Louis Koo Wins Favorite Male Singer at 2018 Ultimate Song Chart Awards

Returning to the Hong Kong music industry last year, Louis Koo’s (古天樂) comeback achieved immediate success. He won Favorite Male Singer at the 2018 Ultimate Song Chart Awards. It wasn’t clear whether Louis would be able to attend the ceremony, and when he stepped on stage to get his award, the crowd had cheered loudly.

Well-aware that he is known more for being an actor than a singer, Louis said in his speech, “I really like singing, but I don’t know how to sing. This world is very odd; there are miracles. Even I could stand on stage and get an award. It really makes me speechless. But first, what I really have to say is, thank you to the people who voted for me. I am aware that my songs aren’t what everyone loves the most about me. As I became President of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild last year, I really want to help new singers. I spent most of my time with them and had meals with a lot of new and aspiring singers, because I really don’t know anything. Once I understood, I noticed that they never lost their fiery passion. I’m very happy, you see me, even I can walk on stage. As a new artiste, you shouldn’t be afraid to be taken advantage of. Don’t give up, our Hong Kong music scene and Cantonese songs will depend on you.”

The 48-year-old actor’s comeback song is a duet with Kay Tse (謝安琪) called “One Man, One Woman, and a Bathroom” <(一個男人) 一個女人 和浴室>, which is a remix of her single “One Woman and a Bathroom”.

Despite being more comfortable in acting than singing, Louis’ music comeback goals weren’t just a challenge for himself but to also demonstrate to aspiring singers that they shouldn’t give up on their dreams. With the positive reception on his singing, it is likely that Louis will continue pursuits in the music industry.

MV of “One Man, One Woman, and a Bathroom” (一個男人) 一個女人 和浴室

Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This is like a slap to the face for actual singers lol. Louis Koo can’t even sing…he has no business joining the music industry. I like him and all, but the guy is overstepping his boundaries.

    1. @coralie
      I think it’s fine and it’s a win/win for everybody. The HK music industry has been dying for years and this is a award which is fully voted by the public. It is fair because it is the public’s popular vote and it brings a bit of noise back to the industry which has been dominated by the likes of Eason and Joey that everyone has become bored. The organisers will be loving it that Louis has won as it brings lots of publicity for a flagging awards ceremony. Cmon Louis!!!

      1. @jimmyszeto i rather they give the award to someone like dicky who can sing and is popular than louis. not even sure why louis venture into singing so randomly.

      2. @jimmyszeto which makes these award ceremonies even more depressing & a bigger slap to the face. it’s that non-singers like louis can go and win awards while good actual singers like dicky doesn’t win jack.

      3. @coralie
        That’s how popularity awards work though. Andy Lau and Leon aren’t better singers than Jacky Cheung but they won best/most popular male singer every year while Jacky just picks up best song. If Dicky was popular as a singer, he would have made it in the 1980s and early 1990’s. There are plenty of great singers overlooked like Lui Fong etr. It’s also about looks, charisma, likability, timing etr…

      4. @jimmyszeto that’s where i diverge from most popular opinion. 90% of the time i don’t agree with the masses lol. so when i see people win awards in singing competition with mediocre skills, i get upset because they win for being popular. but from what’s described by @1piscesish, it looks like louis was specifically chosen for his mediocre skills. so there’s acknowledgment already that he can’t sing. that makes me feel better.

  2. Louis was invited by Juno Mak to collaborate with Kay Tse on this duet. Juno is the producer of this song. He actually created a storyline with 3 characters who are portrayed by Kay, Louis and Juno himself, and the story is represented in a musical album (only part 1 is released so far, so it’s almost like a drama series). According to some fans’ explanation, the character portrayed by Louis is supposed to not sing well, the focus is not supposed to be his singing ability but the portrayal. Juno thinks that Louis is the perfect cast for this character. Anyway, you will understand more if you go watch the MVs of those songs and read about the stories on Juno’s IG.

    As for this award, it’s solely based on voting and popularity. As long as you released a song that year, you will be nominated for this award. People voted for him, so whether he could sing or not, it’s no longer relevant. He is just the “most liked”, although it may be unfair to other singers lol.

    1. @1piscesish uh, just because the role is not singing well, doesn’t mean you literally have to sing badly >_< and what’s the purpose of him not singing well? A lousy singer and not as famous as her? Also don’t release an mv if you are going to try to demonstrate bad singing lol. Point is I think it’s just an excuse, but that’s just me.

      Anyway, so the bathroom has a double shower, but she didn’t use it, and have to use the bath tub with shower in it???? Lol. The song is terrible to the ears, his singing voice is no good, n not great synergy with her either.

  3. I almost choked on my piece of KFC fried chicken when I saw the title of this article…………….This should likely mean there is no talent left in the HK music industry if they have to stoop as low as voting for Louis Koo for this award………….That is pathetic.

  4. Worthiness aside, what kind of a song title is “One Man, One Woman, and a Bathroom”? Lol!

    I’ve heard of some pretty ridiculous song titles, but this one has to be at the top of the list.

  5. The whole show was depressing. Almost every song sounded like it was from the 1990s, not 2018.

    Others have said enough about Louis Koo, so I’ll just add that earlier in the day a friend had told me “everyone” was voting for him in the hopes that he’d show up at the awards ceremony and sing. I thought surely she was kidding. And that’s exactly what happened. Except that he only warbled a few notes.

    With the exception of Joey, none of the winners could sing live. I know, nerves/excitement/whatever, but they are professional singers. I did kind of like Endy Chow, whose facial expressions as he was singing made it clear he knew he was really bad, ha!

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