Li Chen Celebrates Fan Bingbing’s 34th Birthday

Since making their relationship public, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Li Chen (李晨) have frequently displayed their affection for each other. Rumors also recently emerged that Bingbing and Li Chen would be getting married on October 1. In response, Bingbing laughed and said, “How could I steal the limelight away from Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) [who will be marrying Angelababy in October]!”

On September 16, Bing Bing turned 34 years old. The moment the clock struck midnight, Li Chen posted a birthday greeting addressed to Bingbing on his Weibo page. The post contained a selfie of the couple, with Bingbing’s head resting on Li Chen’s shoulder, and both sporting cheeky expressions. The photograph was also cutely adorned with stickers of cartoon characters like Doraemon.

Many netizens were full of glowing remarks for the couple and praised Li Chen, “You posted a greeting the moment it turned midnight! You’re so sweet!” Some netizens also commented that they hoped to see the couple walk the red carpet together.

Later that day, Li Chen celebrated Bingbing’s birthday with her family. From a photo taken at the dinner celebration, Li Chen was seen wrapping his arms around Bingbing’s mother’s waist, indicating his closeness with the family.

Bingbing and Li Chen have known each other for about ten years but only became close after collaborating in filming Empress of China <武媚娘>. Their close relationship, as evidenced by their interactions on Weibo and photographs of them singing karaoke together and visiting each other’s parents, sparked endless rumors.

Bingbing initially broke the silence but stated that she would disclose her relationship when Huang Xiaoming announced his marriage. Bingbing finally revealed her relationship with Li Chen in May, and the golden couple has since appeared together at many events.


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