Mandy Lieu Does Not Live in a Luxurious Mansion

As casino tycoon Alvin Chau’s (周焯華) lover, Mandy Lieu (劉碧麗) has reportedly taken a hold of over $200 million HKD worth of property throughout the year. Giving birth to a daughter in London, England on May 20, Mandy was initially thought to be living in a luxurious mansion. However, reporters found out via Mandy’s check-in address that this is not the case.

According to tabloids, Mandy’s written address is in South Quay, a 30-minute drive away from London’s city centre. She lives in the Pan Peninsula, in a two-room flat approximately more than 800 square ft. in size. It is reportedly only worth $10 million HKD. This is far different from previous speculations that she is living in a 3,500 square ft. deluxe mansion worth $1.08 billion HKD in the costly Belgravia area.

However, although the Pan Peninsula cannot be compared to a mansion, it still offers wonderful facilities to its residents. Named the 19th tallest high-rise in London, it has a fitness room, indoor swimming pool, and a mini theatre. The atmosphere is quiet and the surrounding air is clean. Mandy reportedly resides in the east block of the Pan Peninsula, with a spectacular ocean-view.


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  1. Well, it all depends how you define luxury. Not everyone could afford a 10milllon home. So go figure!

  2. In London, even if 30 minutes away the property price is still millions. Mansions are not the most prized landed property but location is, whatever the size. She is living in luxury, no doubt.

  3. Ocean view in London … never knew London was near the ocean??? very in accurate. South Quay is in London Docklands, It probably has dock view and if its positioned right, then it will have the view of the Thames. But if her partner is a Tycoon, it would be interesting to why he chose London Docklands over somewhere in the centre of London. However property prices in London Docklands is way over priced and cannot be compared to those in the centre of London in any count.

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