Little Hathaway’s First Words Were “Ah Ba”

Time flies as fast as blink of an eye. Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan’s (昆凌) baby daughter Hathaway is already seven months old and speaking her first words!

On Saturday, Hannah uploaded a short clip to the Chinese video app Miaopai, which included nothing else but audio and subtitles. In the eight-second clip, baby Hathaway cutely blew a raspberry with her lips, followed by an extremely loud, “Ah Ba.”

Hannah shared the clip on Weibo and wrote, “Lately Hathaway has been spitting with a pu~pu [sound]~~~haha I guessed right! Her first words were Baba… Mommy can now finally have a good night’s sleep!”

Hannah once said that she hoped her daughter’s first words would be calling her father, and her wish finally came true! 

Source: China Yes

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  1. Aiyo … this couple should read more parenting bks.

    Dramatically OTT or not: Hannah Q ” can now have a good night’s sleep?”

    Most babies will babble dadadada at 5 mths or so first. It will be a phonetic genius who can say mamama before a series of aaaaaaa or dadadada.

    1. @nomad822 I concur. And I find it weird if her daughter’s first words were really ah ba since Jay is prolly away most of the time. If anything her first words should be mama, unless Hannah specifically taught her to say ah ba, which is kinda contrived. For example, back when my sister was a baby, I was her constant companion because my parents had to work, but they still spent time with her. Since she knows me best, her first words were actually “ga ga” which stands for “ga jeh” older sis in canto. It was very distinctive. Making gurgling baby sounds hardly stands for dad esp if Jay wasn’t around

  2. what’s so difficult for a 7 month old to say dada?

    if one wants to have kids, then he/she has to be prepared for the hard work such has not having a good night sleep, jabs, fevers etc.

      1. @happybi i couldn’t even lie on my back at all and had to sleep on the side as it was easier to breathe. if the baby really cries continuously, can a mother possibly sleep and let her husband handle even though he is ‘supposed’ to be on night shift?

      2. @janet72 Aiya! Suppose to sleep on your side during pregnancy lah. At least from 2nd trimester on. Left side is best as that’s how blood circulation goes but right side is Ok too. Not suppose to sleep on back as not good for blood circulation for baby.

        yeah right. what night shift? they can’t get the kids to go back to sleep so it just end up being our shift all over again! I think they do it on purpose! eehhehehe

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