Li Yundi’s Girlfriend Criticized by the Public

After Leehom Wang (王力宏) announced his marriage with 27-year-old Columbia University student Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) earlier this week, his good friend Li Yundi (李雲迪) followed suit. On November 27, Yundi uploaded his Weibo with photos of his girlfriend, 25-year-old Tian Fei (田霏).

He wrote, “I am so happy today. We should truly love others and be loved by others! Mine is 25-year-old Tian Fei, a Columbia University graduate in mathematical finance. We met last year; [she’s] very kind! I hope that [she and] you guys will continue to accompany me in my musical road. Thank you guys for your unwavering support!”

Tian Fei, who hails from Tianjin, China, immigrated to the United States with her family when she was a teenager. Like Lee Jinglei, Tian Fei is also affiliated with New York’s Columbia University. After Yundi’s announcement on Wednesday, many Chinese netizens leaked some of Tian Fei’s revealing private pictures, including photos of her partying and drinking at a club. Some of these photos also feature Tian Fei intimately hugging her male friends. Tian Fei was also a huge fan of Leehom, and there are photos of her posing with the singer as well.

Yundi’s relationship with Tian Fei, however, is not as well-received as Leehom’s relationship with Lee Jinglei. While most netizens gave Leehom blessings, Yundi’s fans were harsher, with some netizens claiming that Tian Fei is inconsiderate and promiscuous. They criticized her for not showing her true colors when she is with Yundi.

Yundi has not yet given a response in regards to these allegations.


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  1. lol wth this makes them seem so closeted. go going li yundi. theres nothing wrong with being gay.

  2. Wao, both reveal their girlfriend at the same time. Both unfollow each others in weibo.
    What a coincident, just make it seem like they have something to hide, LOL!

  3. Yes, I think leehom gf introduced this girl to yundi gayboy to cover up. As to leehom, I think is real maybe yundi is Bugging leehom as fatal attraction haha.

  4. Typical misogyny at work – netizens suspect that a gay man is trying to use a woman as his cover and they call the woman promiscuous and deceitful!?! What a world.

  5. Not really paying attention to all the buzz of whether the two gentlemen are using women to cover up their homosexuality, but how old are the netizens? Bashing the chick for drinking, clubbing and taking photos with other males? LOL

  6. This totally hints that all Chinese celebrities are arranged by the government. And if this pianist’s revelation isn’t as welcome as the other guy’s then the pianist must be more popular romantically than the other guy.

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