Linda Chung Holds Wedding in Vancouver: “I Love Him”

Wearing the traditional Chinese wedding kwa, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and husband Jeremy Leung were ecstatic when they greeted the reporters outside of their wedding venue on Saturday afternoon. The couple walked hand-in-hand as they generously allowed the reporters to take photos. Linda’s bridesmaids Leanne Li (李亞男), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Grace Wong (王君馨), and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) were also present.

linda chung wedding 1It was a simple yet beautiful wedding banquet for Linda and Jeremy. The wedding, which was held at a rather humble venue in Vancouver on February 27, was uncomplicated. There was no wedding door game to prank the groom and no crazy after-party. Linda didn’t even prepare her wedding vows until the morning of. Linda’s self-composed song “I’m Married” <我結婚了>, which has lyrics written by Wong Cho-lam (王祖藍), was played at the wedding, but Linda did not perform it.

Linda: “I Love Him”, Hints at Pregnancy

Though the couple have only known each other for ten months, Linda said the decision to get married was not sudden. “On the fourth day we met, I already saw him as my husband, and he saw me as his wife. I love him.”

Reportedly five months pregnant, Linda was asked by reporters if she would be expecting her first child with Jeremy soon. Her response was rather obvious.

“Because of Chinese tradition, I cannot say anything about the baby,” she said. “I feel that it is too early, but I will announce it when the time is right. I will not say anything more.”

But when she was asked about how many kids she plans on having, Linda’s answer was not modest at all.

“Four!” Upon seeing the reporters’ shocked faces, Linda laughed and said, “Is that too much? I didn’t say this, my husband said it! But I will cooperate.”

The press then asked Linda to share details about how Jeremy proposed, but Linda declined with a laugh. “There are too many details to recall, and my husband doesn’t like me talking about it. But it was very sweet. He proposed at a place where there were many lights. He did everything. It was actually kind of comedic.”

When speaking about Jeremy’s positive qualities, Linda said, “He has too much! I truly love him, so much, and he really takes care of me.”

After a moment of thought, Linda said she admires Jeremy’s maturity, kindness, and courage. “Privacy is very important to him, but yet today he is willing to hold my hand and greet the public with a huge smile. Jeremy doesn’t even like taking selfies… but he does love children and is extremely filial. My parents adore him, so he is my Mr. Right!”

No Honeymoon After Weddinglinda chung wedding 2

Linda’s marriage and rumored pregnancy has raised questions about whether or not the TVB actress would retire from the entertainment industry. But Linda gave a big fat no, expressing that she loves her job and has no plans on quitting. She stressed that she still has a contract with TVB and plans on releasing her new studio album sometime this year.

Asking if Linda would be holding a second wedding ceremony in Hong Kong, Linda said, “No. Weddings are actually very tiring. It hurts my head.” Would they have a honeymoon after the wedding? “No,” said Linda again. “I’ll stay here [in Vancouver] and learn how to cook and help around the house.”


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Linda and Jeremy

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  1. Congrats to Linda, she looks absolutely glowing! The wedding is simple yet beautiful, nothing over the top like other celebs.

    Also, is it just me or does Linda’s husband kinda looks like Mr Bean?

      1. @janet72
        lol… I know, I was on utube when I first saw them. Def looks way older than 41 or whatever…Wow…. She’s a pretty girl but that dress doesn’t look that flattering on her for some reason, perhaps cuz she had to pick one that hides her tummy well. If we didn’t know any better, I would have thought he’s at least 50 from the pics alone. Oh well, dating a cool one for 8 yards and 10 months it’s down the aisle some ppl sure are fast and she’s not even that old yet such a hurry huh? hahaa LOL….

  2. She look gorgeous in that wedding dress! It’s very simple but it matches her well. Congratulations in finding Mr. Right!

  3. If she’s not pregnant, she probably would have kept the marriage a secret until however long those hk pap dogs find out.…

    1. @anon
      lol….you know what she/he probably wouldn’t fake his age I mean he’s not the first one to marry a so called rich older man so wouldn’t intentionally say he’s younger. It would be more embarrassing if the paps digged out his real age so probably is his real age but he just doesn’t look it is all.
      Some people have an old looking face even if they are younger and some people are baby-faced. If he’s really 40, then he’s only like one year younger than RUCO at 39. People just probably justified that ohhhh he’s not a celeb, no makeup on so he’s gotta look ugly so looking at his face up there, wow…he def looks no less than 50 yo But that’s where stylists come in, even if someone is older and whatever, they can still attempt to look younger w/a better haircut anything it’s called a makeover but apparently it never even occurred to them. That’s why I say life is interesting….. dating a good looking well PN is good looking/cool looking at least to me….haha lol… 30’s to 40’s but looking sooooooooo… very different so I guess they are right – who you married/dated are just totally different peoeple. The way she gushes that he’s got too many merits than shortcomings wwwwhooooooo…..congrats really!! Life is just very interesting, it’s like our taste can change from Ryan Reynolds to Sean Penn in a split second????? haha LOL….. Like Scarlett Johansson but good thing she didn’t marry SP. hahah LOL

  4. I find it ironic that she wants to be low profile and keeps her personal life personal yet she puts so much emphasize on her public image like covering child before marriage and lying about her husband real age. I frankly don’t care if these accusations are true or not. It doesn’t affect how I feel about her acting. I just find it funny.

    Anyways, congrats to her, her husband and soon-to-be new addition.

    1. @jjwong

      I see what you mean. I think she still cares about her public image in case she decides to return to the small screen again. “Being real” has uncalculated consequences that may not be in her favor. In the end, she’s as real as any entertainer will be.

      1. @anon read ah mike news that Norman leung is helping to settle the contract with TVb about early retirement. Don’t think she will return to TVb…with a kid on the way, hubby and parents inn Canada, it’s not possible to film. Her hubby said he wants 4 and she will go along.

      1. @tiffany When you look up her husband’s name and reach his clinic webpage it looks like he should be around 45 because he attended UBC from 1989-1992.

        Maybe the media is the one reporting his age and they’re obviously wrong.

        It’s still shocking to me that Linda is already married. She definitely kept that relationship under wraps. He is quite a bit older but if they’re happy I wish them well.

        She’s definitely pregnant by her statement. Congrats!

      2. @lyu310
        I think so too. The media probably don’t even know his real age and just know that he’s in his 40’s.

    2. @jjwong she got married in Canada…it’s far away from HK…yet the reporters can still bug them. Saw a video of bridesmaids, Linda, her parents going to the wedding venue. Reporters are really irritating….asking her mother questions like how she rates her new son-in-law.
      Yes…it’s ironic the way she talks about the superstition of not mentioning pregnancy before first trimester…and yet repeating.

  5. The media has his age wrong, and I think he looks fine for someone who is in his mid-40s. Someone who hasn’t sleep well for a week and someone who suddenly has 20-30 cameras flashing in their face. And I don’t think he is filthy rich, taxes and wages takes a good chunk of any business’s money. He probably makes enough to just live comfortably. Linda probably makes more than he does. lol.

    1. @jleee
      Enough to live a prosperous and normal life. Will be better than marrying an heir of a business empire where every move will be scrutinised and strict family rules followed.

    2. @jleee Of course Linda makes more than he does. She’s a pretty well known HK artist with endorsements and stuff.

      I’m not too surprised she chose someone so shy/reserved as she is one herself. It is still surprising she chose someone that much older and it feels like it came out of nowhere.

      But congrats to her. He probably looks better with a haircut lol.

      And he makes 6 figures so that’s pretty well off to me.

  6. It seem like Leanne the only one who wear like a bridesmaid. I also remember she’s putting her ring on her middle finger so I wonder if that’s how Christain tradition are? Since Linda is also Christain but she doesn’t wear it on her middle finger. It’s also a little weird that some pictures showing Linda stomach are growing and some are flat is that mean she’s faking about her pregnancy?

  7. Her red qibao don’t look very good on her. With her past slim figure, she would have chosen to wear a more form-fitting qibao! With that said, SHE IS PREGNANT!

    1. @purplexstraw oh come on! She’s definitely pregnant and a few months along at that too. Otherwise what’s the hurry? Plus her career is still rising at tvb so it makes no sense why she would get married all of a sudden if it wasn’t for the bun in the oven.

    2. @purplexstraw actually the qi pao is loose fitting. in hk, there are many pretty ones. the one she wore doesn’t really look nice…or was she just in a hurry to borrow one?

  8. I just find it odd how she keeps on repeating herself on JINX it when being asked about the baby. She thinks most people or HK people don’t understand English or what? hahah..LOL…..That’s admitting you ARE indeed pregnant but won’t say anything cuz of Chinese tradition. She’s practically spitting out all the details repeating jinx jinx. hahhaa..Lord, just zip it or act like Leon Lai if you don’t want anyone to know, NO REPORTERS!!! lol…

    1. @kiki the way she repeats abut not wanting to talk about her pregnancy is irritating. It’s just short of saying she IS pregnant. Having faced the media for such a long time, she should have ezperience handling pesky reporters, apparently she is still very green.

      What she said is a little dumb:
      When speaking about Jeremy’s positive qualities, Linda said, “He has too much! I truly love him, so much, and he really takes care of me.”

      After a moment of thought, Linda said she admires Jeremy’s maturity, kindness, and courage. “Privacy is very important to him, but yet today he is willing to hold my hand and greet the public with a huge smile. Jeremy doesn’t even like taking selfies… but he does love children and is extremely filial. My parents adore him, so he is my Mr. Right!”
      What? Her parents adore him, as such he is her Mr Right?

      1. @janet72
        I know, I was LOL on the part where she says what
        his qualities are…She says ‘Qing’ haha lol reporters said really how ‘Qing’…hahaha lol
        She does sound like a girl infatuated w/an older man hahaa…I guess some call it Love at First Sight since she says 4th meeting, he’s MR. HUSBAND. Wow!!!
        Yes, the dumbest part is about not wanting to discuss the pregnancy when she’s pretty much saying 101% she is. Jinx Jinx hahha Lord….

      2. @kiki I feel that she has no choice but to gush about how much she loves him so as to make this sudden decision of hers to marry him seem credible to the whole world. It’s all just a show.

      3. @janet72 i caught that part too and just had to lol. She’s marrying him for gawd’s sake, not her parents!

      4. @isay I feel like she might have said that because her parents didn’t like her ex. But who would, if the guy dated your daughter for 8 years and still has no plans for marriage? It sucks when you date someone and none of your friends and family members like him. When you’re in love and everyone else around him loves him too, then everything seems to be perfect, like he is the right one. Especially if they didn’t like your previous boyfriends.

  9. the picture on the right makes my hair stand. don’t know how to explain but he looks so old and i don’t find it tender.
    after 4 meetings and she decided he is THE ONE…amazing. i think she met this husband after breaking up with her ex. her family doesn’t like philip.
    the whole wedding venue looks more like a company function. her chinese qi pao looks so old fashioned. getting married like that doesn’t even feel shiok.

  10. Don’t get all the hate surrounding this marriage. In the end, all a girl wants is a man who understands, loves, and supports you. It’s a big plus when you both share the same values, your family loves him, and you want the same things in life. It is not that easy to find. He may not be the one she loves the most, but he probably is someone that she can see herself growing old with. Love will grow. This is how I feel with my fiance.

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