Lin Gengxin is Dating International Model, Bonnie Chen

Mainland Chinese actor Lin Gengxin (林更新) was spotted returning to the same apartment with Chinese model Bonnie Chen (陳碧舸) on Christmas Eve, sparking rumors that the two are in a relationship.

In a video released by the paparazzi, a young woman wearing a surgical mask sat in Gengxin’s car, which was parked where he had been filming all day. The young woman looked like she was waiting for Gengxin to finish filming. After wrapping up his work, Gengxin eventually joined the woman in the car, bringing with him two lunchboxes. The two then ate their “Christmas dinner” and chatted happily with each other, with Gengxin subsequently relaxing with a cigarette. They later pushed their car seats down and lay side by side in the car. It was clear that this was no ordinary woman in Gengxin’s life.

Gengxin and the woman then drove to Gengxin’s apartment. On Christmas Day, they were spotted together again, this time shopping in a mall. Without the mask, the woman finally revealed her identity, and it turned out to be Bonnie, the same model who was rumored to have vacationed with Gengxin in Europe last October. An anonymous source had even published photographs of Bonnie and Gengxin in Europe.

At the time, both had denied the rumors back, with Gengxin explaining, “Those photographs were actually old ones on my mobile phone, taken a year ago.”

Bonnie may not be as well-known as Gengxin’s rumored ex-girlfriends, Chinese actresses Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) and Jiang Mengjie (蔣夢婕), but shares their slim figures and classically beautiful features. Bonnie also boasts an impressive profile as an international model, and was crowned champion of the Hong Kong region at the 2001 International Elite Model Look Competition.


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  1. Then what about his girlfriend, the one that came from wealthy family if i’m not mistaken?

    1. I heard he broke up with that girlfriend a long time ago.

    1. hes very handsome but i wish he could gain at least 25 more pounds.

    2. Lol, “mated”. The kids wouldn’t only be tall, but rather good looking as well. Bonnie looks gorgeous, and same goes with Kenny.

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