Matthew Ko To Open Foot Reflexology Parlor

Matthew Ko (高鈞賢) is another successful TVB artist turned entrepreneur. Having opened a successful children’s art school last year, Matthew is now looking to invest in a foot reflexology saloon.

The 2005 Mr. Hong Kong winner has recently been promoted to supporting actor in Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>, but Matthew had revealed that he was disappointed in the progress in his acting career. Due to the volatility of the entertainment industry, numerous TVB artists have recently become business owners, finding success outside of their acting jobs.

Last year, Matthew invested over $500,000 HKD to establish a children arts school, in which he is the principal. The business has already broke even and Matthew has the intention to expand the venture to the mainland China.

Several days ago, Matthew was spotted in an empty shop in Wan Chai and was deep in discussion with a renovation contractor. Matthew intends to convert the shop space into an upscale foot reflexology parlor. Because the shop is also at close proximity to a few hotels, his target clientele will be tourists and local middle-class residents. Due to its prime location, it is estimated that the monthly rental price of the shop to be more than $120, 000 HKD. Inclusive of hiring professional foot reflexology masters, it is calculated that Matthew may need to fork out a 7-figures sum for this investment!

An insider revealed, “Matthew has a good network. The renovation contractor was also introduced by a friend. Through all the recommendations, he has already saved a lot! He hopes the shop will be ready by May, in time for his 29th birthday!”

Not only is Matthew trying to open his new business in time for his birthday, he may be looking to reward himself with a new car. He was seen car-shopping and had his eyes set on a $600,000 HKD convertible.

Source: East Week 

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  1. this was never big until a decade or so ago – I just don’t understand how people can be so open about feet – I just shiver!

    1. Cleo,
      Many women enjoy pedicures and have their feet pampered. The feet take a lot of abuse and are often ignored. I think Matthew’s foot reflexology center is a great idea, especially since it’s located near a hotel. At then end of a tired day of walking all over HK, tourists can just drop by for a relaxing closure.

      1. Yes that’s absolutely right Jayne, also beyond pampering and having pretty looking feet, pedicures can help those with foot related problems like painful calluses, corns , ingrown toenails to name a few. All of which can cause great discomfort and pain if left untreated.

        Foot reflexology can do the same too, helping those with tired aching feet, blood circulation etc. 🙂

      2. Exactly. I love pedi and a good feet massage! Great for rescuing tired feet from cramping them in pumps/ heels at work!

      3. Absolutely agree with you Jayne and Siying. Travelling through HK requires a lot of walking. Although the MTR, buses, trams and ferries are so convenient, nothing beats roaming the streets by foot. I couldn’t help but get my feet and calves massaged every couple of days. Just what a girl needs after a day of shopping 🙂 it’s so cheap too! I love the idea of a snazzy foot reflexology parlour to just relax in and rejuvenate. I would go for sure!

      4. I don’t understand why I cannot enjoy foot massage.

        My feets are the very sensitive type. Tried once more than 10 years ago but I squirmed in pain and yelled even though I gave instruction to do a very gentle massage.

        Wonder is my health that bad?

        Those who tried foot massage, do you actually feel the pain or is it only me?

      5. irene
        It is quite normal to have pain when you have foot massage, especially if you have not had it before. It hurt badly when I had my first foot massage in China. Also it depends a lot on your pain tolerance and sensitivity.

      6. @irene,

        I think it varies depending on the person massaging your foot, if they are experienced and really know their job, it shouldn’t actually cause too much discomfort, maybe just a little.

        Agree with what sandcherry said also, it depends on individual pain and tolerance, however I have heard people say but not sure how true it is, that if foot massage is extremely painful, one should pay more attention to their health and well being. That or the therapist doesn’t know what he/she is doing.

        Personally I’ve only felt some aching pains occasionally when I go to different foot reflexology places, sometimes they tell me to get more sleep or relax more cos the area that’s hurting indicates certain body parts that aren’t functioning at optimum.

  2. Good luck to Matthew on his business ventures. Always thought he is good looking too bad his acting is not as good.

    1. but at least he is the only MR. HK who has a bit of brains to venture out of the acting? hahaha.. good for him…

  3. “Foot reflexology” is very popular in Hong Kong, as well as in big cities of Canada with lots of Chinese people.

  4. Anyone here know that Matthew Ko is Tracy Ip boyfriend. Don’t know if that is true or not.
    But then news also say Tracy Ip is a gold digger and she goes after old rich men for money. News also say that Tracy bought a $300 million HKD mansion and a brand new sports car. Tracy say it was because she make profit from her stock, but most don’t believe.

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