Matthew Ko Unable to Attract Christine Kuo’s Interest?

Goddess Christine Kuo (苟蕓慧) is never short of male admirers. After being labelled as the third wheel in Aaron Kwok (郭富城) and Lynn Hung‘s (熊黛林) breakup, Christine is now rumored to have caught TVB colleague Matthew Ko‘s (高鈞賢) eye. Unfazed by the gossip reports, Christine and Matthew will travel to Brazil together to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Stefan Wong Played Matchmaker? 

Stefan Wong (黃長興) reportedly tried to set up Matthew with Christine. At Stefan’s wedding banquet in March 2013, Matthew was photographed with Christine all night, and often brushed Christine’s hair. An insider revealed, “At that time, Matthew really liked Christine and used Stefan’s party as an excuse to meet up with her. Both Matthew and Christine grew up in Toronto, Canada, so they have a lot in common and have a lot to talk about. However, Christine didn’t show any feelings and there were rumors of her and Aaron when they filmed the music video together. Matthew didn’t give up and knew to not rush things, so he maintained his friendship with Christine. After Christine failed to start a relationship with Aaron, she was very vulnerable, so Matthew often comforted her and asked her out for dinner.”

Shows Intimacy in Public

Last month, during a promotion event for the FIFA World Cup, reporters noted that Matthew could not keep his eyes away from Christine, and stood by her side at all times. When the artistes took turn in shooting soccer balls, Matthew animatedly cheer Christine on. When it was their turn to take photos, Matthew did not hesitate to put his hand on Christine’s waist and both eagerly posed like a couple in front of the cameras.

Traveling to Brazil together seemed like a perfect opportunity for the pair to grow closer. Christine will be covering the actual soccer competition while Matthew will be canvasing local sites. They have prepared for their upcoming June trip by getting the necessary vaccinations.

Asked whether their  feelings for each other would deepen while in Brazil, Matthew replied, “We always see each other, but maybe I’m not attractive enough [to her]!” Matthew said that they are good friends and are not afraid of the gossip they will generate.


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  1. Publicity stunt for the show (2014 FIFA World Cup)? haha 🙂

  2. just because they both grew up in toronto doesn’t mean they will get along or should pair up.. LOL

  3. Based on this article Matt sounds like a creeper.

  4. I think Matthew is still dating his Japanese model/actress girlfriend.

    Sad that Matthew & Tracy will never happen. They’re like BFF.

  5. i do not find matthew ko that handsome as mr HK winner…stefan wong should be the winner as he got the look… christine now is back to her usual normal weight and gained back her pretty confidence look…i thought an old man tycoon billionair is dating christine? n

    1. I agree. Stefan is way more handsome than Matthew.

  6. he is scrawny looking and he has a cocky face. perhaps he’s just not her type. she seems too sohpisticated for him. maybe christine just likes older men? who knows.

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