Linda Chung Gives a Family Update!

By on December 24, 2018 in NEWS

Linda Chung Gives a Family Update!

Christmas is fast approaching, and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) is ready for the holidays. The 34-year-old actress, who gave birth to her second child, son Jared, last September, shared a series of holiday portraits featuring her two-year-old daughter Kelly and three-month-old Jared. In the photos, Jared was dressed up as little Santa Claus, while Kelly wore a matching red dress. The siblings extremely resemble their father, Jeremy Leung!

Linda, who uploaded the photos on the day of the Winter Solstice, apologized to fans for the lack of social media updates in recent weeks, explaining that she has been catching up with family life. “It’s been a challenging yet wonderful experience [raising our two children],” said Linda on Instagram. “Now that the Leung family has gotten into a routine, I have a little more time for updates.”

Check out the adorable photos below!


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Linda Chung Gives a Family Update!

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  • 9 comments to Linda Chung Gives a Family Update!

    1. sherla1019 says:

      Linda daughter gonna grow up to be a pretty girl she’s adorable her son is so plump i wanna pinch..pinch…pinch lol……. beautiful sibling pic for xmas!!!

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    2. potatochip says:

      They are just adorable! What beautiful children!

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    3. theyenman says:

      OK, I am so going to sound like a jackass, but hey, Linda posted those pictures for the public to see, so criticism is fair game imo.

      Those are not good looking kids. The husband’s genes are strong in both, and that’s not a good thing. For a person looking like Linda to have kids that look like that. Yikes. Let’s hope for their sake, the features get less and less like dad and more and more like mom as they get older.

      Login or Register before you can reply to theyenman
      • coralie replied:

        @theyenman Kelly looks very adorable. Her dad’s genes aren’t as strong in her. Her baby brother, on the other hand, looks exactly like Jeremy. It’s like a photo copy. But Jeremy doesn’t look that bad. He’s passable. I’m sure their son will grow up looking fine

        Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
      • potatochip replied:

        @theyenman Do you have children? If so, imagine someone saying this about them. I don’t think it is ever fair game to criticize a kid’s appearance.

        Login or Register before you can reply to potatochip
      • sugadough replied:

        @theyenman Imo the kids look adorable af! Besides, let’s not judge until after they have fully grown! Not a lot of babies look good when they’re still toddlers with wrinkly faces

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      • jjwong replied:

        @theyenman You don’t sound like a jacka$$, you are a jacka$$, lol.

        On another note, the dad’s gene is all over the kids. Glad to see a happy family and smiling kids!

        Merry Christmas peeps!

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      • jjwong replied:

        @theyenman oops, the ‘lol’ was supposed to be ‘imo’. Fingers are too quick for my own good sometimes. Ha…

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    4. orchid123 says:

      Based on the above photos of Linda’s Chung’s children, both looked very much like their father.

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