Lee Jinglei Accuses Leehom Wang of Buying Online Supporters

Following a failed visit to their children, Taiwanese-American singer Leehom Wang’s (王力宏) and his estranged wife’s Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) very public spat is again back in the limelight.

In yet another twist in the Lee Jinglei-Leehom Wang divorce saga, she has released evidence of the singer having hired internet trolls in attempts to turn the court of public opinion in his favour. This comes shortly after she faced a recent backlash, prompted by postings from a netizen who allegedly knows Leehom’s staff.

Barged Into Their Apartment with Three Men?

On January 12, Lee accused Wang of spooking them by visiting their children at their Taipei apartment with three men. According to her, he had barged in with his keys and also frightened the kids by banging on the door. The singer then retaliated on January 13 through a lawyer’s letter, in which he clarified that going to Lee’s home with company was at the legal firm’s suggestion, and that he felt that his estranged wife had already turned their divorce into a “fictitious, malicious attack”.

Hiring Internet Trolls for “Papa Wang’s Poem”

That same day, Lee Jinglei countered this on Instagram, as per how she had earlier exposed him, along with screenshots of “payment request forms” allegedly from Wang’s companies. She wrote that Leehom had hired internet trolls and bought social media likes, “You have bought troll army in the long term, on the forms are the signatures of your various workers, and also account details and proof of transaction, with all forms checked with final payment made by you, so do not push the blame onto your staff.”

One of the payment request forms uploaded by Lee Jinglei.

Sharp netizens realized that one of the forms labeled “IG data” clearly stated “16 Jun arrangement + 20000 likes + 200 comments Fees 420 (Papa wang’s poem)”. The description coincided with the time Wang Leehom shared a new poem published by his father.

Fans quickly deciphered this and noted the expenditure stated was in renminbi (RMB), with likes and comments for the particular piece “Papa wang’s poem” charged at RMB420 (approx. USD$65).

They went back to Leehom’s sharing of his father’s poem and left piercing comments beneath, such as “The letter your dad wrote for you sucked”, “Successfully decoded”, “So expensive needs 420”.

Netizens Poke Fun at the “Modern Example of Filial Exemplar”

Even Taiwanese influencer Ili Cheng Chia-chun (鄭家純) joined in the fun and commented, “Helping to buy likes for papa’s poem, can be counted as a modern form of filial piety?” Her comment attracted more derisive comments, the likes of “how much does the entire family love their ‘face’?” and “Count it as one of modern-day 24 filial exemplars”.

Netizens also exposed yet another of Leehom’s secrets, where he allegedly spent RMB200 to buy online votes in a Weibo poll pitting Chinese singer Tan Weiwei’s (譚維維) version of a drama ending song against his. While Leehom won the virtual poll in the end, without the phantom votes he had bought, his 984 votes actually lost to her 1,167 votes. Since Lee Jinglei’s attacks on him, the ending duet has since been replaced with a version sang by Tan Weiwei herself, with Leehom’s name removed from the ending credits.

Source: WorldJournal, Eastweek

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  1. WLH is very dumb, does he not realize who he’s up against. all his responses and actions have been truly stupid.

  2. Jayne has been too busy to update the news…but I am really glad this is posted…We have a lone Mother of 3 and Homemaker fighting a battle against the power of online Water Armies and WLH’s PR management team. One is done underhandedly…she will do so out front.

    1. @Hohliu what I love about Jinglie is that she has an answer to all his viciouness lies. He really is a piece of nasty work. One of the reasons I am supporting Jinglie is ger consistency to fire back at him with believabke evidence. She is an intelligent, smart and courageous woman. This mobster thought he was going to us his celebrity status to destroy Jinglie, but she is a warrior. So many celebrities have gotten away with hurting others because of their money and fame. So many individuals got sued, some even jailed, for speaking the truth about these monsters. They used their power to destroy innocent, truthful people. Go get him Jinglie. We who are sensible stand behind you.

  3. Hahaha karma. I’m glad netizens are joining the fight and expose WLH for the liar that he is. Also legal firm should not advice you to barge into someone’s home (I.e this is a huge lie), if you are going to barge into someone’s home, it needed to be done by the police, with evidence that there are something seriously wrong. Even if you argue that you don’t have evidence but you are concerned, you still need a police there, not just your legal troops >_>
    And again, WLH, stop harassing your ex wife, your name and career aren’t recovering, the more you can’t accept this, the worse it’s going to get for you, as more and more ppl see you for who you clearly are

    1. Yes, he needs to stop harassing her. He is only digging himself into a deeper hole. This woman has smarts, along with beauty. What he did was illegal, breaking into her hone like that, and scaring the children. You were right. He cannot just take three men and enter the home. A police can enter, and even the police has to have proper legal documents to enter. Wang Leehom is most disgusting.

  4. Erm, I’m not taking sides here. But how are we sure her alleged evidence is proven? I can create dozen of this in 10min. Plus, they’re married for years she can forge his document and signature easily

    1. @Antibaka
      Lol… you think those might be forgeries?? You think WLH’s lawyer is not waiting to jump on Lee JingLei at every word she post that is faults? She is dumb enough to expose herself to lawsuits? You can watch/read…really no need to take any sides…

      1. @Hohliu , comments like this is why I enjoy reading constructive and sensible comments like yours and others’ above. Of course, Wang Leehom’s layers would jump so far down Jinglei’s throat if she had forged his signature. Any little thing to make her look bad would be pht out there to the public by him and his legal team. Jinglei would not be that stupid to forge Leehom’s signature, so it boggles my mind why anyone would she would, tsk, tsk, tsk.

  5. Where is the edit button when I need it, haha. I meant to say, it boggles my mind why anyone paying attention to this divorce would think for a second that Jinglei would forge Leehom’s signature, knowing he and his lawyers will come at her like starving pitbulls. I give Jinglei some credit, she’s too smart for that.

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