Lai Lok Yi Speaks Up for Jacqueline Wong

Having previously worked with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) on a variety show, TVB actor Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) voices his support for her comeback despite her controversial affair with Andy Hui (許志安). Lai Lok Yi shared that he has been in contact with her and knows that Jacqueline is waiting for a comeback opportunity. He praises Jacqueline for being a talented and versatile actress who excels in both singing and acting.

The actor shared, “No matter what has happened, she is just a girl and should be given another chance. Besides, it’s been a long time since then.”

Lok Yi also mentioned that he has spoken with Jacqueline since her return from the United States and based on their conversation, he believes that she still retains a positive mentality. He said, “We’ve talked, and she seems to be well. Her mentality is good!”

When asked his impression of her as a colleague, he said, “In my opinion, she is a very good actress. Whether it is singing or acting, her performances are outstanding. If she does make a comeback and needs helps, then I’ll definitely come forward with full support!”

In terms of any advice he would give her in this current situation where everyone is out of work due to the COVID-19 spread, Lok Yi said with a smile, “Do what I’m doing. Use this time to go for an outing. It will help you relax, so that when there is work again, you can completely immerse yourself in it!”


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  1. Maybe LLY got serviced by JW in the past? Hee .. or maybe he’s being genuine in helping.. who knows ?? Hee

  2. Lai Lok Yi obviously does not have a high standard for acting from calling Jacqueline outstanding. He means outstanding in sexual activities right?

  3. Lmao. If I were Lokyi’s wife I’d be super concerned. Why tf is my husband speaking up for a homewrecker.

    1. @bubbles23 I Highly doubt he’d say that on his own. There’s also a few others who spoke for her. I’m almost certain it’s TVB who asks them to say this.

  4. LLY are you out of your mind to speak up for such a below par actress? She doesn’t even have looks or acting skills to start off with, not talking about personality. Doesn’t reflect well on him to support her.

  5. LLY, Plse shut up! Dont do your acting here! (speaking up for JW!) For heavens’ sake! If your wife or girl friend is involved with a sinful shameful “scandal or crime” with a TVB actor or singer, how do you feel?! Think about this seriously! It is no laughing matter! TVB did the right thing: To “frozen up” JW! – becoz we hate to see her face on TV! Serve her right! We 100% fully support TVB’s action against JW! Let this be a strict WARNING to all TVB artistes/actors/actress(es) & singers! – Not to commit any shameful crime! After you have committed it, it is too late to say “Sorry”!

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