Korean Artistes Embroiled in Bullying Scandals

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is left scrambling to change its programming, after calls for the boycott of artistes involved in bullying scandals erupted. After details of the bullying came to light, many are calling KBS to halt Kim Ji SooJo Byung Gyu and Park Hye Soo from appearing in their respective projects.

Starring in KBS drama River Where the Moon Rises as the lead, Kim Ji Soo was lambasted for school bullying. The star’s former classmate went public to reveal that Kim Ji Soo was violent at school and sexually assaulted his peers. While Kim Ji Soo responded with a handwritten apology letter, it was not enough to repair the pain he inflicted on the victims or save his image.

KBS had already aired six episodes of River Where the Moon Rises, but the station made the difficult decision to halt the drama’s broadcasting. The station shared that they will replace Kim Ji Soo with another actor, and will reshoot the series starting from the seventh episode. The entire cast and production team will have to return to finish the drama.

Adding to KBS’ headache, netizens are also flocking to the station’s website to demand Jo Byung Gyu and Park Hye Soo be removed from their programs for their respective bullying scandals. Jo Byung Gyu is currently suspended from his role as the host of KBS variety show Comeback Home, and he is taking legal actions against the allegations. Meanwhile, Park Hye Soo’s upcoming drama Dear. M is postponed indefinitely.

K-pop Groups Boycotted

The bullying scandals are not limited to actors and actresses. K-pop group April member Lee Na Eun was accused of bullying former member Lee Hyun Joo to the breaking point of attempting suicide. Facing intense public criticism, April’s image plummeted, and they face great financial loss from having their endorsements shelved.

In addition, Hyunjin from K-pop boyband Stray Kids is put on hiatus after apologizing for his role in school bullying. The star is halted from hosting music programs, and will be removed from their endorsement projects.

While many are saddened by the wave of bullying scandals that have hit the Korean entertainment industry, these artistes must be held accountable for their behavior.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. not suprised given most of the popular celebs are from rich families now. they had an easy childhood and achieve stardom at an early age, it’s easy to think that they are above the world thus the bullish and snobbish behavior.

  2. KBS will reshoot River Where the Moon Rises from the ninth episode, not seventh. They will air the seventh and eighth episodes with JS’s scenes cut out as much as possible.

  3. I dont agree with these baseless accusations and trial by media. That being said, he admitted to bullying but not the sexual assault. His accusers were very specific so that lends some credibility to the accusations. What I cant understand is are korean lawyers and legal system all dead? Why admit to anything when basically his career is over? No one ever thought of fighting the accusations because these are defamatory in nature. Why admit? Makes no sense.

    1. @funnlim
      The people who come forward are overwhelming and some armed with solid evidence in the form of recordings. Beside in 2018 JiSoo’s ex came out with accusations of assaults but quickly suppressed. JiSoo got no chances.

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