Lisa S. and Daniel Wu’s Daughter is Born

Lisa S. and Daniel Wu (吳彥祖)’s daughter, Raven Wu, finally entered the world on May 30, 2013, bringing much joy to the new parents. Lisa and Daniel held their wedding ceremony in South Africa in 2010 and have been eager to start a family.

Raven WuDaniel uploaded a picture of little Raven’s hand along with the message, “I have some good news to share with everyone. Our healthy daughter, Raven Wu, is finally born! This marks the start of our beautiful journey together as a perfect family!” Although the public has yet to see an actual picture of Raven’s face, it is safe to assume that she probably inherited the handsome and beautiful looks of both Daniel and Lisa.

Daniel later attended the opening ceremony for his new film, Overheard 3 <竊聽風雲3> and appeared to be in great spirits and could not stop smiling. He said that he was surprised the birth only took 20 minutes and admitted, “I was actually very nervous and scared, but I couldn’t let Lisa know that I was! I didn’t know how to react because I had to help with the body check and cut the umbilical cord.”

Daniel revealed that Raven weighed roughly 8 pounds with a high nose-bridge, and has a lot of hair and single eyelids.

Jaundice, a condition with visible yellow discoloration of the eye and skin, sometimes occur among newborn babies. It usually goes away in a couple of days, but Raven will require phototherapy treatment with special lights. Louis Koo (古天樂) jokingly added, “I have a light at home, you can use it!” Good friend, Sean Lau (劉青雲), also said he would congratulate Daniel by gifting a bed to Raven.

Source: Apple Daily; Apple Daily

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  1. Congrats! Their daughter must be beautiful!

    1. They’s such a lovely pair, I’m sure they’ll have a fair and beautiful baby with long limbs and ‘sharp’ features.
      Wish they’ll share some pics when baby is 6 mths old. Babies change quite fast, so they shouldn’t worry about her being recognisable later.

  2. Another beautiful person on Earth … 😀

  3. Such wonderful news! Happy for the happy parents. 🙂

  4. Congrats to the happy couple! Can’t wait to see the gorgeous baby!!!!

  5. WOw congratz! happy for this beautiful couple!

  6. So so so soooooo happy for Daniel and Lisa! He’s right, this is a perfect family!

  7. beautiful as predicted. I love how they don’t live in the spotlight and enjoy the smaller things in life!

  8. hmm…”high nose bridge” why is it i mportant to note this (i’m sure it’s the reporters that decided to include this point rather than anything else). So if it had a low bridge, would that be noted?

    Just sayin’

    1. No, because you would be just like any typical Asian person.

      1. Well, they did note that the baby has “single eyelids”.

      2. It’s so nice of the media to categorize this child already by putting it into a diferent category aside from the ‘typical asian person’ category. I get that the baby is bi-racial, that’s besides the point.

        HK media and media in general is too much. IMO

      3. Maybe the high nose bridge was not included by the media but said by Daniel himself? Who knows? Don’t make your own assumption, picklehead.

    2. I think big noses are amusing and worth noting. Look at Adrian Brody!

    3. Some Asians like high noses, like my parents for example. When they say anyone is good looking, they always add in the high nose. But they are nose people and believe that in order to look good/decent, you need a high nose. As we can see with many of the Asian actresses that get PS, they all get nose jobs to have a high nose. My mom kept on commenting on Annie Liu when we watched BBJX how unnatural her nose was since it was high in an unnatural way so it was obvious that she got a nose job. It is not to say that Asians cannot have naturally high noses,but they are high in a different way than the Europeans.

      1. One of my friends who lives in Asia also has parents like yours. From small, they kept asking my friend to press his nose so that when he grows he has a high nose. I couldn’t stop laughing after hearing this. His parents think that having a high nose is good for a person if the person wants to get rich, and that most caucasians are rich because they have high noses. And his parents also say Andy Lau is also rich because he has a high nose.

        Did your mom comment on Tavia Yeung?

      2. Sorry, I think I have to rephrase what I said. It should be “to squeeze his own nose”, not “press”.

      3. It is not just my parents, but many of my relatives are like that too. Oh gosh, my parents tried to do that to me but my nose still ended up not looking good but my parents said I have to accept it. Actually, that was not what I heard. I heard that having a high nose just looks good but is not good if you want to be rich or have good fortune. My parents told me the opposite and said that people with ugly and big noses are people who would get rich because that is the fortune nose. However, it just looks hideous. I once went to a fortune teller and he said that my nose(although it is not great looking) was one of my greatest features for good fortune. I was like yea right since everyone says that I can never get rich. Andy’s nose bridge is high but it is a bit on the big side when you stare on it on the front.

        Oh YES, of course my mom commented on Tavia’s nose, especially when we were watching SSSS and wondered what she did to it.

      4. I also wanted to add that many of the Caucasians that I know are actually pretty poor, so I don’t think the nose has anything to do with it…

      5. Oh, okay. But don’t believe this nose thing that much. It is not true scientifically.

  9. >Raven

    Goddamnit, you’d think that Daniel WU being born in American and having a foreign wife would mean that they wouldn’t give their child a silly name.

    1. Swallow Wu would’ve been much worse. Hope the next child won’t be named Power, Ocean or Thunder

      1. Lol,well now there’s Raven, then maybe Swallow Wu and later Pheasant Wu.

    2. They held their wedding ceremony in South Africa following a kind of tribal custom. Naming their daughter Raven is not surprising.

    3. Why you think Raven is a silly name? Atleast Raven is actually a very beautiful yet popular name in America. In fact, I am very surprised that Daniel and Lisa named their daughter with such a common name. Have you ever watched the popular “That’s So Raven”? I guess not if you think Raven is a “silly” name…. smh.

      1. >Atleast Raven is actually a very beautiful yet popular name in America

        No it’s not.

        >Have you ever watched the popular “That’s So Raven”? I guess not if you think Raven is a “silly” name…. smh.
        Because if you name your kid after a Disney character then it’s totally fine, right?

        Just like how people name their daughters “Mercedes” after the car and totally not expecting them to become strippers.

        Again, debatable. Not that I have anything against the word but I’m not sure naming your child after a bird is a great idea either.

      2. What’s your point, Kidd?

        If you’re insinuating that people are knowingly naming their kids after the Spanish form of “mercy” instead of the car, then I don’t quite agree.

      3. I don’t think anyone naming their child mercedes is because of the car. It is a coincidence. And Kidd is merely pointing out Mercedes existed before the car came into existence. Whatever it may be, Mercedes is not a stupid name. Recently I read a neo nazi father named his son Adolf Hitler. Now THAT is stupid.

      4. Lol Adolf Hitler, now I wanna see what happens to that kid when he goes to school or when he plays ball and they have to do a sportscast.

        Oh well,in a world where we’ve got kids named Jermajesty, Pilot Inspektor and Blue Ivy, guess Shakespeare expressed it best.

        A kid by any other name would still smell like a kid. Woops, I mean, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.

      5. I think it is a nice name to begin with. And there is an American celebrity who also starts with Raven.

      6. “And Kidd is merely pointing out Mercedes existed before the car came into existence. “

        Funn was right. That was what I wanted to point out.

      7. You’ve severed a logical link somewhere, Kidd.

      8. @dd, I’m sure your real name is quite unique, otherwise you wouldn’t be bashing about other people’s names. People like you… very despicable. Good luck naming your kids, if you can.

      9. Nice way to make your point about people being despicable by doing the exact same thing you’re admonishing me for.

        >Good luck naming your kids, if you can.
        What, am I supposed to feel offended by this?

        >@dd, I’m sure your real name is quite unique, otherwise you wouldn’t be bashing about other people’s names.
        Lol, no you dumb-dumb. Apart from this not making any sense (hold on, I’m supposed to be jealous of other people having unique names if my name is already unique???), you’re completely missing the point. Then again, I’m talking to someone who watches Disney stuff.

      10. @dd you should calm your tits. Seriously. Stop. It. People can name their children anything they want.

    4. Raven is a good name even if why anyone wants to be named after that black bird. I mean if not Raven then what? If you translate chinese names into English, believe me they’re far sillier.

      1. Vulture? Turkey? Parrot? Canary? Bet you those names have already been taken by HK entertainers.

      2. @msxie

        Good one! LOL!

        Sometimes I feel they should pass a law in HK to prevent people from giving themselves English names as to protect them from their own stupidity.

  10. What is this showing hands or toes or legs or back of their babies anyway congrats to them…

    1. jc,
      Andy Lau also released a hand photo of his daughter, the only photo of his daughter that exists. Andy’s security is so tight, that the media has not spotted the little girl in public.

      Daniel Wu should be a bit more open than Andy, so hopefully we see cute baby photos plastered all over his social media accounts soon.

      1. Yeah! Looking forward to see their pretty baby…photos…


    His reply is so cute!! Can definately tell that he is so happy that he is a daddy now!! Congrats Daniel!!!

    Daniel explained while still in Lisa’s belly, Raven was positioned horizontally and wasn’t able to turn her body. Basically it was impossible for a natural birth, so Lisa had to go through C-section. He said: “I cut the umbilical cord, that moment was quite bloody and terrifying. I watched the love of my life get ‘cut’, it was frightening. I was stunned, but I had to hide my fear. When my wife asked me, ‘what’s wrong?’. I said ‘nothing’. I couldn’t react fast enough. I followed the doctor as he took baby Raven for a checkup. After all that, I thought I was going to cry, but actually it felt like I was in war.”

  12. I just wonder why did Lisa marry him in the first place? Is it because he is a celebrity in HK so it helps her modelling career in Asia? Or because she lives in HK for career so that is the only choice for her? I’m just asking because foreign women don’t like asian men. Even in San Francisco here where there are a lot of chinese people, foreign women dating asian men is still very uncommon. Unless asian men try very very hard, otherwise it usually ends up either marrying asian women who don’t prefer white men or going back to Asia and find a wife and bring her to San Francisco.

    By the way, congratulations, both of them. Is there any pic of the baby?

    1. How come my avatar is different when I use a different computer? I still use a same email address.

    2. Hmm, I’m not sure but it seems her father is French -Chinese and her mum is Jewish America.

      1. No wonder half chinese…….very true with qwerty says they dont favour Asia..

      2. Her father is half-chinese? No wonder she likes Daniel. After all, Daniel looks like a mixed race rather than complete asian. He even admitted this in his ‘alivenotdead’ blog.

    3. Probably because Daniel Wu is rich, famous and good looking. Don’t know why people have to bring race into this.

      1. yeah he is very handsome and manly not cute and girly like some other actors haha.

      1. Also CONGRATS TO HIM AND HIS WIFE !!!!!! Hope they make more beautiful babies soon !!!!!!

    4. “because foreign women don’t like asian men.”

      First many of our own women already have ditched us for white guys and now this revelation?

      Boy, this really hurts!

    5. He’s tall and handsome with a good body, good personality, educated and non-chauvinistic. Asian men with those attributes would naturally be magnets for women of any color.

      1. msxie,

        “Asian men with those attributes would naturally be magnets for women of any color.”

        I really don’t know what I wanna about this. Well, whatever…

    6. Daniel is good looking and very handsome for an asian. What is wrong with Lisa liking him. If anything I think he is too good for her.

      1. I’m not saying he’s not good. I just WONDER why she likes him in the first place. Again, whatever…

      2. “…he is too good for her.”

        What is good in our asian eyes does not mean it is good in foreigners’ eyes because of different standards. Do you know that those white men dated by asian women are actually just either below average or ugly in the eyes of foreign women? And this is said from me as an asian woman myself.

      3. Hw u noe they are below average or ugly in the eyes of foreign women? U said u r Asian. Juz ppl tell u so u make assumption.,

      4. In an interview, Lisa said she was the one who approached him after seeing one of his sexy photo ads.

        “very handsome for an asian” a statement like that implies Asian is ugly. Unfortunately, that self-hating attitude is very common and explains the motivation for plastic surgery and adoption of western names, especially among Chinese.

      5. Yes, msxie, I knew she was the one approaching him first.

    7. Agree with qwerty and jc…they don’t like asians. After all, Lisa is 1/6 chinese so no wonder she likes him because of his father. Plus, she lives in hk so Daniel is the only choice that fulfills her criteria. If she lives in the usa, then it is another story…

      1. 90% of my male cousins in the US and Canada are married to 100% white women. Obviously, they like Asians.

      2. lol, msxie, do you mind telling me whether you are a man or a woman?

  13. congratulations! What happy news. Their daughter must be gorgeous as both parents are so good looking! I think Raven is a beautiful name! As long as baby stay healty that’s all that matters! Hope Lisa will have a quick recovery!

  14. Actually, they should have given her a more Jewish sounding name (like Naomi or Rebekkah) since the baby is considered Jewish because of her maternal grandmother. According to Mosaic traditions, the Jewish identity (other than conversion) is determined by the mother’s bloodline.

    1. a combo Chinese/Jewish name would be appropriate.

  15. Fun fact: Raven Symbol

    – Native Americans consider the Raven to be a magical symbol. Native American mythology tells us that the earth was created by a raven that dropped stones into the sea which created the islands

    – In Africa, the Raven is considered to be a guide.

    Maybe Daniel and Lisa also have these in mind when they named their daughter.

    1. Kidd,

      I find Raven to be a pretty name. Birds typically symbolize freedom because of flight.

      When I first heard the name, I thought perhaps the little baby girl has very dark hair and eyes, like Lisa S.

      I also like the name Hazel a lot, although the meaning of it is not very deep.

      1. I like birds in general but don’t like the name Raven cos’ it evokes the image of that creeping black bird in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem so certainly would not name my child after it. lol!

      2. Raven is indeed a beautiful name. But, it sounds more like a boy’s name to me.

        Anyway, doesn’t matter. Name usage changes all the time. Evelyn and Shirley used to be boy’s name, but, now mostly used by girls.

      3. I like the name “Raven”. Yeah it’s a beautiful name.

  16. many white girls like Asian guys. its just that you western born Chinese are losers. please dont give Asia born Asian a bad name or a loser.

    1. I have some surprise for you. Asian asians are considered far worse than those of western asians for white girls. Western asians are bad, but asian asians are worse. This is a fact actually.

      By the way, it is your right to run from reality if it can make you feel better.

  17. Why do people find him good looking? I don’t like a man with small mouth (like a little clam)…he’s alright…nothing special & so his wife.

    1. I think in general we ASIANS men and women have smaller builds and we do look less attractive than some other races with lacking either 1 or 2 or a few attractive features: big eyes, long curly eyelashes, high nose bridge, good height, nice body. So Daniel does have some of these features so people consider him good-looking. I think Daniel is handsome and manly not just cute and girly-look like most asian actors but my boyfriend is more handsome of course.

      1. I think he is good-looking to foreigners because he looks like mixed rather than completely chinese (thus it appears to be exotic and special), not because of those features. I have seen many asians that have those features but are considered to be ugly by foreigners.

    2. He’s hot. His facial features are good and different from a typical Chinese man features.

      His nicely sculpted body is an icing to the cake.

    3. The photo provided above don’t give Daniel’s appearance the right justice heheh.

  18. seems like you Chinese people are completely losers. always talk sh1t about your own race and praise foreigners. what a losers. white people really old and ugly to me .

    1. And next time before you say chinese people are losers, don’t forget the fact that you, like us, are chinese. So when we are losers, you are a loser as well.

    2. Just because liking foreign features doesn’t mean people are losers. Calling someone a loser is indeed a loser. You must be SICK!!! May both of them be very happy.

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