Louisa Mak Gets in a Cycling Accident

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Louisa Mak Gets in a Cycling Accident

Louisa Mak (麥明詩) recently joined a TVB international cycling event for charity, spanning roads across China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. On January 9th, while cycling across a city in Guangxi, China, Louisa lost her balance while maneuvering downhill and crashed into a vehicle. She fell on her left side, sustaining scratches on her left shoulder and elbow. She reported pain around her pelvis, but upon further examination, Louisa only pulled a muscle, and did not suffer any broken bones. Her doctor recommended her to rest for seven days, and not participate in any vigorous exercises in the time being.

While Louisa said she will temporarily halt her cycling journey, she plans on continuing to travel with the rest of the TVB crew. “We are moving hotels every single day, so I’ll be following the crew. Even if I can’t ride, I want to be able to cheer for them on the way.” Louisa added that it’s very painful for her to walk, saying, “I’m concerned that I’ll have to rely on my teammates to be more human walking stick for the next few days!”

Get well soon, Louisa!

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Louisa Mak Gets in a Cycling Accident

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