Leo Ku Spent $1 Million HKD to Have Son in the US

Forty-seven-year-old Leo Ku (古巨基) married his assistant, 51-year-old Lorraine Chan in 2014 after dating for 20 years. Loving children, the couple tried many different methods to have a baby, and they had seen various western and traditional Chinese medical doctors. Finally, Lorraine successfully became pregnant via in vitro fertilization and gave birth in the United States at the end of the year. Though the costs were expensive, the couple finally realized their dreams of becoming parents.

Under a medical expert’s suggestion, Lorraine had frozen her eggs several years ago, which gave her more options for pregnancy at a later date. The costs of egg freezing, in vitro fertilization, and giving birth in the United States are estimated to have cost the couple $1 million HKD. Since Lorraine was already 50 years ago when she became pregnant, Leo made sure his wife got proper care to ensure a safe delivery.

After completing his world concert tour in December 2019, with his last stop being Las Vegas, Leo took a long leave from his company and announced he will be focusing on taking care of his family. Aside from a brief appearance at a charity concert, Leo completely disappeared from the public eye.

During this time, Leo did not accept any interviews, or appear in any social gatherings. Especially with Covid-10 spreading, the new father is taking all safety precautions to keep his family safe.

As friends eventually got word that Lorraine had given birth to a baby boy, Leo received many calls and texts of congratulations. Last week, Leo finally confirmed the baby news and shared a photo of his son in a crib, in which he captioned, “We wanted to announce this happy news earlier, but with Covid-19, we didn’t feel it was the right time. We received a lot of congratulatory messages and we are very thankful for all the support. I will work hard to be a good husband and father.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. 1mil hkd is a good price considering they are not locals. i wonder which state.

  2. @coralie it’s for egg freezing, ivf, and delivering.

    I luckily never had to do ivf but I was told it’s around 8k to 10k per try, and it always mostly take more than 1-2 tries. The delivery bill I got before my insurance kicked in was 15,000. I can see how it can all add up with no insurance and all private pay.

    1. @nleung12345 good point. if i had to do two tries to make ivf work, along with egg freezing procedure (and cost to maintain the viability of those eggs) plus delivery fees, then 100K sounds about right.

  3. I was right about her age but waited 20 years to get married? They reminded me of Andy Lau and his wife who has a child in a late age. here we go again another celebrity give birth in another country instead their own country what the heck?

    1. @cutie777
      Oh yes you are and you can shout out your victory now. Andy’s wife had their daughter at 47. Ada Choi had her son naturally at 46. It depends on your luck too. I guess with money, anything is possible. Maybe this will shut everyone up who knocks anyone who wants to have kids a bit later down?

      Maybe Leo and his wife just want their son to have US citizenship and doing all that in the US is an excuse for doing so?

    2. @cutie777 I’d cut them some slack compared to other couples. IVF in US has better reputation and success rate compared to China/HK, if it’s even legal in China. Other celeb couples conceived naturally but chose to give birth abroad for citizenship while priding themselves as Chinese patriots.

  4. Baby at 50.

    My oldest is 5 right now, and I’m 37. I already lack the energy to keep up with her. Don’t want to imagine being 50+ to have a kid.

    At least with grandkids, you give them back to the parents at the end of the day!

    1. @craziejones
      They are lucky to have money so they can hire help and all so they can sit on their butt. However, it is better to form a bond with your child or else they become distant from you. I saw that with many parents who just work and neglect their children. The children sadly can resent you after they grow up too.

    2. @craziejones
      they only have 1. i always think 1 is easier esp when they are both home. i am blessed with girls so i can’t speak for having boys. some boys are calmer though. my elder’s former crush was the calmest child i’ve ever seen. girls can get very loud and fight all the time.

      1. @m0m0 I saw my friend who have 2 boys and one of them is a handful! He would dive into any danger lol, never run out of energy. Good thing about him is he can surf and he’s only 5!

    3. @craziejones
      sis in law older than you has a 2yo. it wears her out but it’s not because of not having energy, it’s b/c young children just wear people out b/c of the constant attention that they need. it wears people out mentally not physically.

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