Leo Ku and Lorraine Chan Hold Wedding Banquet

After registering their marriage in Las Vegas last year, Leo Ku (古巨基) and his former personal assistant Lorraine Chan (陳英雪) finally held their wedding banquet at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. It was a star-studded event, attended by numerous celebrities from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China that Leo had befriended over the years, including his closest friends that formed Leo’s “band of brothers”: Alec Su (蘇有朋), Olympic gold medalist Liu Xiang (劉翔), Cantopop producer Mark Lui (雷頌德), Dayo Wong (黃子華), and Carlo Ng (吳家樂).

The wedding venue featured a white theme, and the centerpiece was a unique, life-size sketch of Leo and Lorraine with their arms around each other. According to Leo, he personally spent eight hours drawing the sketch, as Lorraine had wanted the wedding decorations to be different from conventional weddings, and did not wish to have the venue filled with photographs of the couple. The walls were also embossed with the romantic words, “WE ARE ONE LORRAINE & LEO KU” as well as a moving statement thanking the wedding guests for attending, “Life is a song. Love is our lyrics. Thank you for being a part of our melody on this special day.”

In the afternoon, Leo took some time out to meet the media together with his “band of brothers”. Lorraine, however, felt shy and declined. Leo revealed that the engagement ring was from Tiffany & Co, and the wedding band itself had a 7.12-carat diamond. Leo explained that the significance of the numbers 7 and 12 lay in the fact that the couple registered their marriage on July 12 last year. Leo further expressed that he did not feel nervous, as their marriage had already been registered. His wife, on the other hand, was a bit nervous about having to meet so many people.

Leo then added that the wedding ceremony was meant to be a simple affair, an opportunity for him to gather with all his friends and chat with them over drinks, and that his “brothers”‘ main job was also to help him drink and chat with guests. Leo revealed that much of the wedding preparation was also done “Do It Yourself”-style, with the wedding cake made by a relative of his, for example. The wedding song that he would be performing that night as a gift to his wife was recorded in a CD as a single, with a cover personally designed and sketched by Leo.

On whether he was planning to have children with Lorraine soon, Leo laughed and said that he would think about that after clearing the work on his hands.

Leo’s “band of brothers” also expressed their blessings for Leo’s marriage, unanimously encouraging the couple to quickly have a baby. Alec said, “They look so handsome and beautiful today. Hope they will always be as blissful as they are today.” Liu Xiang then revealed that he had prepared some games to “torment” the couple. Alec laughed and said, “Yeah, it depends on whether they are so blissful that they start making us feel uncomfortable. If that happens, then we will disturb [Leo].” As for whether the “brothers” would be helping Leo with all the drinking requests he would undoubtedly receive, they all pointed out that Leo was a better drinker than each of them. Dayo disclosed that on the first day he met Leo, Leo was already talking about learning to drink.

On whether any of the “brothers” was considering marriage for themselves, Alec laughed and said that he would take into account the guests’ response at the wedding before deciding.

Leo Ku wedding 4  Leo Ku wedding 1

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This was linked to a rumour article in 2010 where they said Lorraine Chan looks pregnant at age 41 years old. Leo made her wait 15 years secretly low profile relationship and that was in 2010.

    So back to this article in 2015, he finally gave her the ring but she is 46 years old and she waited for him 20 years….

    1. @mike
      Waaaaa…46? Really, good luck w/baby making. I mean seriously, what is up w/these celebs who are cohabiting years n years n no marriage until late 40 and 50’s?
      See if he has time, for men probably some time but for women? 35 is already ticking but now 46? Waaaa…..

    2. @mike I heard Andy Lau are like that way too he even make his wife waited longer then Leo. That’s why they only have one child so far and he’s in his 50’s? And his child only what? 3 to 4 years old?

  2. she is not young anymore.. hopefully can still be successful in conceiving.. going to be hard and I feel sad he took so long to marry her. Wishing them the best for sure.

  3. So much money but in that wedding dress? haha WOW….What is that really? haha
    I never even know about him having a g/f, I just thought he’s one of those that acts a kid and will never grown up kind? LOL…

  4. She is such a lucky girl. I mean she’s only his personal assistant now she can become Mrs. Ku? She must hit the jackpot because he’s kinda cute and load with money too. To be honest I don’t really like her wedding dress I think she should pick out another dress better. So is that mean she’s older then him right? Good luck to them.

  5. He did not let her wait for 20 yrs lah. He is always with her these years. And tbh, he is rich and cute and talented. But all these years, he did not has any rumour of flirting around lei. This is very hard to do.

  6. Congrats to them! After all these years, they’re finally official in the court of law and being publicly recognized as such. Cinderella anyone? 🙂

    I think the dress fits her personality: low key, reserved and simple. Even though they’re well off, you don’t need a fancy dress with bunch of blings or show off your curves. Everyone’s taste is different. It’s all about what the bride anyways. Personally, I would take out the cape/shoulder pads and the rings/outline on the bottom.

    What I find funny is how many criticized when celebs have fancy dress or big banquet be wasteful, then turn around questioned why she didn’t have a different dress bc they’re wealthy, lol.

  7. lol @ ‘made her wait’. I’m pretty sure Lorraine is someone who is capable of independant thinking, if she were dissatisfied with their relationship status she wouldn’t have ‘waited’. You guys act like a marriage license is the ultimate goal for a woman. It’s not.

    However, it’s quite risky to have your first child in your 40s. Maybe they can consider adopting like Sammi Chen and Andy Hui.

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