong Kong, while Joshua will be in Vancouver with his family. Since they will be separated for the occasion, the couple will have a makeup celebration instead.


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  1. Seem like they have a good working relationship. Eliza look like someone who is well liked among coworkers so that’s good. Always like Kingdom so I’m happy to see her back!

  2. Yay, Kingdom!

    Eliza is like the Asian version of Jessica Simpson to me. Both speak like the stereotypical “blondes.” I wonder if their naivety and innocent aurora or just a façade. Fortunately, Eliza’s roles have been ‘lovable’ or else she’s pretty close to Grace’s acting annoyance in my book. They both need acting help and improvement.

      1. @anon I wouldn’t know since IDK her personally or follow her news. She does seem a bit fake and forced with the whole innocent and purity in interviews and such.

      2. @jjwong ironic right? She’s not good at acting but at the same time, she’s prettying good at acting, at least acts innocent. For a long time I really thought she’s very pure and innocent.
        And yes, she’s pretty close to Grace’s level of annoyance in dramas.

  3. I’ve watched many interviews of Eliza on YouTube, and her laugh is so freaking annoying. She should be more poised and serious in interviews.

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