Leon Lai’s Girlfriend Has a Wild Romantic Past

In April, Leon Lai (黎明) and his “baby mama” Wing welcomed their baby daughter, leaving Leon to be the last of Hong Kong’s four Heavenly Kings to start a family. Their daughter weighed five pounds at birth and is a premature baby.

Wing’s identity as “Mrs. Heavenly King” was sudden and came unannounced. When their relationship was first discovered, the paparazzi detectives only managed to identify her as the former assistant of Aarif Rahman (李治廷), and was rumored to have dated him.

But despite Leon and Wing’s attempts to stay low-profile and quiet, the paparazzi managed to find more and more things about Wing’s “scandalous” romantic life in the past. Wing, full name Chan Wing-yee (陳泳儀), is 19 years younger than Leon. Wing attended to an all-girls high school in Kwun Tong, and according to an old classmate, she was very mature for her age. She was obsessed with boys and would meet up with her boyfriends during after-school hours.

In 2010, Wing joined Leon’s record label Amusic and worked as Aarif’s assistant. The two were very close, and Wing was very dedicated to managing Aarif’s career, leading to rumors that the two were more than just close colleagues and friends. On January 1, 2011, Wing married her ex-husband who, like Wing, is a lover for exercise and dogs. Her ex-husband is the son of a wealthy couple who owns a successful family business.

After her divorce, Wing and automaker Vincent Chiu (趙偉猷) started a relationship in 2014. Unlike her relationship with her ex-husband, Wing did not keep their relationship low-profile and openly introduced him to friends in the industry. Wing attended most of Vincent’s auto events to support him. Their relationship lasted a few years—Wing was seen attending a friend’s wedding with Vincent in October 2017.

Their relationship spiraled downhill from there. In a recent catch-up with Vincent, the auto racer looked disappointed when reporters asked him about Wing. When reporters relayed the news of Wing giving birth, Vincent refused to congratulate her.

Source: Eastweek

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. some people just have luck w/. men despite whatever that they do good/bad.

  2. First of all, there is only one Heavenly King, there are many kings, but only one Heavenly King. It is so blasphemous to address these four men as such. No wonder some of them act like they are above mere mortals, because we the mortals, have elevated them to such heights.

    This Wing sure knows what she wanted, and what she wanted was an A-list celebrity. Well, she has snagged one of the very top celebs in Asian entertainment, not necessary as an entertainer, but as in popularity, wealth and e-biz status. Way to go Wing, you smart gold-digger you!. Unfortunately, when she digs all the gold from Leon’s mine, and leaves him high and dry, their daughter is the one who is going to be shuffled between tow homes, might even blame herself for the breakup, as most children do.

    1. @bubbletea Maybe that’s why Leon hasn’t married her – at least this way, without legitimate status as the wife, she technically can’t touch his wealth if the relationship ends up going sour. I found it interesting that in his announcement, there was mention of him being a father, but no mention at all of marriage – whereas the way it usually works with most celebrities (like fellow Heavenly King Aaron Kwok for example) is that they get married as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed (which is also the guy’s way of showing he is committed to taking care of the wife and child). Now of course, Leon may have his own very legitimate reasons why he is not going the marriage route – and who knows, he might even be planning it but just not letting the media know that he’s doing so…but even so, part of me still has suspicions about this relationship and its “legitimacy” in terms of whether they truly love each other or it was just a fling that resulted in a pregnancy and while he is willing to take responsibility for the child, might not be the same for the mother.

      LOL…I guess nowadays it’s a moot point how many “heavenly kings” there are because most of the newer generation don’t know who they are anyway. ViuTV did a survey where they interviewed several hundred people born “after 2000” and asked them if they knew who the 4 heavenly kings were – majority of them had no clue….alot of them thought the 4 Heavenly Kings was an old 90s boy band, haha….

  3. @IIwy12 hahaha, your last sentence made me lol. A lot of young people are so lost nowadays and all they know about is K-pop, G.E.M Angelababy and Grace Chan among others who can’t sing or act. All the fluid, talented actors and singers are a puzzle to the younger generation. You are onto something though. The other men from that group either got married before children, or they got married just as girlfriend became pregnant, like Moka Fang and Aaron Kwok. Andy Lau was married to Carol Chu for far longer than 2008, and Jacky (Angel Voice) Cheung was a husband and then father to his two daughters. It will be interesting to see if Leon puts a ring on it soon. Gotta admit though, Wing does not have the most desirable track record when it comes to love relationships.

  4. To be fair, Leon had gone through a divorce already. So his confidence in marriage must be somewhat reduced. And his GF is also a divorcee, further decreasing relationship-confidence. Having a baby doesn’t guarantee a relationship will succeed, so I can see why he hesitates. As long as he’s financially supporting her, the title isn’t as important, I guess.

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