Korean Actress Clara Lee Hopes to Expand Career in Hong Kong

Thirty-one-year-old Korean actress Clara Lee recently attended an event in Hong Kong to promote film Line Walker <使徒行者>.

Clara, who portrays a sexy killer, stepped out to meet the public in a bold red dress. When asked about her secrets to a fit physique, Clara shared, “I have to eat lighter foods and stop eating all tempting foods. Every day, I will find time to exercise for half an hour. It’s very important to be persistent.” Although the Swiss-born actress incurred several injuries during filming, she expressed that she had a lot of fun.

Hoping to continue honing her image as an action star, Clara expressed the desire to expand her career in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. When asked which direction and producer she most yearned to work with, Clara said, “I am just an amateur and should not be picky. I hope that everyone can give me an opportunity. No matter who it is I get to work with, I will be very happy.”

Having many action scenes opposite Louis Koo (古天樂), Clara was full of praises for the 45-year-old bachelor. “Of course I know he is handsome and popular among fans. That’s why I was so nervous the night before filming and couldn’t sleep! When I first met Louis, I felt that he was very serious and didn’t talk much. After spending more time together, [I realized] he is actually very nice. Filming action scenes has definite risks, but he was protective of me. He is a gentleman and very attentive, so it gave me peace of mind.” Although reporters teased that Louis is currently single, Clara smiled and said, “It’s too far away!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @anon
      I think so. She’s not one of those cute Korean actresses onscreen. She’s more like the prettier and sexier kind as well. Shes a model or something so shes got a ones. Ironically, these kind never get to play main leads always like a trampy character or mistresses roles? LOL haha 🙂

      1. @went actually watched a Kdrama with her in it and yes she was the character that played a 3rd party and ruin someone marriage!

        She look totally different when she has little makeup to full makeup mode.

  1. She may do better overseas. Wish her all the best. She has learnt a hard lesson in Korean.

  2. unfotunately in movies, people are stereotyped into certain roles. unfortunately for her, with a body like that, very difficult to have her not show it off on screen. unless she finds a powerful sugar daddy who can help her.

    1. @m0m0 i don’t know if it was really a screw up, i think her side of the story was that she never gave in. anyhow, after what happened in Korea, i think it’d be hard for her to find one now.

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