Leo Ku Marries Lorraine Chan in Las Vegas

Leo Ku (古巨基) and his assistant Lorraine Chan (陳映雪) have been dating for twenty years. The couple finally decided to start a new chapter in their lives and got married in Las Vegas on July 12.

Happily married, Leo announced the good news to the world by updating his Sina Weibo status, thanking Lorraine’s support all these years. Leo wrote, “Since my first music album was released in 1994, you have been by my side. You have always taken care of me in my work. From now on, let me take good care of you and your future.” Leo released many sweet photos from their ceremony, including one where the newlyweds looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. Another picture showed Leo piggybacking Lorraine while looking into the horizon.

Although it was no secret that 42-year-old Leo was in a steady relationship with 45-year-old Lorraine, she has largely remained in the background and downplayed their romance. Lorraine stayed in the shadows because she did not want to affect his work, but as their relationship became more exposed in the recent years, the public already anticipated wedding bells.

Leo kept his wedding plans a secret and only told his management company, EEG, that he wanted two weeks of vacation. The couple quietly exchanged marriage vows in Las Vegas with only their parents present. The newlyweds will hold a wedding banquet in Hong Kong next year, allowing their friends to share their joy.

EEG boss, Albert Yeung (楊受成), will  pay for Leo’s wedding banquet costs as part of his generous wedding gift, while label mates Joey Yung (容祖兒), Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) excitedly congratulated Leo on his new marital status.

Leo Ku wedding 3  Leo Ku wedding  Leo Ku wedding 2

Sources: Oriental Daily; ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow, dated for 20yrs, it’s a very long time. It’s good that they finally enter into a new phase of life. Congratulations.

    1. Now how long again will it take for them to have kids?

      1. Maybe they never wanted kids. Could be another reason why they didn’t care to rush in to marriage.

  2. The picture in which they’re looking off into the horizon looks like it was taken at Red Rock Canyon, about 30 minutes from the LV Strip. Congrats!

    1. thewong,
      It serves as a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. The Grand Canyon would be a very memorable hike for the newlyweds too!

    2. Ft we went to vegas for xmas a couple years ago and red canyon was a beauty especially up in the mountain where it was snowing/ thunder but down here, it was very sunny. Beautiful spot.

  3. if they took those picture recently in this summer season, wow I imagine how warm was there. ..Congratulations for both of you…

  4. Happy for them, and finally a “relief” for Lorraine as she is officially Mrs Ku now. Just like Carol to Andy Lau, must have been tough on them to have waited this long.

  5. 20 YEARS?? wow. If they have a child, he/she would be in college already…

  6. Congratulations, Leo and Lorraine (two Ls). Have a happy and ever-lasting marriage.

  7. Dated for 20 years! Another Tony Leung-Carina Lau couple. Congratulation!

  8. Congrats to Leo and Lorraine! It’s so sweet that they dated for 20 years and got married! I wish them all the best!

  9. Congrats to the newly weds!

    It’s hot and humid in Las Vegas especially during the summer. Nice photos though!

  10. she looks good for her age. not too many people can last 20 years and then got married…

    many congrats!!!!

  11. 45? Wow I would have never guessed. She looks at most 35 only. She looks really good for her age. I love her simple wedding dress and those are such beautiful wedding photos. Congrats to them and hope they will live a happy life! =)

  12. So this is what he’s been up to. For some weird reason I don’t see love in those photos and that wedding dress looks over-sized for the bride. Considering Leo as a fashion designer, I think he’d have beautiful wedding outfits, but…
    His wife isn’t bad looking though.

    1. She waited for 20 years so she has to love him that much. Yup, weird from the first photo she loves him but he wasn’t focusing on her. This guy married his mother. Hope he appreciates her. 😀 🙁 LOL!

  13. 45 yrs old? U make her wait till this age to marry her?

  14. Agree. Lorraine looks young for a 45-year old woman.

  15. Definitely liked thematic directional one way sign signifying their marriage as moving forward.

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