Chiling Lin to Move to Japan After Wedding

More details of Chiling Lin’s (林志玲) upcoming wedding with EXILE’s Akira has been revealed!

According to the Taiwanese media, 44-year-old Chiling and 38-year-old Akira will be holding a small-scale wedding in the Tainan Art Museum located in the West Central District of Tainan on November 17, 2019. It will be their only wedding ceremony.

The source says the location was chosen by Chiling herself. She was attracted by the venue’s grand open-air atrium along with its sophisticated interior design, providing an aura of classical elegance. According to the source, Chiling had always wanted a traditional, classical wedding.

The venue, however, only sits a maximum of twelve tables. Previously, it was reported that Chiling expects nearly 100 guests.

The source added Akira’s parents are “very considerate” of Chiling and left her in charge of the wedding arrangements.

Chiling announced her marriage to Akira in June 2019. The friends to lovers have known each other for nearly ten years. After their marriage, Chiling plans to move to Japan with Akira.


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