Make-up Artist, Rick Chin, Takes Care of Lucas and Quintus Tse

Due to the impending divorce crisis between Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝)and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), make-up artist, Rick Chin, revealed that he has been taking care of the couple’s children, Lucas and Quintus Tse. When asked whether the two boys missed their father, Nic, Rick said, “They didn’t raise the issue! They did say they missed their mother! Perhaps Cecilia called home every hour!” When asked whether Lucas and Quintus were aware of their parent’s divorce crisis, Rick noted that the children were young and were likely unaware of the situation.
Did Ceclia forbid Nic’s parents, Deborah Dik (狄波拉) and Patrick Tse (謝賢), from seeing the children? Rick said, “Of course not!” (Netizens complain that you don’t know how to care for children?)  “You’re wrong! I am great in taking care of children!” (How come Lucas did not have to go to school?) “There are private tutors in this world. I can also teach them.” (The children should receive a normal education!) “After summer vacation, Lucas will go back to school.”
Jayne: Would like to see Lucas and Quintus happy. Cecilia seems to be working away from home very frequently lately.

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  1. I read from the other articles saying Nic is enstranged with Cecilia letting her Makeup Artist to take care of his 2 sons instead of giving them to Deborah or his family members.

    Cecilia might be scared that after sending her 2 kids to Deborah or Nic’s family, they will never return to her again but Cecilia’s decision is really inapproriate. Rick may be good at handling kids but isn’t Rick still has to work to too just like Cecilia? and Rick may just simply said “he’s good, but is he experienced enough to take care the children?”

    At some thought, I feel pity for Cecilia until she has to rely on her make up artist to look after her 2 kids as like there are no one else she could trust.

    1. Thanks for the info Veejay. If others are taking care of the kids, then why is Cecilia getting all of the credit for taking care of them while Nic is being labeled as a bad father??? Why did she have to ask Rick to take care of her kids? I guess she is also estranged with Nic’s family so has to ask others to take care of her kids.

      1. She’s the one who take care of the kids the majority of the time, why can’t she get the credit.

        Cecilia let others take care of her sons when she is not free and need to work. Nic play video games instead of spending time with his sons when he’s free.

        ” Why did she have to ask Rick to take care of her kids? “

        Maybe she trust Rick more than Deborah?

      2. Well no one knows for sure if Nic doesn’t care for his sons at all and only plays games. That is just what Cecilia’s friends say so who knows if it is true or not?? But then I guess none of us would know and can only guess and speculate.

      3. @ HTS: See a simple thing: Nic spent less time with the kids than Ceci. Don’t mention of when he is at home as only Ceci and Nic know the truth. Just consider that he went to film in different countries most of the time and normally only have few days at home. He did film nonstop in China. So can kinda sure that Ceci spent more time with the kids than Nic.

      4. @ HTS

        You ask why Nic is labeled as bad father, so, I give you the reason why, base on what is written in the news, just like how you give your judgement on Cecilia based on what is written in the news.

        You are so funny. When it’s something bad about Nic, you go ‘who knows for sure..’ and give him the benefit of the doubt. But, when it comes to Cecilia, you give all kind of (usually negative) judgement on her and add the ‘who knows..’ at the end like an afterthought.

        You never accord the same benefit of the doubt you gave Nic to Cecilia.

      5. I have to admit that I don’t like Cecilia at all so my views and opinions of her are more bias.

        I guess also since I have all brothers, I can see the sacrifices of a father as well as the mother. However, the father never gets any credit while the mother always gets all of the credit. IN Nic’s case, he works a lot and is away from the family a lot so of course he can’t be with his kids as much.

      6. @ HTS: There are reasons for mother to have more credit than father. All at first: The mother has the baby in her tummy for 9 months.

        And yes, can ensure that the kids are the mother’s, but the father is who? Only the mothers know :P. Woman have right to give kids to whoever her wants, but man need woman if he want kids :P. He can’t have one himself.

        Tat’s why mother always have more credit than father. It’s nice of you to think of father that much.

        As for Nic and Ceci’s case, since you are biased to Ceci, you think she is wrong so nothing she can do to make you think different at this moment. Nic works, Ceci also works. Don’t ask why Ceci has to put her kids on Rick’s hands.

  2. Doesn’t Rick have to work as well? I assume they have nannies to take care of the children too.

    Is Rick a close friend of Ceci?

    Rick seems rather defensive and sarcastic in some of the media’s questions. He’s also quite protective of Ceci.

  3. this is totally f-up! i’m a mom and i cant stand being away from my son for a day let alone weeks at a time, all the time. i feel really bad for these poor children, they may have all the material things money can buy, but children are very pure they only want/need love and attention from their parents not some make-up dude to take their parents place. my son needs me to put him to sleep every night and read to him, kiss him, tell him how much i love him…i’m sure celebs children want/need the same thing. as parents there are choices we must make to ensure our children feel safe and loved. it’s important to make money, i understand that but at the same time how much money do you really need to live? i’m sure if ceci or nick decline one or two projects to stay with their children they won’t end up on the streets. how can they leave their children at such a young age and at a time like this?!? children are very smart you will be suprised by how much they can pick up and how much they really know. i’m really sorry but i don’t think ceci’s make-up friend has any children of his own.

  4. poor kids, they must be really miss their mommy and confuse why they didn’t see neither their mommy or daddy. If they don’t have their mommy and daddy by their side at least Grand Parent or Uncle/Auntie.I remember when i gave birth to my son and have my daughter stay w/ in laws, she miss me miserably and vice versa. It is sad that she just left the kids w/ make up artist, where’s the family??. Btw Don’t both of them (Nic n Ceci) miss the kids?…probably i should stop reading their news, it’s just getting sad and sad…

  5. This is Cecilia make up artist, so maybe likely he speaks good for Cecilia.
    Even if what he said is true, I think Nicholas mother would be better to take care of the two boys rather than some make up artist or even close friend with Cecilia.

    1. Seeing how defensive Rick of Cecilia, he must be one of her close friends.

      I understand Ceci’s move. She Veejay said, she might fear that if she hand the kids to Deborah, she might not be able to get them back afterwards. Also, one never knows what Deborah would say to Lucas.

      1. I’m sure w/ her money, she could hire a suitable nanny to take care of her kids while she’s @ work. Her Nanny can watch over the kids while she’s on set or @ the hotel. Either way, she should keep them close.

      2. @Judy,

        You may right on hiring a good nanny to look after the kids but to Cecilia, Rick is a capable and trusted person whom Cecilia can truly rely on. Who knows that Deborah may bribe the nanny and take away the kids w/o Cecilia’s knowledge? I mean Cecilia entrusted the kids to Rick must have a reason but not a wise move as public will view her as an incapable mom to look after her own kids until she has to rely on a merely “make-up artist”.

        As a parent myself, I can tell Cecilia loves her kids to death if what Rick’s statement is true about Cecilia checking on the kids every hour.

        Honestly to say this if the kids are to be separate apart by the laws later, I think they will cry really hard for Cecilia. Cecilia will probably collapse for losing them too.

      3. I disagree. There is a grandma willing and eager to take care of the children and yet she hands them over to a friend. I know she has to work to earn money to fight the case or whatever but why is it parents must feel that they must hold on to the children like some furniture and move them around anywhere she likes when in the interest of the children, shouldn’t they be with someone who is capable of taking care of them? How is one single working dude able to take care of 2 young children, Quintus especially? This report does not show her to be in good light, it in fact shows her to be reckless and selfish. Her fear is giving the children to Deborah to take care and deborah won’t hand over seems to overrule the fact surely the children will be better off with deborah? Sometimes loving doesn’t mean possessing, something I believe Nic believes in too.

        I am sorry but I understand her move but all Nic had to do is to cut out the report, show the judge and she will probably lose 50% chance at getting the custody.

      4. @Veejay
        Whether Rick is a capable care-giver or not is besides the point. While she and Nick are going through separation, she needs to be very careful about everything she does if she wants legal custody of her children (if it does come to a divorce). Nick can easily use this in court to say that she is an unfit mother.

      5. @Judy,

        I completely understand your point of view in custody fighting and agree if Cecilia could hands her kids to someone more capable in babysitting. If you read my statement correctly, I was giving my point of view in Cecilia’s shoes. “To Cecilia, Rick seems to be someone reliable whom she can entrusted her kids to”.

        And my own personal point of view is just same as yours, with this, Nic can easily use it to fight for the custody by calling Cecilia as an unfit mom to look after the children.

        Don’t get me wrong there LOL. I was just giving opinions in Cecilia’s point of view.

      6. I wouldn’t say she is unfit mother, but I would say it is not in the best interest of the child to remain with her if she doesn’t have the time nor people to take care of the children.

      7. @Veejay, Yeah I get what you’re saying. It sounds like it was a last minute trip and she probably was running out of options, so she chose a close-friend to leave her children with.

        Either way, hope she and Nic find a amicable way to take care of their children as kids need both a mother and father!

        Though I have a feeling if Nic got custody of the kids, he’d just leave them for Deborah to watch as his film career seems to be quite busy and important to him. Grandmother certainly can’t replace a mother… hope he keeps that in mind.

      8. Excuse me Judy, grandmothers can’t replace mothers BUT friends can replace grandmothers and father?

        Where is the logic. I see no indication of Nic trying to cut off Cecilia, it is Cecilia’s own choice to think he is trying to do that perhaps.

      9. Funn, I agree with you, as a mother of a son, I will not hand my son to a make up artist or even my close friends.
        Maybe because me and my husband are normal citizen couples, so I don’t completely understand Cecilia. But as a mother, loving my son does not equal to controlling and possession of my son. If I was in Cecilia case, I will give them to my husband’s mother (Nicholas mother). Mother of the father of my son have every rights to take care of my son than any other non-blood related stranger. Even if you bring this to court, the court will say the same thing. No court will give the children to a non-blood related members. As far as we know, Nicholas mother is a very loving grandmother, she is not abuse her grandsons, so she own every legal rights to take care of the sons.

      10. You right Funn, if Nick can prove this in court that Cecilia always working and have no time for her 2 sons to the point give them to a non-blood related family members while their son’s father and grandmother is still alive, this will Not look good for her in court under Whatever conditions or excuses Cecilia have.

      11. @ Funn: Some ppl blv that uncle/aunt/friends are better than the mother of the husband. Especially in a divorce-coming like this. Can give the kids to anyone but not the mother-in-law or anybody from the husband’s side.

      12. @Funn, there is no indication that Cecilia makes a habit of leaving her kids w/ friends… this seems to be a one time instance.

      13. it also seems like she herself was not comfortable in leaving her kids w/ him as she called every hour. I don’t think she does it often.

      14. I wonder how some can leave their kids for strangers like babysitters and not close friends?? If I were close by my friend, I am sure she would not mind me taking care of her kid for her if I had some time. That shows how much she trusts me.

        I think grandparents are the best option to leave your kids to since at least you know that they will love and cherish your kids. IN some cases, it is the grandparents that actually raise the children if the parents aren’t around.

      15. It’s easy to say leave the children to grandparents but has one ask the grandparents’ whether they’re physically free to look after the their grandkids? My mom for eg. is unable to look after my bb girl as my mom has to cope with her heavy daily house chores and she already told me and bro many times that she has eyes prob which she is unable to make milk for the baby. Deborah might already have appointments planned beforehand as we all know Deborah is a modern grandma with plentiful of events to attend so I don’t think she’ll free to look after quintus and lucas for a week or more? Yeah, you may say “lucas and quintus” are her grandkids so she can’t say “no” but I’ve experienced it before that both my mother and mother in law said no to me for taking care of my bb even for 1 day as taking care of children is really tiring and lose of freedom especially as young as Quintus.

  6. Yep, agree with lots of others that this situation is getting out of hand…..For Cecilia to have to leave her kids with the make-up artist, she definitely does not deserve to have full-custody of the kids when the divorce is going to happen. In some ways, Nic’s role in her life kept her in line and now that he doesn’t want her around anymore, she’s just going to go back to her reckless, selfish, sl***** and demeaning ways. This is how she was before, and this is what she’s going to become again. Of course, Nic doesn’t deserve much either so these two kids will just have to fight it out and kill each other……….they’re already doing it right now!

  7. I don’t get it. Who is he? Godfather? Why isn’t Nic’s mother or Cecilia’s family taking of their children but some total stranger? I am beginning to doubt BOTH their parenting skills. Give the custody to somebody else before these idiots hurt them or the children themselves!

    I feel if I was the judge I will award custody to Nic. Cecilia doesn’t seem to have a family member to care for the children whilst Nic has his mother.

    1. If Cecilia can leave the children to him, he’s obviously not a total stranger.

      1. No, maybe not but remember, cecilia’s state of mind right now is not to be depended on. You can leave your children with your best friend, whatever, but surely best choice is someone who has time and can take care of these 2 YOUNG children. It is not about stranger; it is how selfish she is to grab on to them. Reminds me of Halle Berry who can’t understand the notion of sharing.

    2. We don’t know how close he is to Cecilia but I am guessing that they must be really close for Cecilia to leave her kids to him.

      I agree that Nic is the better option to award custody to since he at least has his mom who will love and take care of her grandsons. But Cecilia doesn’t seem to have any family member that has the time and is willing to care for the kids.

  8. The article didn’t mention that in addition to Rick, Cecilia also hired 3-4 nannies to look after the children. Go to Rick Chin’s weibo and read about the nannies, he mentioned it, but the media left that part out. BTW, I agree with everyone else that Cecilia really should’ve left the children with Deborah.

    1. Sometimes it surprises me to have parents think nannies can replace the love and attention of mother, father, grandparents. As long as everybody gets along, why not share? Problem is nobody gets along with anybody these days.

      Personal experience; a friend’s friend’s brother had an affair with a lady from China and decided to leave his wife and 2 young children. The man’s family instead of standing by him, actually stood by the wife and secured her money, property, at least a head over the roof. I kinda like this story because it shows, sometimes you stand by those you think is right, not just because family is family so you’re obligated to stand by that S.O.B of a brother or bee-yatch of a sister. This I see is prevalent in Chinese family, as in fingers bend backwards instead of forwards. Don’t try this with Indian families. Their sons are always right.

      1. I just remember one more thing, Cecilia said that Nic and his mother have a fall out. If that’s true, then I would understand why she didn’t leave her kids to Deborah. Also, Deborah has her own business to look after; she’s busy as well. It’s usually Jennifer and her boyfriend who babysit the boys when both Nic and Cecilia are busy. But Jennifer is in Canada now.

      2. There are times when I am stuck with my nephews too so I can see if Jennifer has to babysit her nephews as well…

        I agree with you Funn that we should stand by whoever is right whether they are family or not…

    2. Doesn’t matter if she hired 30-40 nannies look after her children. Her children are not orphans, her children still have father (Nic), and grandmother (Deborah). She is possessive of her children and don’t want to loose them (I understand, as a mom nobody want to loose their son). But as a mom should put their children overall well being above all else. I still think the children should be with Nic’s mom.

      1. If i were Nic, I’d personally call up this guy Rick and get him to send his kids back to Deborah as Nic is legimate Father of these 2 kids not this guy..

      2. Cecilia won’t give the kids to Deborah for care. She’s afraid that Deborah won’t give them back.

      3. Rmb wat Deborah said? Ceci only has the reponsibility of giving birth, she has no right with the kids because both kids’ surname is Tse.

      4. Every mother in law would say that, especially one who is prejudiced and thinks worse of their daughter in law, especially those daughter in laws who rather third party take care of her grandchildren than choose the grandmother. What we are forgetting is as long as Nic remains impartial and strong, no amount of interference from Deborah can take away Cecilia’s right as a mother. I feel what cecilia did is wrong; to just stake a claim on the children by denying the children their right to be taken care of well and by someone who is willing, able and related is selfish to the core. The fact Deborah said so may be due to the fact that cecilia herself did no favours by acting strangely or recklessly. If everybody just shut up, act like adults and think about the children and not about themselves,there will be some amicable solution. See Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

      5. And to think that many people at asianfanatics is saying that Cecilia is a great mother…

      6. @ Funn: She put her kids on Rick’s hands during the time she was in Germany (short time) doesn’t mean she is a bad mom. If she dun care for the kids for a long while then can say this. However, just 4-5 days?

      7. the point is not how long but to whom she places her kids. I think it is shameful she trusts her friends more than the children’s family.

      8. Nic’s family isn’t her family anymore. They are more like rivals now than a family.

        And if she put the kids on Deborah and Nic’ hand, will she ever be able to see the kids again? Do you think of this, Funn?

        In this case, of course she trusts her friend than Nic and Deborah.

      9. Sickening isn’t it? That’s what divorced couples do; they just cut off one family. Why not turn it the other way. If custody is with Cecilia, how Nic can be sure he can see them? Look, it is about recognising the idea of sharing respnsibilities and not just about me me me. Her fears may be true, or it could be unfounded. But I always believe if the husband is strong, nothing anyone can do can change anything. As long as Nic believes in sharing, cecilia will be fine. But if cecilia insists on hanging on, I can’t imagine nic will be fine. The point is she trusts her friend more than the child’s paternal grandparents. That is disgusting, unless nic took away the children and refused to let her see.

      10. Nic’s family isn’t her family, is true BUT they’re the children’s family, more than this friend. What makes you think the moment a couple wishes to divorce, the father and his family stops being the child’s relative? And you wonder why so many fathers and paternal grandparents are crying biasness.

      11. I agree with Funn again. Remember this divorce is not settle in court yet. What make Cecilia thinks she have the rights to hold her child custody all the times? So what if she scare that Deborah won’t return the kids, bring this to court and tell to the judge and I sure the judge will said unless Deborah is abusive toward her grandsons, or else Deborah owns every rights to see the grandkids.
        Remember Deborah is loving grandma, she is not abusive toward their grandkids, there is no court order give Cecilia the rights to take the children everywhere she goes. The kids are Nic’s kids too, not ONLY hers.

      12. Truth is grandparents have no rights toward the grandchild. Which is why it is easy for ex wives or ex husbands to cut off the grandparents. But doesn’t mean I agree. You can’t just cut off love and affection, when you know it is genuine.

      13. grandparens can be cut off from the grandkids, but I still think grandparents are better than some nannies or close friends. I sure Deborah loves the grandsons more than her makeup artist or any nannies.
        I have a son, and no way I will leave him with close friends or nannies, especially when my husband mother is still alive and treats my son well.

      14. @ Funn: Have to look at the situation. Deborah stated how she hates Ceci. Then it’s very obvious that Ceci dun give her kids to Deborah.

        The kids’ family, but consider the situation now, ok? Ceci’s action is very human. She dun like Deborah, no way she gives anything to Deborah. Deborah dun like Ceci, no way she’ll give back anything she taken from Ceci’s hand. Just that.

        After the court, maybe one party will be entitled to visit other party in schedule fixed by both party and/or court.

        Did you read about the case of Alyssia Chia and her noisy divorce?

      15. Yes, you’re right, what cecilia is doing is what 99% of women would do, or even men. And that is a problem. They see nothing wrong is cutting off families from the children’s life, some even cut off one of the parents. I am not saying there is no hurt, obviously each party has their own story. But I think I will question her judgement when she rather leave her young children with a so called friend, even if best friend or whatever than someone willing and able and related to take care of them. Is deborah a good grandma? I don’t know. Good grandmas don’t say what she said, diss the mother, minimise Cecilia’s contribution. Is Cecilia a good mother? I don’t know, since she rather think of herself than for the children/ In the end both parties are incredibly selfish and guess who gets hurt in the end? The children who will have to take sides from now on, until and unless each party takes steps to heal the wounds. I always believe if mothers are the problem, the kids as in the spouses who are strong will see through the day. Cecilia has to learn to trust Nic, as Nic of her. You will be surprised what some kids will say when asked who they prefer. May not even be the parents.

        Again I question her judgment.

        Let me tell you a true life story. couple divorced, wife had affair and a child with someone else, husband angry took away custody and since wife is desperate she agrees. Then after divorce husband leaves to work overseas (far away place) and left the young child with a nanny who he paid. Wife now ex wife has been trying to persuade husband to let child live with her which the child wants to. Husband refuses, wife scared to violate terms of the divorce.

        At first glance, the wife was so selfish. In order to expedite a divorce, she sacrificed her own child. But look deeper, the husband is even more selfish. To cause max hurt, he rather nanny take care of the child than a willing and able person who is the child’s mother.

        After all the hate, the hurt, the betrayal, you would wish the 2 grown ups will stop and think for a second of this poor girl who has parents but is effectively orphaned.

        This will happen to Cecilia and Nic unless they sort out their mess.

      16. 99% of women would do, I think that is overestimating. I am a woman with a son, and no way I will give my son to a close friend or even annies, especially when the mother’s of my husband is still alive.
        So count me in as the 1% of the women DO NOT give their son close friends.

      17. Not when you’re at war with mom in law and mom in law kinda called you baby carrier and nothing else.

      18. I will try to be more understanding and avoid “war” with mother in law, overall marriage is about compromise.
        mother in law can call me those words, I don’t mind as long as her “ACTIONS” show caring and loving to my son, then me sacrify a little bit to hear she curse me is OK.
        I still said again, even if I was at war with mother in law, I will let my mother in law watch my son rather than any close friends.

      19. And Deborah was at the mad stage when she said that Cecilia are just baby carrier only. Nic and Ceci’s marriage had has problems, I sure any mother’s in law at the upset stage will say things like this.
        But don’t let “words” ruin your family relationships. I sure when Cecilia is mad, who knows what kind of things she said about Deborah.

      20. Well Funn, our opinions are too different toward this so discuss more is meaningless. I don’t know Ceci will ban Deborah to visit the kids forever or not, or just in this sensitive moment. I don’t know how Deborah loves the kids and she will hire nannies to take care for the kids or will do it herself. I just know that I think she has reason to do such thing.

        I asked if you read about Alyssia Chia’s divorce. Her husband ban her to visit her daughter and she has a very noisy war vs her husband and husband family to have the right to visit her daughter.

        Overall, in term of trusty, I can see very clearly that Ceci trusts Rick than her mother-in-law.

      21. @Leilafan: I can see you and your mother-in-law are having a very good relationship and you trust your mother-in-law a lot. Being honest, I feel it’s rare. However, good for you.

      22. Fox, I just think we have different opinions and views on this issue. I’m sure any of us here wants the best for Cecilia kids.
        Me and my mother’s in law relationship is not perfect but I try to be a good daughter’s in law because my son right now is very young, I want him grow up in peaceful environment. I do not want to fight over things like “words” of a person when they at the angry stage.
        Overall like I said, marriage is about compromise, when you single, I do things my way. But when you married, you have to tollerate and lives with your husband family side too. I weight the outcomes of things, if the outcomes of my son needs is greater than my needs, then me not get things going my ways is OK.

      23. @Leilafan: I see your view. However in Ceci’s particular case, I don’t think now she want to tolerable the relationship with Deborah.

  9. I am a mother and I understand Cecilia. Fully support her decision.

  10. Today read an article where Nic’s friends (? really his friends ?) said that Nic didn’t sympathize and love Ceci as he stated in the press for the series 2 days ago and he used teardrops as well as prepared before the mirror so hard for the essay. Overall, this person said that Nic had a show to the press conference.

    Wonder if it’s really Nic’s friend. Or Ceci’s. Or not friend of both but friend of the reporters.

    1. The friend said truth or not we don’t know but I do suspect that Nic’s tears and well made speech has something to do with EEG and its PR+legal team

      1. I also wonder why Nic has to use teardrop (assume that wat this “friend” told the truth).

      2. He’s been an actor since he was teenagers and won Best Actor award so even without teardrops he can pour some tears on will

      3. Tat’s why I asked for the teardrop.

        There is a news that Nic can’t cry in a movie, I dun rmb name, because his eyes have some problems so he has to used teardrop (he said so).

    2. I just read reports saying after Cecilia heard about Nic’s speech she said that only 2 women knows just how fake Nic is and that’s she and Faye Wong. Cecilia also said Faye had sense enough to leave the relationship while she had to learn a hard lesson too late.

      I don’t know what to expect from this relationship but it sounds like Cecilia is fed up with Nic and don’t care no more.

      1. Iirc, that statement of Cecilia was made before Nic’s speech. I have read it before Nic came out to give a speech.

      2. Now will reporters chase Faye and Lee Ya Ping for comments?

      3. Even thought Nic may not be the best guy in the world, Cecilia isn’t an angel herself…They both have their flaws and I feel that it is sad that they are both attacking each other back and forth. What good will that do??? It is just causing more drama…

  11. Why would Cecilia gives her sons under the care of a non family member who’s not an expert in child care? Nic can use this to his favour in getting custody

    1. Still have nannies. Rick Chin will be more of someone that have the power to control the nannies than the one who do chores for the babies.

      1. But it would be interesting if he change the napkins for the kids, haha. Maybe Lucas dun need but Quintus, I blv he still uses napkins.

  12. I also have kids and know that some of my friends would actually take better care of my kids than my own parents, siblings, and inlaws. The grandparents will be loving but they won’t have much energy to play with 2 boys. Grandparents tend to be easy and lenient with kids – if they don’t want to eat then they don’t force them. Plus with the impending divorce, the inlaws might try to make say things about the mom and when the kids go to court and a social worker asks ‘who do you like better’ they might say their dad and Deborah instead of their mom. Also they could try to keep the kids until the court orders them back to Cecilia.
    If Deborah says the kids are ‘Tse’ then she should stay out of it since she is not a ‘Tse’ and Nic is not hers but Patrick’s. Family court would not automatically take the kids away or give Cecilia less custody because the court would look at the make up artist history and personality and see if that guy is reliable and responsible, if he ‘passes’ then most courts will not have any problems with who she leaves them with same with the nannies.

  13. This is all getting abit boring now. All the shenanigans from this recent drama only leads to 1 question: Why did Cecilia called up Nic to apologized? If said, she hadn’t done or said anything wrong. Obviously, there’s more to the story. But, we’ll never know.
    Just hope that they’ll keep their acts together and work out a solution fast privately.

  14. Sure, you can say she trusts Rick more than the Tse family but how about her own family? I know her parents are divorced, but isn’t there anyone from her family she is close with that can take care of the boys? Doesn’t that say something about her or her family too? Wouldn’t they lend a hand in such times?

    1. I read a news in another site it said that Nic is upset that she not give his 2 sons to her family members to take care. Meaning she still have family members.

      1. I wonder the same thing too. I guess Cecilia does not have a close or good relationship with them to ask or for them even offer help.

  15. I think people are making too big a deal of this one instance where she left her kids w/ a friend. If all single moms were put under trial and found out to have left their kids to friends for baby-sitting, then none would have custody of their children.

    It was ONE instance.

    1. ONE instance is enough to question her judgment. If she hopes to win custody, she must not even act that way ONE instance.

  16. Both Cecilia and Nic are from dysfunctional families. Being brought up in broken homes can affect or scar the children badly. But there are single parents who bring up their children decently. I must say not all parents are emotionally involved with their children.
    How many children in this world are nurtured by loving parents, grandparents and relatives?
    Cecilia is the best person to know whom she can depend on to entrust with the duty of taking care of her kids.
    If she truly loves her kids and has the best interests of them at heart then her choice of making Rick Chin the caregiver must be the right one unless she is a poor judge of characters.
    If her decision is self-serving one…. Well it’s going to be tough on her kids.

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