Background of Kingdom Yuen’s Husband Revealed

Despite having a prolific career in film and television, not much is known about the private life of 53-year-old Hong Kong comedian actress Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹). The My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan <火線下的江湖大佬> star may be a household name today, but it took Kingdom eight years before finally hitting it big with Stephen Chow’s (周星馳) 1991 comedy film Fight Back to School <逃學威龍>.

Yet her private life couldn’t be any more different.

Kingdom: “I Was An Abusive Wife”

Last month, Kingdom guested on a Chinese talk show and spoke about life with her husband, businessman Noel Wong (黃乃掦). She revealed that she met Noel in 2001 through mutual friends, and after three years of dating, they secretly registered for marriage in Las Vegas in July 2004. Even her parents were out of the loop about their marriage until 2009, when a tabloid magazine exposed their registration certificate online.

Kingdom was a hot-tempered wife. She and her husband fought a lot, and their fights often end up being physical. Once, Kingdom threw a clock at her husband, which left a scar under his eye. She threatened for a divorce, and while Noel eventually gave in and signed the separation papers, he secretly voided them the next day. Kingdom joked that her husband must be a masochist for staying with her. But despite her fierce temper, Noel had always been patient with her, and he never had doubts about marrying the wrong woman.

The strong-willed Kingdom then broke into tears at the mention of her late mother, who Noel took care of during the final years of her life. Kingdom said she is thankful of Noel for being there for her mother even when she herself couldn’t.

“When my mother was sick, I was shooting a drama overseas. I am very thankful for my husband, who took care of my mother until her final moments. When my husband came to pick me up at the airport after my mother’s death, he was crying. I told him, ‘I’m not even crying yet. Why are you crying?’”

Noel’s Background Check

Noel Wong, ten years Kingdom’s senior, was educated in the United States, and owns a very successful family glass business. According to reports, the Wong family owns a large store in Queen’s Road, Sheung Wan. They also have an office in Sheung Wan’s Kam Sang Building, and owns some more properties in the United States. Their company also has a factory in Mainland China. Sources say Noel’s assets are worth at least $200 billion HKD.

Aside from overlooking his family’s business, Noel has also established his own architecture firm, and has designed for the Hong Kong International Airport and HSBC. Kingdom has also dabbed into business herself, and co-owns her own salon in Jordan, Hong Kong.

Source: Eastweek, IHKTV

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    1. @msxie0714 You got a big thumb up from me with your remark. I laughed so hard when I saw it. She is probably the only person in the world who picked that name (or her parents did).

  1. I feel really uneasy reading this article. Abuse is abuse, no matter the gender. What she did to her husband is terrible.

    1. @sasamii Agree. All I can say is.. he is a very patience man. Never understand why the need to resort to violence when there is an argument.

      She sound like someone who is very hard to live with. Hubby sound like a saint. Him taking care of her Mom till the end was nice…

      1. @happybi Yeah, her husband sounds like a really good man. I hope that now she is older, Kingdom realizes how lucky she is.

      2. @happybi Hmmm…reading about Kingdom and her husband reminds me of a real life couple (non-entertainment industry of course) I know who is similar situation.  It was actually one of my former bosses– she had a tyrannical personality and was verbally abusive towards everyone who worked for her as well as towards her family….yet her husband was the nicest, sweetest, most polite person you’ll ever meet (not to mention well-educated and wealthy).   They were together for a long time before getting married and are still together even now.  Those of us who knew both her and her husband (the husband was a former colleague as well) always wondered how he could be so tolerant of her – but tolerant he was and very devoted to her, plus took great care of her family and treated them like his own!  Amazing that there are still men like that in this world, lol…but probably very rare though….

      3. @llwy12 oh geee..these men must have wrong these women in their previous life to accept being treated like that in this life!!!

  2. Is she famous? Is she pretty? Doesn’t seem so. Seems that she was always B or C class actress?

  3. Lucky woman, hope she cherish everything she have! I always enjoy watching her on TV.

  4. I am surprised by how this article makes light of what appears to be a case of domestic violence. While many admiring Noel’s meekness and patience, he definitely exhibits all signs of Abused Spouse Syndrome.

    Instead of bragging about it in public, she should seek out a counselor and/or therapist.

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