Matthew Ko Finds Riches in Mainland and Opens New Restaurant

Despite possessing a tall and fit physique suitable for lead roles, 31-year-old Matthew Ko (高鈞賢) experienced a bottleneck in his TVB career as he continued to portray villainous characters with little screen time. Unable to breakthrough from this pigeonhole, Matthew ended his nine-year working relationship with TVB last September and sought further development in Mainland China.

Against all odds, the former Mr. Hong Kong winner found relative success after starring in the popular drama series, The Classic of Mountains and Seas <山海經之赤影傳說> and OB Gyns 2 <愛的婦產科2>. After finding his first bag of riches in only one year of working in China, Matthew decided to invest the money in his own restaurant for more growth opportunities.

Due to the income instabilities resulting from being a free agent, Matthew returned to Hong Kong and decided to invest in a restaurant specializing in Japanese-style steak. “Opening a restaurant has been my dream since I was young. Especially since I am the Bull King and love to eat beef. Even when I was filming in Changsha and celebrated my 31st birthday, I chose a restaurant famous for its beef dish specialties. So the restaurant that I am investing in with my elementary school friends will specialize in Japanese-style steak.”

Investing a six-figure sum, Matthew shared that he will be highly involved in the restaurant operations. Planning to keep the costs down, Matthew hopes to gain profits within six months. “Right now, doing business is not easy and has its risks. Two years ago, I invested in a children’s [art school]. Although I neither gained nor lost money before transferring [the business], I realized that without hard work, there will be no profits.”

Hopes to Restart Filming Career with TVB

Since returning to Hong Kong, Matthew hopes to continue his television career. Admitting that he maintains a cordial relationship with TVB management executive, Sandy Yue (余詠珊), Matthew recalled, “Actually, on the day I was leaving TVB, Sandy persuaded me to stay and promised that they’ll give me more opportunities. Afterwards, I drove to TVB and tried to meet with Sandy to further discuss it, but she wasn’t there. Maybe it was fated that I left. I am on good terms with Sandy. This time, I will try to seek her out again. I’ll even personally deliver steak to her. In order to make a living, I’ll even feed her!”


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  1. I do like Matthew Ko…well, his face anyways haha. I think he has potential. Pity that TVB typecasted him for so long.

    Personally if the opportunities in China are good, I frankly don’t see the point in returning to TVB. I feel it’s a downgrade.

    But nothing about it is bad for me! I enjoy eye candy.

  2. hope he finds more successes. he’s not bad, his acting needs some improvement but i think it’s just a matter of time before he gets better.

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